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Luther and MORE

Luther Quote

“Nothing is more pernicious than sophistry;

we are by nature prone to believe lies rather than truth.”

Table Talk, p.138


I grew up with the expression, “Don’t believe anything you hear & only half what you see.” That was before TV/hollywood became so rampant. A more correct version might be, “Don’t believe anything you hear or see.” High-class cartoons, sophisticated photo-shopping & CGI (computer generated images) make nearly any picture suspect. BUT there is still one Book (I highly recommend the AV/KJV) you can read & fully trust.

– eab, 9/8/17


One Lord, One Faith, ONE baptism

Some people are immersed in water,

And consider their salvation done,

Ignoring there’s a baptism,

Beyond John’s – by the only Son.


Fire from heaven purges the inside,

Where water’s wetness can never reach,

Fiery Holy Ghost baptism –

ONE baptism that is for each.

– eab, 9/10/10


MOONLIGHT >> for thinkers only <<

1.Gen 1.16…God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day…the lesser LIGHT to rule the night

  1. Isa 13.10c …the moon shall not cause her LIGHT to shine.
  2. Isa 30.26 Moreover the LIGHT of the moon shall be as the light of the sun…
  3. Isa 60.19b …neither for brightness shall the moon give LIGHT unto thee…

Q – Why have “Bible-believing” souls struggled (outright refused) to believe the moon IS its own Light?

A – We’re taught by “science” it’s a “reflector,” taught this “makes sense,” shown “models” of a theory.

– eab, 9/8/17


MOONLIGHT (con’t)   >> for thinkers only <<

  1. Eze 32.7c …the moon shall not give her LIGHT.
  2. Mat 24.29b …the moon shall not give her LIGHT…
  3. Mar 13.24c …the moon shall not give her LIGHT (all caps, eab)

Q – Why have “Bible-believing” souls struggled (outright refused) to believe the moon IS its own Light?

A – We’re taught by “science” it’s a “reflector,” taught this “made sense,” and shown “models” of a theory.

Does it no longer matter what the Bible states? Stop accepting “science” as god.

– eab, 9/8/17


“What shall it profit a man if he shall gain all the learning

of the schools and lose his faith in God?”

– William Jennings Bryan, from his IN HIS IMAGE


1Co 1. 21

“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God,

it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”


My wife grew up (TN) with the expression, “The day you don’t learn something new you die.” The other day I saw weird, gray insects in our backyard. Each fall trying to teach biology (FL, OH, TN) I had students do insect collections – no one handed in such a critter. I looked up beneficial insects (don’t want to kill the “good guys”) & there he was: The Wheel Bug. Seems he’s named for what looks like a half or a third wheel (think gear with teeth sticking up) on his thorax behind his small, elongated head. He eats soft-bodied, garden pests so I spared him & his “girl friend” – – – & I learned something new. J

– eab, 9/10/17

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