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Will a church lie to you? Will a government lie to you? A school? A company? You know the answer is “yes” to all the above. But do you know WHY? Why will leaders/workers (in institutions and out) tell what they know is not true? People lie from fear (Isa 57.11) and because they are the sons/daughters of satan who “…When he speaketh a lie…speaketh of his own” (Joh 8.44b). Christians do not LIE!

– eab, 9/7/17

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Heb 12. 14

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness,

without which no man shall see the Lord:”

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“…The average preacher seems to know more about sin

than about holiness.”

– Andrew W Blackwood, Preaching From the Bible

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A.) Are we having a lack of holy discernment? or

B.) Are we having men who for “good ole boy feelings” over-ride the checks of the Holy Spirit?

I believe I see associations between “A” & “B” and actions which indicate A. or B. and – – – Frankly either one is scary. Compromise is not creepy in (cat sneaking up on prey) but boldly walking into our midst.

– eab, 9/7/17

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The peak was pink in the morning glow

Combination of far, hot sun, cold, close snow.

At noon it was clearly unmatched white

Brilliant in glory of meridian bright.

T’was a purple peak in the evening shades

When sun “surrenders” to night and slowly fades.

It “disappears” or is black at night

Disappears? No, it’s still there in its grand height,

All colorful views of which I speak

Are of the same majestic, singular peak

 – The difference is

 – The difference in

 – Light.              – eab, 9/7/09

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You are partly who you are because of who you married.

And – – – they are partly who they are because they married you. (This is some-what true of your parents but you didn’t choose them.) Therefore UTMOST wisdom is needed in selecting your life’s mate. Pray, fast, OPEN b-o-t-h eyes, listen to parent &/or pastor, and pray some more. The best to you! “Marriage is a wonderful thing…” (from the song God gave me for Phillip/Heather, 1995).

– eab, 9/1/17

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Luther Quote

Luther Quote

“Never was a bolder, harsher sermon preached in the world than that wherein St Paul abolished Moses & his law as insufficient for a sinner’s salvation.”

Table Talk, p.132

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*Disclaimer* You see quotes posted from older evangelical men and holiness men. Most of their words I agree with but may now and then post to generate thought. (Hopefully, what is posted over “- eab” I fully approve. 🙂 ) 9/7/17

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