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My Brother, my Sister, a serious question – you owe me nothing; you DO owe yourself an ANSWER!  Why are you SO deep into entertainment (E.)?  A lot of E. reeks with worldliness.  Some E. is dubbed “Christian” (a misnomer?).  Do you REALLY believe there’ll be stages, ball diamonds, fairs, football fields, theaters, circuses, race tracts, amphitheaters or amusement parks in heaven?  You can renounce them now – to please Him OR wait till death pulls them away from you.  (Don’t think that they’re in hell.) 

– eab, 8/27/17

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Heb 13. 12

Heb 13. 12

“Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood,

suffered without the gate.”

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“The sanctification of the Church means

its separation from all that is unholy, from sin.”

Dietrich  Bonoeffer, COST OF DISCIPLESHIP

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No one (IMO) understands God. Not the archangel Michael (only named archangel), not the angel Gabriel (only named angel), not the host of Cheribim, not the host of Seraphim, not the Creatures (“Beasts” Rev 4.6ff), not the 24 Elders, nor the host of earthlings who, by God’s great grace, are presently with the Lord. But saints are gaining in their understanding of Him now and may well gain forever.  

– eab, 8/9/17

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Time is toneless temporary thing

Yet to its gauge we raise note and sing.

Time has no odor, and has no taste

Yet contours life, post haste.

Time has never yet been fully seen

We know not if its fat or lean

We assume its half-way clean

Yet yield ourselves to its touring stream

Time has no bulk, has no weight

Yet is in charge of “go” and “wait”

It has no muscle of its own

Yet still decides when seed is sown

When timothy and clover are mown

When wheat’s heads bend down with a groan

Time ages all youth, ages all sages

Time yellows the book’s first and last pages

Time controls the curtain on all stages.

If you were to meet the “Mr. Time“

You’d find him gentle, a bit sublime

More given to prose than to rhyme

Time has no face yet marks all faces

It speeds through youth with its paces

Flows through middle life’s laces

And ends all old-age races.

Time has a name, as a demeanor

Makes many things thicker, thinner

Decides the losers, crowns the winner

Runs the “show” but never shows its smile

Starts and ends every motoring mile

Decides fall’s fashion or “out of style”

Defies definition in diction books

Is impartial to the honest or to crooks.

Time is the control we’ll someday lose

Whether upward or downward way we choose

Treat time with solemn respect

Do not its lesson once neglect

Heed time’s ceaseless call and beck

Time, so powerful on this earth

Timing, so important in joke and mirth

Time, nice to all, regardless of birth

Will someday find its run its course.

Be as out-of-date as buggy and horse

It’s on a collision course with another force.

An angel will, with foot on sea, on land

Bring time (as we know it) under a band

It will have its “Custer’s last stand.”

Time, so impersonal, so “just”

Alike to crushed, and to “upper crust”

Prodding pioneers (“California or bust”)

Will have its final flight and fling

Will lay on its side, a warn out thing

Eternity has a totally different “ring.”

These lines fail to describe

The millions of every un-lost tribe

Who’ve suffered time’s relentless bribe.

No king has ever had the power

To buy at death, an additional hour

Be life’s closing sweet or be it sour.

All princes have obeyed time’s rule

As have their court’s odd-dressed fool.

Time wears out the best tool man makes

Time exposes all hypocrites and fakes

You cannot both eat and have your cakes

Yet soon (a time-relevant word)

Time’s closing, dying cry will be heard

And time as seen and felt by all

Will receive its last, its ending call

At last its perpetual motion will stall.

Friend, love now the King of kings on high

‘Cause when time ends – endlessness draws nigh

You can greet it without a sigh.            

– eab, 8/27/11

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It’s not wrong to be a child;

even Christ was One once. Nor is being a child to be distained. But when growth should take place, when the time to be a baby/child is past and childishness is still evident, we know that there’s a problem. The same is true in spiritually life –

sadly true.

– eab, 8/12/17

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A Quote From Luther

“There is no work on earth easier

than the true service of God…”

Table Talk, p.97

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1.) If your parents did not have a TV when you were growing up, 2.) if you’ve not had a TV yourself as an adult, AND  3.) if you’re willing to let this be known, please comment  “NO TV.”  (You may, of course, comment further if you desire.)  Several may find this interesting.  Martha & I are in that group. Thank you in advance. – eab, 8/27/17

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I need to Praise the Lord for my wonderful health. (Please – dear Friend with physical problems – I’m sorry for you but permit me to Praise God – this could change tonight, so I Bless His Name NOW.) We take a daily baby aspirin (blood-thinner), vitamins (have since the 70’s), see a chiropractor about every 2 weeks (have visited chiropractors for decades), take fiber, and I do several minutes of stretches every morning. The last time I was over-night in a hospital was when I was born. Oh, I Praise God for my good health! – eab, 8/26/17

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