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Luther Quote


to which satan is a deadly enemy.”

Table Talk, p.189


Fake news? Of course. What we’ve seen isn’t the first, nor will it be the last. Sadly, I can’t tell you exactly where to learn real “secular news.” This world may not have such a source. Have we had fake “good news”? Afraid so. Some pulpits have not told it “like-it-is” about the Love of God and the Wrath of God. Gladly, I can tell you EXACTLY where to learn real GOOD NEWS. It’s found in the Bible. You can read it for yourself. Any day. At your speed. In your living room. That’s good news about the GOOD NEWS!




You may be the biggest bloke on the block,

With name that tingles on tongues by the ton;

Convinced your name will ever be known –

Look at all the “seed” you’ve sown.

. . .

Time brings fade; a decade is a long clock.

Who’ll known your name later on, sadly, no one.

– eab, 9/30/12



Sin brings death. One of the better Scriptural arguments against evilution is that this extremely, shallow theory requires millions of deaths before “man turns into man.” There was no death till there was sin. “Ye shall not surely die” (Gen 3.4) was a LIE! Death began in the Edenic garden, is currently spread across the face if the earth, and will continue till the Lord returns. Stop believing ANY/every form of evolution.

– eab, 9/30/17


“…A certain kind of poetry

seems to go with a certain kind of theology.”

– C. S. Lewis, from his REFLECTIONS on the PSALMS


One of the mildest rebukes for a student/child is, “Your work is unacceptable.” And, perhaps, the least commendation is, “Your work is acceptable.” The psalmist seems to be satisfied with the least of God’s commendations (“…be acceptable in thy sight O Lord…” Psa19.14). I concur. God and His measurements are so very high, I’m happy if my mortal, stumbling steps are “acceptable.”

– eab, 9/26/17


Joh 1. 4

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”


1, 4 2 4 miles – the number that rolled under our trusty Subaru Forester between pull-out & return last PM. All safe. Most on dry pavement. Many scenic (southern OH, WV, VA, TN, KY). An interesting “Wedding in the Woods” under the leafy roof/ceiling of a VA forest. Pretty bride (what else can I say, she’s a granddaughter J) and hard working, capable groom (Welcome to the family Gary.); wish BOTH well! Enjoyed staying with Bill/Vonda. Got to see all our kids, their kids, & 1 great grand. Got to tour Andrew’s home & small farm, see Lincoln’s high school classrooms, & visit Moma Stel (m-i-l). GLAD to be home!

– eab, 9/30/17

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Luther Quote

“…The Holy Ghost resists the proud and will not dwell with them…

every proud spirit is a heretic, not in act and deed yet before God.”

Table Talk, p.190


WHO is keeping you from praying? “It’s my schedule.” Who made/agreed to that schedule?

“I have to work to pay my debts.” Who contracted these debts?

WHO is keeping you from praying? Only one person – that WHO – is – YOU !

– eab, 9/28/17



Time was when Mr. Leaf was attached,

Tied comfortably to his own home Tree.

He was close to his fellow brethren,

Greenish, growing in Tree liberty.


He had his function in the Body,

Helped the Tree (though he was slightly curled)

Gave the Tree his loving, living best,

Growing, glowing there above the world.


Then air took a little colder nudge,

“Autumn” as the human’s call it, fell.

Mr. Leaf got a tinge of color,

He did not seem to feel quite as well.


More cold came into his leafy world,

And a fall rain or two came his way.

The Leaf noticed he seemed less attached,

He began to enjoy his new sway.


A critical moment came to him;

He found himself loose from his home Tree.

From the Body he severed his ties.

Mr. Leaf was, at last, “really free.”


Oh, what a sinsation [1] this all was,

He found himself flying through the air

He could turn right, or he could turn left,

So different from when he was “up there.”


He actually got to see the world.

He saw things he had not seen before.

The Tree had limited his past life,

The world had variety in store.


