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Luther Quote

“We find in no history any human creature oppressed with such sorrow as to sweat blood;

therefore this history of Christ is wonderful.”

Table Talk, p.280


If you have a Holy heart you want others to also be filled with the Holy Ghost. PRAY REQUEST – recently a friend (must leave unnamed) shared of an upcoming ministerial opportunity. I’m asking you to join me in praying that he will be greatly anointed for this endeavor. Pray daily for Brother X. Thank you.

– eab, 10/17/17



“I want to plant ‘wild oats,’ but reap only what’s tame;

“Have a wild time, ‘Live it up’ but slide by all the shame.

“I’ll be an exception to heredity’s plan;

“Watch me ‘fool around’ yet beat all the clan.”

Thou fool. Sow Right or Wrong; you’ll harvest the same.

– eab, Oct. 2010


Pastor & People #1 A congregation should supply a parsonage & pay all its electric & gas bills. They should give their pastor a living salary. If they can’t do both may God lead wage earners to double tithe, lead retirees to give more, & lead all to double up in prayers of faith “…the laborer is worthy of his hire…”(Luk 10.7). With the above paid, a pastor can devout his days (except his day off) to prayer, preparation, & outreach (parishioners/church neighbors). He labors – they support him so he can labor.

– eab, 10/5/17


Pastor & People #2 The committee searching for a pastor has a right to ask about his debts. How much does he owe & to whom? What are the totals of monthly payments for which he & his wife are obligated? When will he be out of debt? Being debt free is a goal for which every pastor should strive. If it is not the prospect’s serious goal, they might suggest it to him (for his good) & then seek a different candidate.

– eab, 10/5/17


“…How far is love even with many wrong opinions to be preferred before truth without love!”

– John Wesley (date & spource unknow)


Pastor & People #3 A.) Student Loan – a curse to the starting pastor – what seemed an “easy out” 2-3 yrs ago is now a harsh reality. B.) Cars can be classified “necessary evils” & if that’s truly the opinion of the young pastor he may do better than the man who “loves” cars. (Better have a well-maintained, older car in front of the parsonage as a new one with payments.) C.) Furniture/appliance – the pastor’s wife who must have a New This & a New That is a weight as bad as him wanting a fancy car.

– eab, 10/5/17


Pastor & People #4 The parsonage if possible should be beside or across the street from the church. That way people know exactly where he lives when emergencies arise. With such a location he, his wife, & children can walk to church (if need be at different times) without the expense of car usage or gasoline. And if not too difficult, it might match the church building in age, style, etc. It ought to be as nice as the “average” home of the parishioners. A committee could assess it once a year for needed improvements.

-eab, 10/16/17


Rev 22. 11

“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and

he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

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