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…The devil continually seeks to put another Christ into my mind.”

Table Talk, p.263


Mom – can you make home-made bread? If so, please teach your daughter. You don’t know how? Would you be willing to humble yourself enough to make mistakes in front of her, & the two of you learn together? Do you know how to sew? Your daughter may need that skill some day & will thank you for teaching her. (Again be willing to acquire this skill together.) There will not only be the acquisition of great handiness but such affords a time to bond with your daughter like few other things. I wish you well.

– eab, 10/8/17



There are “Now I lay me’s,”

And “Thank You for the spuds.”

There are “help me’s for this test,”

And, “Father, I need new duds!”

There is “If You’ll get me out of here,”

And, “Lord, I’d sure like to shoot a deer.”

But none of these, no matter how sincere

Compare to, “Lord, I love You, I’m glad you’re near.”

– eab, Oct. ‘89



Dad – do you know how (literally) to use a hammer? If you do, please teach your son. Buy him hand-tools on birthdays, Christmas, etc. – he’ll not be losing yours (hopefully J) & will learn how to locate & preserve his own. Maybe you’re more mechanically inclined (few are “master” of everything). Show him what you know about how things work & therefore how he can repair them. Your son will be a better man for leaning various skills – AND – he’ll be better from having learned them from you.

– eab, 10/8/17


“TV doesn’t go with holiness.

TV started with the devil and its still of the devil.”

– Lester Roloff (uncertain date/location)


The Call to Pray, to become a “secret closet prayer” is open to all Believers. Church leadership isn’t – the novice (1Ti 3.6) is excluded. Church pastoring (if congregation has men) isn’t – the female is excluded (1Ti 2.12 & 3.2). Some may be tempted to chafe at these “limitations.” Instead let us glory in unlimited Prayer Access. Preaching can catch a man’s eye (too much). Being a church leader also can catch his eye. When God passes out rewards we may see the highest ones go to prayers in the closets.

– eab, 10/8/17



1Th 3. 12

“And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all…”


Is it just my observation or do you see it? Seems when I see a pastor/retired pastor in a service where he’s not speaking he seldom, if ever, says “Amen.” (Thank God for exceptions.) I started saying “Amen” in church at about 14. I didn’t start pastoring ‘til I was 32 so I had 18 yrs of “amending.” “…As ye would that men should do to you do ye also to them…” surely applies to the practice of supporting the preacher. Amen?

– eab, 10/8/17

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