As he moved away from his old Tree,

Mr. Leaf liked his new-fangled ride.

He even was lifted up so high,

Gladly he was proud, of his new pride.


How nice it was to slip through the air,

Giddy, to be caught up in the swirl,

He enjoyed mixing with other Leaves;

Raved in the charm of a sleek Leaf girl.


He did notice in honest moments,

He was closer to dirt than before.

But he swirled, swirled, forgetting that thought,

What fun it was to once freely soar.


Excitedly the world came closer;

He knew not how dangerous it was.

Dirt, from distance, had earthy appeal,

Up close he saw bling, it lacked the buz.


Swooping, slopping ever downward now,

Mr. Leaf landed in his descent.

The world was hard. He’d expected more,

Its hardness hurt, his old surface rent.


Was this stuff rock? Was this thing real mud?

After fun was he stuck to the ground?

Where was the freedom he thought he had?

Where was the “free life” he had just found?


His Body, his faithful old Tree stood,

It hadn’t moved; he’s the one who fled.

The Body (his lost Tree) was alive.

Mr. Leaf, with his “freedom” was dead.

– eab, 9/28/09 (on back of IHC Herald ‘10)


No soul on his dying bed said, “I prayed too much” -unless he was in a cult requiring X amount of daily, ritualistic, “knee-time.” (As no bride, about to marry her lover, ever said, “I talked to him too much.”) James Montgomery was exactly right, “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, uttered or unexpressed…” Do you pray every day? Do you pray as you walk, drive, work, etc. We’ve all waited for our mate to stop shopping – don’t yield to a temptation to be impatient – use these minutes to commune with God.

– eab, 9/28/17


“If you read history you will find that the Christians who did the most for the present world

were just those who thought most of the next.”

– C. S. Lewis, from his MERE CHRISTIANITY


1Pe 5. 5b

“…be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility:

for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.”


Some are confusing the line between worship & “entertainment.” When running the aisles was more common & ladies shouted their hair down (souls expressing supreme joy), sinners came to revivals, Lord’s Day meetings or camps for “entertainment.” These were un-awakened sinners. (Once the Holy Ghost corralled them, divine demonstrations ceased to be funny – they’d changed from un-awakened to convicted sinners.) When worship is TRUE the only souls “merely entertained” are the un-awakened ones. When a “service/performance/concert” is attended for entertainment, probably little-to-no worship occurs.

– eab, 9/17/17

[1] Purposefully “spelled” this way.

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Luther and More

Luther Quote

“…The prophet Daniel rightly pictured the pope, that he would be a king, that would according to his own will, that is, would regard neither spirituality nor temporality.”

Table Talk, p.186



Christians – it’s wise to avoid extreme opinions on items not concerning the soul. Some stories make police look good – some show brutality. Truth-be-known, both have validity; don’t climb on either “band wagon.” Some people have desecrated the flag – others have over-reacted with near “flag worship.” Don’t do either. Media (controlled?) may have an agenda. Don’t allow its hype to shift your footing an 1/8th of an inch – be anchored on the Bible, not on “news” (including your favorite “conservative”).

– eab, 9/27/17




Upon a tree with serrated leaf, I found,

A fresh nut growing, smooth and round.

It had grown all summer, at its best,

But September still found it far from rest.

Its shape was right, its form – “No sweat.”

But maturity it was striving for, and

Hadn’t reached there yet.

Its size told that – a little small,

Give it time, “Rome wasn’t built in a fall.”

Its color also revealed its youth,

Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t uncouth.

It just lacked the brown of Autumn’s tone,

The pastel acorns claim for their own.

I’m sure given time it will be just right,

Big, full-fruited, sealed Tupperware-tight,

Grown-up color, maturity’s stroke,

The future, miniature, enduring oak.

But this morning, it’s not ready for all that,

Growing feet above the forest floor-mat.

This morning it’s ready to be youthful and green,

To stick by its place and flourish unseen.

