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Luther plus

A Quote From Luther

“We cannot vex the devil more than by teaching,

preaching, singing, and talking of Jesus…”

Table Talk, p.81



A number of past pastors without even a college Degree had enough God on them to faithfully Decree, “Thus saith the Lord.” (“Thus saith the Lord” occurs over 400 times in the OT.) Too many modern men are confused over which Bible to use, to say nothing of getting God’s pungent message from It.

– eab, 1/5/17




Lord Jesus draw me closer and closer to You

Till it’s an easy step from earth’s green to heaven’s blue,

From earth’s brown paths to yon street of God,

To the Greatest of great Shepherds, to Your eternal fold.

Daily, I pray Thee, my resolve and strength, renew.




You don’t understand your wife? I can understand that.

You don’t understand your husband? I can understand that.

But you don’t understand yourself either, do you???  So – – –

“cut them (husband/wife) some slack.” Be patient. LOVE when you don’t understand.

– eab, 5/9/17



“…They show by every word and gesture that they do not belong to this earth…

Those who now possess it by violence and injustice shall lose it and

those who here have renounced it,

who were meek to the point of the cross shall rule the new earth.”

Dietrich  Bonoeffer, COST OF DISCIPLESHIP



1Jo 2. 18

“…as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists;

whereby we know that it is the last time.”



Controllers don’t want the people they control to think – – – they might think enough to see that they’re controlled. This has military, political, occupational, and even religious applications. By joyous contrast, Truth makes you free (Joh 8.32).

– eab, 8/24/17

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