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Luther again

Luther Quote

“Our songs and psalms sorely vex and grieve the devil…”

Table Talk, p.265 [Thank God for Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress…”]


1 Travel * Trails * A new trail is something I’ve loved almost all of life. My shoes have trod miles of cow, deer, trails etc. It’s been my pleasure to hike all the AT (Appalachian Trail) through-the-Great-Smoky-Mountain-Park, a few miles in Nicaragua, Haiti, other mission fields, & walk a little on the top of the Great Wall of China. Thank God for these – many I’ll never see again. – eab,10/11/17


2 Travel * Grassy-Lanes * My favorite lane is 2-tire tracks with grass growing between. We once lived back such a private lane. A piece of road I traversed near my home was like this. I’ve journeyed o’er hundreds of gravel road miles as a kid, on mission fields, sections of the Alaska-Canadian (Dawson & up), & part of the Haul Road (Fox & up). Many of these miles I’ll never drive again. – eab, 10/11/17



Jonah did not drown

‘Cause he was found

By a finely-timed finny “friend.”

He swallowed him down

But in three days found

He couldn’t keep him in

A prophet “gone bad”

Even makes a whale sad.

– eab, Oct. ‘01


3 Travel * Two-Lane-Highways* US 22 was once the main truck route from NYC to Cincinnati – we lived beside it. We’ve done the ribbon of road island-to-island to Key West, driven the Blue Ridge parkway, done the Cassiar highway, & driven old US 25 through the Jellico mountains. Thank You Lord, for many safe/scenic 2 lane miles, but some of which I’ll not do again. – eab, 10/11/17


4 Travel * Interstates * My generation saw the birth & development of Eisenhower’s dream of super highways crisscrossing the US. Have driven tens of thousands of miles on them & enjoyed them immensely. They have literally saved me hundreds of hours in my life time or, OR I couldn’t have seen some of America which I did see. Multitudes of these I may never see again. – eab, 10/11/17


“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on truth we become in tune with this great power.”

– Nikola Tesla (uncertain date)


5 Travel * GOLDEN STREET * It’s with some sadness I realize that 1000s of miles that I’ve walked, ridden, driven I’ll never see again – except in the Halls of Memory. YET, there IS a Street which I hope yet to walk. It is the best of the BEST. I’m aware I didn’t deserve to travel as I’ve done. AND, I’m aware that I don’t deserve to walk His Golden Street, but I surely want to, So-Help-me-God. – eab, 10/11/17


Joh 8. 32

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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