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A Quote From Luther

“When thou art of this mind, that Christ and the confidence of the Law may dwell together in thy heart…

it is not Christ but the devil that dwells in thee, Who under the mask and form of Christ terrifies thee…”

Table Talk, p.103


It may come as no surprise, neither “history” “geography” “math” “literature” nor “grammar” are in the Bible (“science” is there, negatively). What IS there? Readeth 4, “Reading” 6, and “Read” 70 times. “Writeth” 1, “Writing” 38, “Wrote” 62, “Write” 88, and “Written” 280 times. The ability to Read and Write surpass all other “subjects.” The child who’s been taught to read well can go on to learn many subjects. The child who’s been taught to write properly can express all that God have ordained for him. Home-schooling parent never, NEVER under-estimate the importance of these two.

– eab, 8/28/17


P R A Y or  P L A Y

Men who should be praying,

Are (immaturely) playing.

Women who should be in a place of prayer,

Are more concerned about face and hair.

– eab, 8/28/09

The founders/fighters of the revolution (1776) didn’t do Christians a favor. God is KING. That revolution lowered or obliterated understanding of Kingdom, Kinghood, being Subjects, Royalty and gave instead a spirit of rebellion and “I’ll do it my way” mentality. The longer I live the less I’m convinced that 1776 should be celebrated. God has graciously given local revivals but we’re not the nation we could have been if we’d learned human kingship and applied that to the KING of heaven and His Kingdom.

– eab, 8/26/17


“The actor who had to play the part of pagan gods and heroes, the teacher who was forced to teach pagan mythologies in pagan schools, the gladiator who had to take human life for sport, the soldier who wielded the sword, the policeman, and the judge all had to renounce their heathen professions if they wanted to be baptized.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer, COST OF DISCIPLESHIP



1Jo 4. 3a

“And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God:

and this is that spirit of antichrist…


False religion #1 The devil is slick – he has a false spirit which masquerades as the “holy spirit.” Souls who once knew better, were in a “church” last week and felt a spirit which they assumed was from God – it was not. Said counterfeit spirit may have given an emotional high, caused them to “speak in tongues,” subjected them to jerk or fall to the floor, may have lead them to make guttural sounds even animal noises, but, just like the devil, this spirit did not require them to live holy. – eab, Spring 2017

False religion #2 Avoid all meetings where the above is practiced. If you find yourself in such an atmosphere, leave. Leave now! “What will my friends think?” What your friends think is far less important than you exposing yourself to that spirit from satan. God’s Holy Spirit has real demonstrations but they are modest, reasonable, and not poured out on men or women living in sin. – eab, Spring 2017

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