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God vs man

God placed His greater, lesser, and least lights in the sky. Man’s made artificial lights. These substitutes for God’s lights enable us to travel at night (more safely), work at night, and encapsulate ourselves within buildings where it “doesn’t matter” if its day or night outside. Artificial lights have (somewhat) negated our need for God’s real lights. Artificial can take the place of real in more & more lives if we don’t guard.

– eab, 9/27/17

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Love each other

Joh 13. 35

“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

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For the record

For the record –

I’ve held the same position on some issues for decades. My stands on “A” “B” or “Q” reflect numerous readings of the Word, yrs of teaching, scores of books read, hundreds of sermon preparations. What younger readers may not know is, several positions are where Holiness Churches and key pastors/evangelists once stood. It’s not necessarily that eab has become a “rightist.” When Society-Pleasing-Churches move left, those of us keeping Biblical stands appear rightists – we’re merely Biblical.

– eab, 10/2/17

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C S Lewis quote

“We stress the Humanity too exclusively at Christmas and the Deity too exclusively after the Resurrection; almost as if Christ once became a man and then presently reverted to being simply God.”

– C. S. Lewis, from his REFLECTIONS on the PSALMS

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You’re a guy thinking about finding a wife.

You’ve noticed a certain female face/form (not wrong, if no lust) but have you noticed if she loves Jesus supremely? You’re a gal who’s dreaming of a husband. A certain man’s strength/confidence has stood out to you but did his love for the Jesus stand out? Marriage is a wonderful thing. Period. Please make sure the one to whom you propose (or the one whose proposal you accept) will help You toward heaven (& you help them also) & not drag you toward the world. Amen?

– eab, 10/2/17

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You man try the patience of man or men,

And “get away with” such horizontal sin

But I beg you, do not try

The patience of the One most High.

Wrath comes – – – Today could be “when.”

– eab, Sept. 2015               

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God-blue skies

The days you look up and see true-blue skies

and God-made, fluffy clouds THANK HIM. The days you look up and see the plane actually spewing man-made “clouds” or see the tell-tale, ever-blurring, ever-widening remains of planes linear spews, ask God to defeat man’s plans.

– eab, 9/28/17

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Luther quote

Luther Quote

“The pope’s crown is named REGNUM MUNDI,

the kingdom of the world.”

Table Talk, p.205

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