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A Quote From Luther

“Whoso harkens not to God’s voice is an idolater

though he perform the highest and most heavy service of God.”

Table Talk, p.72


You should only consult a “study Bible” – not read It (It only) for devotions. Why? If It’s your only Bible open, you may read the Text, then allow your eye to drop to an asterisk/numbered footnote & read it. Later you may think, “I read that in the Bible,” forgetting if you read the word/term in the inspired Text or the definitely un-inspired comments of man. As I understand, King James purposely wanted the Authorized Version printed without notes. I say a sound “Amen.” Notes can be dangerous.

– eab, 8/22/17





Tall fields of green, tasseled, Ohio corn,

Aroma of fresh mown clover and hay,

Baby’s skin; the softest ever worn,

Crisp night dividing day from day,

Sunrise on beach, O, the beautiful morn,

Valleys were fogs come to play;

Make you glad that you were born.

These, God used this earth to adorn.

– eab, August  1970


If you want someone to succeed you share knowledge with them. If you want them to fail you withhold that knowledge. If you love a person you share truth with them. If you see them as competition you might keep truth from them. If you want the best for an individual you teach him facts (& how to use those facts). If you want to control an individual you might teach him factoids; but let him think he knows “facts.”

– eab, 8/21/17



“…it is but bread…if you keep your god 3 months in a chest letting it be, it will mould & rot…is that a god that cannot endure 3 months”

– Ann Askew, she died a martyr, 1546.



Heb 11. 35b

“…others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection:”



Enjoy your “domain” be it a 3rd floor walkup-flat or a western ranch section or two. Learn to be content – uh – make that L-E-A-R-N to be content. (Even Paul had to learn – Php 4.11.) Look at the nicest view inside your domain & enjoy it. Find the window with the brightest scene outside your domain & enjoy it. Find a near park, section of peaceful lane, etc. where you can walk & find pleasure thereby. The enemy of life (both spiritual & physical) wants you to feel discontent. Don’t. Learn to be content. Start NOW.

– eab, 8/21/17



We did not buy special glasses. We did not travel to a distant point. We DID see the eclipse that was available at our cottage. I recognized the sunlight was looking different & stepped under the edge of our back-door stoop, glanced (only) sunward, & saw an aura of color around it. Then, on God’s great cue, a cloud, then another, then another moved from west to east & through them we briefly viewed the moon over part of the sun. It looked like what our Andrew once called a “finger-nail moon.” 8/22/17

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