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Luther and more

A Quote From Luther

“…So have I been a blasphemer of God who for the space of 15 years…blasphemed God with celebrating that abominable idol, the mass.”

Table Talk, p.115



Friend, may I urge you to examine your priorities. You have 24 hours every day to abuse or use. You can while-a-way hours in silly trivia or you can accomplish true work. You can arrange, re-arrange and then arrange again irrelevant ticky-tacky or you can build, paint, remodel, improve a tool, an engine, a piece of furniture etc. You can play with your hobby, watch your sport, take unnecessary naps or you can write, practice, perfect the important areas of real life. Stop friend, stop, wasting your life on trifles.

– eab, 9/5/17




To study prophecy is right,

Learn what will help you see the light,

Discern the figures that are dark,

Decide whose “bite” is worse than “bark,”

As the world’s day slopes into night.

– eab, Sep. ’07



Your head can be your own heart’s worst enemy. Scripture doesn’t say with the head man believeth but “…with the heart man believeth unto righteousness…Rom 10.10a. “Head” / “heart” start with the same letters. Head’s ending “D” could stand for “damnation” while the “R T” of heart could stand for Right Thinking. “…the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God” (1Co 3.19).

– eab, 9/5/17




forgiveness is

full; it is

free, it is


– Andrew W Blackwood, Preaching From the Bible



Col 1. 14

“In whom we have redemption through his blood,

even the forgiveness of sins:”



The Broad-Way (Mat 7.13) has the largest assortment of miscellanea on earth: from 1% “right” (criminals, brutes, charlatans), to the 51% “right” (church members, professional Gospel Singers) to the 99% “right” (“good” people who reject the experience of the Holy Heart for which Christ provided, Heb 13.12). The Narrow-Way has an almost unbelievably l-i-k-e-n-e-s-s: each one, who though once carnal, so hungered /thirsted after righteousness (Mat 5.6) that they were FILLED with God = 100% Right. In. His. Sight.

– eab, 9/5/17

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Substitutes for the Completely Sanctified Life – P. S. It’s next to impossible to list all the substitutes offered by satan.  They may be intricate, intriguing, even “life-changing” but for all the elaborate camouflage they’re humanly contrived replacements for having God destroy your fallen, carnal nature. Friend, are you willing for God to identify YOUR substitute for sanctification?  One can pride in his education, his discipline, his eccentric “cult” or his Bible knowledge. By contrast Spirit filled men KNOW they’re unworthy.  

-eab, 9/5/17

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Substitutes – Completely Sanctified Life # 4 – Exceptional Bible study

The most important Book in the world is the Bible. But even becoming Biblically astute, being able to quote sections of the Holy Scriptures and/or being so versed that one can easily see ribbons of truth, connect related passages, and/or make reasonable commentary on numerous chapters is no substitute for tarrying for Holy Spirit filling.  NOTHING is an adequate substitute for Him. Saints read the Bible, revere It, remember the Bible but they see the Bible is NOT the end of Itself. It must be obeyed. 

-eab,  9/5/17

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Substitutes – Completely Sanctified Life # 3 – Eccentric sidetracks

There are numerous sidings (RR term i.e. off the main track) which can sound good, even spiritual, but which are satanic replacements for being filled by the Holy Ghost. Being busy doing pious activities, observing supposed, special days, wearing “traditional” trinkets or garb may make you feel exceptional but cannot/will not make you holy. The devil seems not to care how religious you are but will, if you let him, sidetrack you from Full Salvation. Cult and near-cults abound.  Wholly holy people are rare.

-eab,  9/5/17

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Substitutes – Completely Sanctified Life # 2 – Extraordinary Discipline

There’ve been heathen who used extreme/weird forms of discipline. Some physical, some mental, some even (what they perceived as) spiritual. Some evangelicals have lived disciplined-lives to-a-fault. Some holiness men have over-emphasized discipline.  Heathen, evangelical or holiness people either not believing God could remove carnality or never willing to let Him extract it, have relied on self-control instead. Legalism fits here. God’s mature souls have discipline but their inner calm/holiness is from God.

– eab,  9/5/17

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Substitutes for the Completely Sanctified Life # 1 – Education (to include new languages)

Not until the Great White Throne Judgment will all souls be known who came to the light of “The Higher Life” but chose higher education. Was it prideful?  Saints don’t have Ph D (or similar title) showing behind their name, for all to see. Was it easier to spend yrs pursuing degrees rather than dying to self & then spending a life-time pursing God?  Some of God’s best have been educated (institutionalized &/or individualized) but their intellectual interests were 100% subjected to the blessed Holy Spirit.

– eab, 9/5/17

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