I’ve expressed in part what I felt to tell,

Youth to maturity – in a nutshell.


– eab, Sept. 1976,


Never “partner” with anyone (regardless of good looks, “charm” or strengths) whose prime goal is less than clear obedience to The Almighty: not close friendships, not dating, definitely not marriage.

– eab, 9/26/17


“How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerors have been:

how gloriously different are the saints.”

– C. S. Lewis, from his BEYOND PERSONALITY



Jude 14

“And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying,

‘Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,’”



Some Christians are worried about ball players and the anthem.

Christian, what about the fact that they “work” on the specific Christian Day of Worship?

Christian, what about their many alleged acts of depravity?

Christian, what about their ridiculous pay checks?

Christian, what about these demigods virtually “being” in your family room?

– eab, 9/27/17

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Luther Quote

“Ambition is the rankest poison to the church,

when it possesses preachers.”

Table Talk, p.187


You can talk about Bread, read about Bread, see Bread, admire the beauty of Bread, and even smell Bread but only when you’re hungry will you eat Bread. “O taste and see…” Psa 34.8a. (Bread HERE is related to the Holy Life; those who hunger for it are blessed.)

– eab, 9/24/17



Many a pioneer store was made to appear

To have another story, a second tier

Seemed to be twice its size, a façade

Inflated for pride, of no real aid

Too bad; but some lives are also a balloon,

Appearing big; they’ll be small soon.

– eab, 9/26/11


Happiness is probably somewhere between “anything goes” or do it “any-ole-way,” and rigid perfectionism, which never knows when to stop “tweaking it.” Do quality work, but know when to stop “improving” a chicken coop.

– eab, 9/26/17


“Frances Havergal (‘Take My Life & Let It Be’)

was able to recite by heart the entire NT (except Acts) when she was only 22.”

– Gilchrist Lawson


Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.”


Conservative Holiness Movement” #1 “Conservative” is not in the Bible, nor “conserve” “conserved” “conserving,” or “conservation.” “Conservative” is a term borrowed (I believe) from politics & probably is safe there. “Liberal” by contrast, is in the Bible (6 times), “Liberality”(twice) & “Liberty”(27 times). (Is this an example of Isa 5.20? – if so, it’s sad.)

– eab, 9/21/17


Conservative Holiness Movement” #2 “Holiness” – Oh, give us more holy living. Oh, give us more definite teaching of holy principles by pastors. Oh, give us more Bible college profs who have more than head knowledge of this wonderful experience. Oh, give us more camp meeting/revival evangelists who preach entire messages on the doctrine of holiness & who conversations reflect it. Some “holiness preachers” do not preach holiness – Why? There is a reason.

– eab, 9/21/17


Conservative Holiness Movement” #3 “Movement” was once a valid word – chapels were growing near RR tracks, across America’s west, & in rough sections of town. Holy men & wives were calling on miners, ranchers, blue-collar workers & seeing souls receive full salvation (term for heart purity). I’ve lived to see us move out of houses (modified to a church), out of simple into elaborate structures, move where few walking persons can reach us. The genuine “fire” that attracted common folks is too often missing. Thank God for the exceptions, but we’re not the movement we were, or could still be. God – Help – Us.

– eab, 9/21/17


Conservative Holiness Movement” #4 Some use the initials CHM, as short for “Conservative Holiness Movement.” This can be labeled a “label.” “Labels” tend to be applied by “enemies” (at least outsiders). When we “use” someone’s label for us, we’re accepting (in part) their tag AND its connotations.

– eab, 9/21/17

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Several items

Luther Quote

“I would not have preachers in their sermons use Hebrew, Greek…

in church we ought to speak as we use to do at home, the plain mother tongue.”

Table Talk, p.185


You can not be firmly convinced of The King James Version and, at the same time, firmly convinced of a Bible in competition with It. If you had to declare in a Court of Law which Bible you believe to be inspired – the KJV or another – which would you say? Would it be a real struggle?

