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Some have been noticing (I hope 🙂 ) weeks of quotes by Martin Luther. 2017 marks 500 years since this great man took an unprecedented stand for Christ & for Faith. He was not the first Reformer but he was a VERY important one. Some believe his greatest action may have not been the thesis nailing but his putting the Bible into German vernacular, using the same basis as Englishmen used for our beloved KJV.

– eab, 9/14/17


Luther Quote

“…None can believe how powerful prayer is and what it is able to effect

but those who have learned it by experience.”

Table Talk, p.138


Bucket List? NO! There’s no problem making a record of 1.) God’s beautiful locations to see 2.) Rightful activities to do 3.) Persons you’d like to meet before death. (This post is not anti-goal.) Allow a warning about the term “bucket list.” It has a questionable source(s). I grew up in farming country with the expression “kick the bucket.” It was years before it clicked; it’s another term for suicide. The devil (& his ilk) want suicide to become more acceptable. It is NOT – ever! I stopped saying “kick the bucket” & strongly encourage you drop it – – – Since there’s a connection with “bucket list” why not drop it too?

-eab, 9/13/17



He was a companion to Paul;

Once “up,” he had a bad fall.

Satan o’er him his flag unfurled

Because he “loved this present world.”

Watch, friend, the world still has its wild call.

– eab, 9/14/11


People of God You know how much sleep you need. Go to bed early & (if possible) avoid early meetings especially if they’re only social. (If you need 7 hrs sleep, plan “to bed” & “get up” time 8 hrs apart; if you need 8 to rest, plan beginning & ending 9 apart.) Then when God awakens you, roll out & pray. Do NOT look at the time either as you arise or lay back down – this allows you to subtract yourself from that “ever-demanding-clock.” If God meets you shortly, fine. If His presence settles in & you’re longer, that’s fine. This no-clock-praying allows a Freedom, a Luxury, Tryst for just you & the Lover of Your Soul.



“…for one to kill himself

is to kill body and soul at once.”

– John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress


Rom 16. 18

“For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly;

and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.”


Pastor – Where is your designated praying place? Church building? Parsonage? Other?

How often do you schedule yourself there? How often do you actually meet that schedule?

Is this where you can enter & exit unseen? Is it sound proof or are your periods there when no one hears?

How often do you “pray around the church” (literally pew-by-pew or visually)? Do you name to the Lord?

– eab, 9/14/17

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