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Luther Quote

“Without God’s will and our own consent, the evil cannot hurt us…”

Table Talk, p.265


Time appears to be a parenthesis in or a parallel track beside Eternity. They are slightly related, yet are so unalike. (Your time and your neighbor’s are not the same, even if you were born the same day.) Eternity is the main passage continuing forever. Each man’s time comes alongside eternity, runs “parallel” for days or decades, then takes an exit to never have that same relationship again.

– eab, 12/22/16



In geography

It is very plain to see

A wedge of rock and soil stands between

The old land they knew

And the one they’re going to

Observing this is neither cold or mean


There’s a Red Sea and there’s a river

They both are to deliver

The walkers, who walk through their lines

Each saw a crisis hour

Each represents its power

That crossing over forever defines.

– eab, Oct. ‘99


God made trees round (or for you technical minds J “roundish”). Why? We do not understand the Mind of God, (Isa 55.9) nor will we in heaven but I suggest one reason and this, to me, “sounds like God” watching out for men. The axe-man/saw-man has an easier time at the beginning as his tool “eats its way” into the tree. It gets harder as he progresses to and through the widest part but then gets easier again as he pull toward the end. God is so gracious and this is may be one way He is.

– eab, 12/15/16


“…It is highly probable that the Valdenses or Vaudois had already in this century [7th] retired into the valleys.”

– Johann Lorenz von Mosheim (1693-1755) Ecclesiastical History


We were made with the capacity (it seems the necessity) to worship. We will worship something, someone. The devil is busy propping up cheap substitutes in place of God. Run from all these. God and God Alone is worthy of worship for youth, mid-age, and old. Jesus was once your age, if you’re 33 or younger. If you’re above that, the Father is the Ancient of Days, eternally worthy of our worship!

– eab, 12/9/16



Luk 12. 4

“And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and

after that have no more that they can do.”



Ritual requires a “ritualizer” some man up front whose hands, voice (or both) lead through his “onzy, twozy, threezy.” Ritual is visual. Communion is heart-to-heart, warming the heart. It is personal, personalized, not “one-size-fits-all” or “if you don’t fit in, we’ll cut you out.” Salvation is soooo one-on-one but religions are not. Religion makes men alike. Salvation takes men to the height of individuality here & who knows how much more in heaven. God’s not afraid of individuality – religious leaders are.

– eab, 12/8/16

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