– eab, 9/22/17



One cannot adequately describe,

The work of one lone scribe,

In days or months or years.

Only eternity will reveal,

The influence of his pen’s ink-zeal;

Words encasing hopes, facts, fears.

– eab, 9/22/09


Your own

It’s wonderful Lord how You watch out for Your own

In every clime, country, zone.

And equally nice how You give strength to die

To Your martyrs far away or quite nigh:

Goodness, grace, both supplied without loan.

– eab, 9/22/09


You probably share ideas “A” & “B” with a friend but may not share more. You may share ideas “C” & “D” with other friends (though they don’t agree with “A”&“B”). This not bad – it can make life interesting. Enjoy conversations on shared concepts (with those who share them) without “forcing” them to agree with your “jots”/“tittles.” We tend to be better friends when “understandings” are most similar.

*The above only intended for areas where the Bible is silent – not for Its fundamental, clear teachings.*

– eab, 9/21/17


“Take away the Bible & our warfare with oppression & infidelity & intemperance & impurity

& crime is at an end: our weapons are wrested away–our foundation is removed—

we have no authority to speak & no courage to act.”

– Wm. Lloyd Garrison, quoted by Gilchrist Lawson


Pro 29. 2

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:

but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”


What do you BELIEVE?

You’re an adult – You can believe what you want to. As a logical adult (hopefully) you should have foundations for your beliefs. Higher yet, as an adult who claims to believe in Jesus Christ & His authoritative Bible, your beliefs should be anchored within It. Are they?

– eab, 9/18/17


What do you BELIEVE?

Does your view of the past connect to some/all of the OT? Does your view of the present have roots in the teachings of the NT? Does your view of eschatology have firm fountains in Daniel, Christ, Revelations – – – not what you were “taught” that they say, but the Literal, Grammatical reading of the Text?

– eab, 9/18/17

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Luther Quote

“Here on earth we must seek for no honor, for it is written:

‘Woe unto you when men bless you.’ We belong not to this life but to another far better.”

Table Talk, p.177


A theory, as long as it is accepted as just that, a theory, may be harmless: an idea among a brotherhood of ideas, a possibility and only that. If/when you (or society) start to accept it as “fact,” if/when it becomes THE only accepted idea, moving toward “orthodoxy,” it becomes Dangerous, with a capital “D.”

– eab, 9/21/17


The greatest City

The greatest City of all,

Perfectly squared and equally tall

Whose Builder and Maker is God;

Is New Jerusalem, yet to come,

The believer’s eternal home

And it’ll be literally above sod.

– eab, 9/21/15



You can be frugal because you HAVE TO BE, be totally griped about it, and have no joy in it.

You can make a “game” of saving, re-using, “making-do” & enjoy it. Attitudes are important.

– eab, 9/21/17


“…The more we conform to his will, the more we act according to his wisdom, and

imitate his goodness, by so much the more do we enjoy God…”

– Wm. Law, from his SERIOUS CALL


Heb 11. 25

“Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God,

than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;”


Want to love Christ? 1) Read MORE about Him in His eternal Word (“Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away” (Mat24.35,Mar13.31, Luk21.33). 2) Talk MORE to Him – no appointment necessary, “walk-ins” welcome. 3) Let Him talk to you – – – make sure your heart is as open to hear Him as you want Him to hear you.

– eab, 9/19/17


Want to be attracted to the antichrist? 1) expose your eyes, mind, your “animal spirit” to ungodly “music.”

2) feed your eyes, warp your brain, slather memory with images of ancient, “futuristic” gods/goddesses.

3) be more involved in death-worshipping-halloween & false imagery of materialistic christmas, etc.

