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Luther Quote

“It is better for a Christian to be sorrowful, than secure, as the people of the world are.”

Table Talk, p.270


Christian, is your love for Christ more intense than it was a year ago? Is your reading/Bible study deeper and broader than then? Are your times of talking with Him sweeter and more frequent – or, OR – are they perfunctory and scattered? Seriously?

– eab, 10/5/17



The devil has a bid, for every preacher’s kid

To tease, to trip, to trap.

His trap is carefully made, “innocently” overlaid

To spring, to seize, to snap.

“Reject your dad’s old ways; these are modern days”

“Be fun.” “Be full.” “Be free.”

Before the last “rock” is sung, before the snare is sprung;

Oh, see. Oh, hear. Oh, flee.

– eab, Oct.  2008



God is Holy. His Bible is correctly named Holy. The heavenly angels who stayed with Him are Holy. The earthly souls who’ve joined Him in heaven across millennia are Holy. The Word says, “Be Ye Holy” (1Pe 1.16). Do all these uses of “Holy” increase your interest in being Holy? By the matchless grace of God, you can be Holy if you want to be With-All-Your-Heart.

– eab, 10/16/17


“So when the Scripture assures us the worst of sinners may be saved it signifies only that they who have been the worst of sinners may repent and be saved, not that they shall be saved in their sin.”

Isaac Watts, from his book LOGIC


What is your source of primary truth? Is it the Bible? What is your source of secondary truths: things not in the Bible (or you’re under the impression they aren’t)? For the majority of us this secondary source was school – state school, home school, christian school, etc. Have you ever questioned what was “fed” you in school? If you’ve never had a reservation about a “fact,” a “line of reasoning,” a “forced conclusion” you are indoctrinated. Learn to question secondary “truths.” All of them as/when needed.

– eab, 9/28/17



Rev 21. 27

“And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth,

neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie:

but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”


Everyone who claims the Bible as His sole authority believes in “…the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ…” [1] (Note “coming” is singular.) CHRIST WILL COME! This is orthodoxy. Ideas of Him coming two times (“rapture” theory) or more, are just that, theory and should be seen as such.

– eab, 9/21/17

[1] Identical words – 1Co .7, 1Th3.13, 1Th5.23 & 2Th 2.1 – No set of words, expressing said thought, occurs more often.

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