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Come Back

To come back and stand where you once stood, will take a HIGH degree of manhood – more than most men can muster. Pride will get in the way; “What will folks say?” What does it matter what people say? Will that matter on your death day? Come back to the spot from which you slipped, from which you slid. Come back to what the Bible teaches. Come back to that which you once correctly believed. Stand again for Godly truth. MAN UP – Someday you’ll be so glad you did – – – or soooo sad that you did not.

– eab, 8/30/17

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2Ti 3. 12

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

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F F Bruce quote

“It is almost taken for granted in the New Testament

that tribulation is the normal lot of Christians.”

– F F Bruce, Book of Acts

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Move up and on

I do not want to write this because I highly respect marriage & the glue which holds it together for decades. But if your wife/husband is not determined to go to heaven & you are, do NOT leave them physically (provided your union is legit) but be willing to move up & on with God. Your act of faith may draw their admiration or their ire but heaven will be worth it. Be willing to mind the Holy Spirit even if (heaven forbid) the two of you have different eternities. (As you pull near to God you’ll love your mate more & more.)

– eab, 8/30/17

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God was there, everywhere,

Before earth had an anywhere.

And when earth’s everywhere,

Disappears into thin air,

He’ll be here, and there, and everywhere!        

– eab, Aug  2006

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“The Bible is not a science book.”

Who said? What short-lived, limitedly-learned man would you quote to prove that? The Word of God is more than a science book but don’t allow a mere mortal convince you It’s not authoritative in every area It addresses. It was written by God (via human penmen). God knows ALL in every field. Would YOU start to study references to sun, moon, stars, sea, water, cycles, clouds, mountains, minerals, mines, metals, trees, wood, herbs, grass, flowers, birds, mammals, insects, disease, birth, death, etc?

The Bible is the first science Book and has the last science answers important to man.

– eab, 8/30/17

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A Quote From Luther

“…The Holy Ghost teaches, preaches, and declares Christ…

we must first hear the Word and then afterwards the Holy Ghost works in our hearts…”

Table Talk, p.107

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