– eab, 9/19/17

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Luther + +

Luther Quote

…The number of upright and true Christians

in every place is very small…”

Table Talk, p.177


If you & your cohorts start secretly doing wrong (against church, school, government, medicine, science, a corporate competitor) it’s “normal” to hide your evil. Since what you’re doing is wicked, it’s likely you’ll lie if/when you’re discovered. It’s also likely you’ll try to label the person who calls for truth a “conspiracy theorist” & hope the label sticks. If it sticks & societal conditioning has reached a corrupt enough stage, the truth teller is written off as “crazy or fringe” (at least strange) & your disgusting deed is “safe.” Liars do not like Truth Tellers. A real Truth Seek wants truth in every area of life. Do YOU? Well – – – do you?

– eab, 9/19/17



“Where art thou, O Adam;

Man I made & his personal Madam?”

They answered Him not a word,

As if they had not heard.

In it’s grip, sin had’em.

– eab, Sept.  2014


Two groups of people will be alive at “…the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ…”(identical words-1Co .7, 1Th3.13, 1Th5.23 & 2Th 2.1): A.) Those to whom His revelation is wonderful, “…comfort one another with these words” (1Th4.18), B.) those to whom His coming is horrible; they’ll “mourn” (Mat24.30) & “wail” (Rev1.7). Upon which side would you be?

– eab, 9/19/17


“…There is nothing that makes us love a man

as much as praying for him…’”

– Wm. Law, from his SERIOUS CALL


Mat 5. 44

“…Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”


Dear parent/Christian school personnel – are you willing to admit the evilness of halloween? My stops yesterday included a supplier for home improvement. I see little connection between their business & statutes of witches – complete with caldron & rat. There was a skeleton of a horse (man-made materials) with a human skeleton astride. There was a dinosaur (about $300) for a scarier look. Our wicked world is getting deeper into satanism. He “glorifies” & encourages death. Please awaken and avoid this horrid day.

– eab, 9/19/17

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Luther and more

Luther Quote

“…Truth is a hateful thing;

he that, in these times, speaks the truth, procures hatred.”

Table Talk, p.177


Churchill’s “History is written by the victors,” has detractors but few “losers” have the privacy to write or resources to publish “their side.” It would seem that much “history” (American/world) is the “official” story, i.e. story officials want you to accept. If history is your interest you’ve a challenge to peel back this country’s account, that ethnic groups tales, & the religious clique’s lines & find the genuine. It may actually be better to be a “little historically illiterate” as to parrot to your children (blood or classroom) stories which have more “sanction” than reality.

– eab, 9/18/17



I’m rich in wealth that banks can’t hold;

I’m rich in treasures that do not jingle or fold.

Grandsons and granddaughters * beat gold;

They’re your child’s child and also heaven’s mold.

– eab, 9/18/14  (* blessed with 18)


Parents who’re themselves divorce/remarried, D/R (and defend their deed) shouldn’t be surprised when a child also fails to keep his “till-death-do-us-part” promise. Parents whose marriage is legit but who show acceptance for D/R likewise should not be shocked when “Jr.” leaves his wife for another. When a parent has the strongest of stands against divorce/remarriage there’s no guarantee their children will not fall into this horrible trap, but it may be a small deterrent.

– eab, 1/22/17


“…That man that takes up religion for the world

will throw away religion for the world.”

– John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress


Isa 38. 8

“Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz,

ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.”


“…Science falsely so called” (Paul distinctly warns his spiritual son about it, 1Ti 6.20.) has painted itself as either knowing the answers or supposedly seeking them. As long as you and I believe their little theories they are empowered. When we awaken to purposeful deception and spoof them, they lose their “authority” and are seen as the foolish guys they really are. T*H*I*N*K.

– eab, 2/8/17

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Several things

Luther Quote

“…St. Peter was at Rome…

has never yet been, nor ever will be proved…”

Table Talk, p.174

Dad, are you allowing your son to do what your holy dad wouldn’t allow you to do? WHY?

Mom, are you permitting a daughter to dress in ways your saintly mother forbid you? WHY?

For the sake of eternity (parent’s & child’s) you need to HONESTLY answer Why?

