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I started traveling late: 14 when visited 3rd state, 27 on 1st plane ride(Thanks Bud Calhoun). I’ve traveled by train: Cincy – Knoxville, Shanghai – Bejing(Thanks John Knight), Moscow – Yoshkarola(Thanks Bill Saxton). Traveled by horse & foot in Haiti(Thanks David Gardner). Traveled by boat across Lake Erie(Thanks Dan/Carole) & 1 island to another, Turks & Caicos(Thanks Fuller Gardiner). Have driven in 49 states, 9 Canadian Provinces, a little in Mexico and flown the Atlantic & Pacific multiple times. Glad God gave me these opportunities. But, Ah – – – The greatest TRIP lies ahead (& overhead). Lord, help me be ready for my Heavenly Flight! 10/3/17

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Luther + + +

Luther Quote

“…Our adversaries intend to make a confederacy with the Turk…”

Table Talk, p.218


The form of government we profess to be modernity’s best actually militates against us deeply understanding The Kingdom. Christ is not a temporary “president.” He is King. Even earthly kings are often kings-for-life. Christ is King “for Life” and since He lives forever, He’ll be our King for all eternity. Amen & Amen!

– eab, 8/1/17




We all have a different name for our mate;

Some to please, and, some to aggravate.

Some go by Sweetheart, and some by “Bud.” *

Some answer to Darling, and others to “Dud.”

But the sweetest name. and the stickiest too

– like glue;

Is the one made by the bee

– called “Honey.”

eab, Oct. ’65   * What my dad, Clyde D Bryan, called my mother.


Hollywood would like you to see their stuff as “mere entertainment.” They do not want you to see their agenda, That they are influencing your thinking, That they are programming you toward societal change (upheaval?) Toward beliefs in aliens, etc. The more you watch hollywood (at YOUR expense) the more you WILL think like they want you to think. STOP!

– eab, 8/26/17


“When the teachings of men conflict with the Word of God,

it would be wise to go with God.”

– Henry Morris, PhD (I got to hear him in person c. 1968.)


The greatest Being is unseen, as of yet. His voice has been heard. His “hand” has been witnessed. His Word has been “tasted.” But perhaps we mortals have sensed Him best & most often, when we “feel” His presence. Holy saints (Heb 12.14) will someday SEE our Heavenly Father in peace. Wonderful!

– eab, 9/30/17


Joh 13. 38

“Jesus answered him, Wilt thou lay down thy life for my sake? Verily, verily, I say unto thee,

The cock shall not crow, till thou hast denied me thrice.”


Never consider suicide! Did you give yourself “life”? Then it is not yours. To TAKE your life is to steal. Life’s origin is in God. He alone has the right to decide your last day on earth – As He decided your first day here! Suicide is not right. Suicide is wrong. Please, friend, do not add this wrong to your list of wrongs. Ask Jesus Christ to forgive of ALL your sins. He can!

– eab, 10/2/17

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