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Luther plus

A Quote From Luther

“…Seeing it [Gospel] is a kind of preaching which makes people angry especially the great and powerful and deep-learned…great courage is necessary and the Holy Ghost to those that intend to preach it.”

Table Talk, p.108



If I read Daniel chapter 2 correctly all “modern countries” are relatively insignificant – probably at best, toes on the mixed-up feet of the 4th kingdom. This kingdom, though destined-to-fall/fail, is still here (under 1 guise or another) & will, with little doubt, usher in the antichrist’s brief, blasphemous reign. READ your Bible. Pray earnestly that you, Friend, will have discernment to stay out of the One-world church. It seems to be expanding its ecumenical tentacles among former holy people. BEWARE.

– eab, 8/26/17



Religion and wars

Religion and wars seem opposite at first sight –

As opposite as day and night.

But they’ve been partners in the past,

And will be – till the Lord comes at last.

Many a saint has through them found “his end,”

And more sinners they to hell did send.

– eab, Aug  2006



a great fall

The broad-way was calling, was beckoning,

And with short-sighted, selfish reckoning

You answered its alluring call.

Now you have “freedom,” “liberty,”

“I’m headed also to heaven, see?”

No, Friend, you’ve had a great fall.

– eab Aug  2012


I’m not attracted to crosses – I’m greatly attracted the God/Man who died on that middle one.

I’m not attracted to graves – I’m attracted to a certain Middle-Eastern, EMPTY one.

I’m not necessarily attracted to Jerusalem (old or new) but to the One who rose heavenward

from near there, and Who returns to that spot to judge the world and rule it FOREVER.

– eab, 8/25/17



“Gipsy Smith saw the difference between repentance and conversion

like the difference between awaking in the morning and getting up.”

– Andrew W Blackwood, from his Preaching From The Bible



1Jo 5. 18

“We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.”



Expressions of gratitude can be wordless: a nod, a smile, a wave of the hand, a “thumbs up.”

Secondly, there are verbal expressions: “Thank you,” “thanks,” or similar words. But the highest expression of gratitude is (in a sense) wordless again; it is a life lived showing our fellowman how glad we are for their benevolence(s) and showing God how grateful we are His multiplied blessings. I want to live-out my thanksgiving to God, d-a-i-l-y.

– eab, 7/18/17



Now it a good time to commit to having those Raised Bed Gardens of which you’ve dreamed. (You’re not going to get any younger.) You can use treated 2x4s if you make sure the soil – therefore roots – do not touch the treated wood. You can use less expensive 2x4s if you coat them with boiled linseed oil. I suggest at least 2-3 coats (1st one thinned to penetrate more) before you put them together. Plan to recoat the wood every year or two. Have put my 2017 coat on most of mine – hope to finish this week. 9/2/17

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