– eab, 9/16/17




The mighty oak from an acorn came,

Bursting, throbbing, growing in strain;

Pulled up by the light, pushed up by the rain.

It didn’t happen over night.

No stalwart man is instant made.

It takes pressure, decisions, days of shade;

Pulled up by prayer, pushed by reading, rare.

Small souls and fires quickly fade.    

– eab, Sept.  1975  

The Worship of the Triune Godhead should draw our attention now & ever. Such worship should Awe us, Humble us, Inspire us. Worshipping of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Ghost should be the high point of every Lord’s Day, the sought-for point in every Family Altar (devotions as family units), & the rejoicing point in our daily private times with God. Amen?

– eab, 9/17/17

“Jim Elliott…“I went a friend’s house last night and looked at TV.

God convicted me with Psalm 119:37: ‘Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity.’”

– Quoted by Vance Havner, from his ON THIS ROCK

1Co 10. 7

“Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written,

‘The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.’”



He “earns” WHAT?!? That’s his pay – – – to merely play? He doesn’t make a door/window. He doesn’t grow veggies/fruits. His “activity” yields no better river or pond. I’m happy that the exorbitant “salaries” paid to grown men chasing each other down a “cow-pasture” wanting a pig-skin the other guy has, have not received one dollar from me. And you? If every one who was in church this week, stopped paying-to-watch such frivolity maybe, MAYBE some of these playboys would get real jobs.

– eab, 9/17/17

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Several ideas

Luther Quote

“Truly that prayer [our Lord’s Prayer] was penned by wisdom itself;

none but God could have done it.”

Table Talk, p.157


Thank you, fb friends, for being my “friend.” Some pics/paragraphs I like, click, or make a brief comment. (Some pics have a degree of immodesty, are places I don’t frequent or other; you don’t see “like.”) Many of you get a BD or anniversary wish (Happy big “A” – eab style) from me. Some posts are “too left” for me to approve (allow me to be “me” J) but I try to reach out where/when I can. I WISH TO REMAIN FRIENDS. Seldom if ever have I “taken you to task” for your entries; b-u-t you may be in my prayers the next 24. How boring the world would be if we thought alike, but we can be friends on the street & on fb. J




Soon there will be an account to be given, *

Soon we will stand at God’s great judgment bar,

Soon He will look at His long list in heaven.

Life is hence serious, sooo serious, by far.

– eab, 9/14/06 * Written on west bank, Middle Fork (Chandalar River) AK,




God is a majestic Artist in miles of mountain lands, *

God is a marvelous Artist in pebbles or fine “beachy” sands,

God is a magnificent Artist in old virgin towering stands.

Artistry – He defines it, whatever He has in His hands.

– eab, 9/15/06 * Written on west bank, Middle Fork (Chandalar River) AK,



The Lord’s Day AM message can be a time when you display your astute homiletical skills, or a half hour when you exhibit your best theatrical abilities, or a period when you share story after personal story including those funny ones. The fourth & by-far-best possibility is that Christ is then lifted up, His Holy Word exalted, and His name praised. The congregation should leave, not enamored with you or your talents, but awed by their Redeemer, His love for them, and His call to holy living.

– eab, 9/14/17


“There is no dignity quite so impressive and

no independency quite so important as living within your means.”

– Calvin Coolidge



Jam 2. 19

“Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well:

the devils also believe, and tremble.”



One human holding another in bondage must be awful. Without Christ in his heart, one can see how the enslaved might wish death for a nasty master. But – – – there’s a worst slavery than someone having you in bonds. The worst bondage is when you are fettered by YOUR carnal nature. Every reader is either chained by his old man/old woman now, or was before The Holy Spirit sanctified him. We don’t have to keep the Adamic nature as master; if you want the death of the old nature of sin, begin seeking a pure heart. You don’t have to “live with” carnal anger, pride, jealousy, or other disgusting carnal traits. You can be free!

-eab, 9/15/17


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