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antichrist # 1 A series of evil men have been antichrists since the days of John (1Jo & 2Jo). A concluding impostor will surface, will be the “man of sin” (2Th 2.3), but will advertise himself as christ. This character will do all in his power to orchestrate deception. He’ll use political power & religious (not as separate as thought). He’ll use “science,” education & entertainment (again not as detached as desired). He’ll obliterate all he can about the True Christ. And, sadly, he’ll be accepted as the one to “save the world.”

– eab, 9/11/17

antichrist # 2 The true Christian will not be deceived. (Christ’s “…take heed that no man deceive…”[Mat 24.4] “…take heed lest any man deceive…”[Mar 13.5] & “…take heed that ye be not deceived…”[Luk 21.8] indicate that we CAN avoid deception – with effort.) But gullible, sin-loving, sports-crazed, entertainment addled “christians,” following the lead of a left-wing media, a left-wing school, and/or a left-wing church will “hail” the false as the true. One reason is that they’ve already rejected the TRUE.

-eab, 9/12/17

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“man of sin…”

2Th 2. 3

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come,

except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”

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“War is not a private affair;

it disturbs the commerce of the world

obstructs the ocean’s highways and

kills innocent bystanders.”

– William Jennings Bryan, from his IN HIS IMAGE

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God is NOT the great “I Was,” although He is on every page of History. (You can’t “live in” history.)

God is NOT the great “I Will Be,” though He is in every phase of Prophecy. (You can’t “live in” the future.)

God IS the great “I AM.” You are alive Now, need God Now, & by His grace, can enjoy Him Now. DO!

– eab, 9/12/17

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O-o-oh someday I’ll see the King in His beauty.

Someday all heaven will dazzle my sight

Someday I’ll finish my last “daily-duty”

And it all began that Spring Thursday night.

None of us are good enough for heaven

The very idea smacks of old carnal pride

God must remove the sin, the leaven

That is the reason our Lord came and died.

We speak of a good man, good neighbor

Christ said none was good but God

All need His grace, His great favor

And can have it, this side the sod.

We can be holy now, we can be pure;

God invites to be just like Him.

Carnality gone – “the double cure.”

Life so bright, that once was so dim.

– eab, 9/11/14

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The movie industry

(it IS industry: exploited workers & foul contaminations) has explored two themes & with evil imaginations made them appear huge: the Future & “Space.” The nasty minds who draw cartoons, construct CGIs, & write scripts can NOT control either; future & “space” are both securely in God’s hands. But that fact accounts for the interest of debauched hollywood. They want to take God’s place, cannot, so they imagine (& want the movie go-er to imagine) that they (hollywood) “know” more than they know, “see” more than they see, & “pretend” they have a control, which is all fabricated.

– eab, 9/12/17

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Luther Quote

Luther Quote

“…I love an honest and well-affected mind that seeks after truth simply and plainly

and that goes not about with fantasies and cheating tricks.”

Table Talk, p.138

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