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A Quote From Luther

“None of the fathers of the church made mention of original sin

until Augustine came…”

Table Talk, p.110



Perhaps you’re a sinner (backslider or never were saved) and ½ way want to believe in Christ. But honestly the other ½ doesn’t want to be obey God. You have a dilemma. What can you do? Think about heaven, hell, and death – the ½ that wants to be right with God is the most reasonable. If you know you’re not fully willing to mind God you can and SHOULD tell Him, “Lord, I’m not willing, but I am willing for You to make me willing.” If you pray this and mean this, YOU can be Born Again soon.

– eab, 9/3/17




His car was long and clean, the kind to turn one’s head.

His house of tall and colored a soft-brick red

His cuisine was abundant; he was well-fed.

It’s sad. It’s too bad; for he is now dead.


Her beauty none would have ever deny.

Her clothes expensive; hard for some to “come-by.”

She was a society gal; up rather high.

It’s sad. It’s too bad she had to die.

– eab, 9/3/14



“L I E” has at its center the letter “I” – a lie is selfish over and over.

Throw it away, walk away, and never look back. – eab, 9/1/17


“T R U T H” has at its center the letter “U” – Truth is what is best for YOU.

Grasp it, hold tight, and never release it.

– eab, 9/1/17



“Plutarch…calls these people ‘ventriloquists…whose utterances were really & not only apparently beyond their control’ ”In LXX the same Greek word is used of those who had a “familiar spirit”…such as the witch of Endor.

  1. F. Bruce, BOOK OF ACTS



1Co 14. 32

“And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.”



I feel sorry for God. He has to “hear” all the cursing, using His name. He has to “see” all the flirting and adultery. He has to “smell” all the 2nd hand smoke & stench of breweries, He has to “hear” all the cries of abused children, wives & husbands. He witnesses these sins and more, SINS for which His Son came that we be free from ALL wickedness.

– eab, 8/27/17

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