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LEARN from the Lord #1 – and love it.

L ocations. A.) The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost come directly to your Continent, your Country, your Community. In fact, He’s already there – Today. He sees every local problem you must overcome to learn today’s lesson. B.) Or, it could be said, His schooling was the VERY FIRST “on line” education. (Of course, His “course” is wireless.) Whither you “see” Him as present with you in person or as you being “permanently connected,” it’s impossible to have a more present schooling, EVER.

– eab, 10/30/17


Luther Quote

“An allegory is when a thing is signified and understood otherwise than as the words express…

to play with allegories in Christian doctrine is dangerous.”

Table Talk, p.327


LEARN from the Lord #2 – and love it.

E xpert Teacher. Once Christ, Teacher, walked the earth. Then He sent the Holy Spirit, the most excellent Teacher imaginable. He is extremely understanding. He is easy, yet demanding. “…He will guide you into all truth…” (Joh 16.13). No prof. No team of profs at X university. No convention of world-wide profs can come anywhere near “All Truth.” Add to this; He speaks YOUR language J – – – without an accent. You can do your learning in your native tongue – that is phenomenal.

– eab, 10/30/17


Comprehend God

Comprehend God?

Never dream you can,

Anymore than holding

Orion in a hand-span.

Appreciate God?

Ah, now we’re thinking;

Every mind, great and small

Can appreciate Him – unshrinking.

– eab, 10/30/09


LEARN from the Lord #3 – and love it.

A pplicable. Too many people (following their selfish or at least unwise choices) changed majors in the “midst of the stream” or acquired a 2-yr or 4 yr degree only to redo it. The man/woman who diligently follows God’s “schedule,” course requirements, & prerequisites (even when he fails to understand all God is doing) is never disappointed with God’s learning. The Maker of mankind is the best Teacher of mankind. His learning is Always Applicable. And it has been since Able “passed” and Cain “failed.”

– eab, 10/30/17


“You’ll never be satisfied with anything less than what you have already experienced.”

– Archie Atwell, (uncertain date/location)


LEARN from the Lord #4 – and love it.

R enown Text. His Text is THE Holy Text. It is the best, the oldest, the most accurate Text. Period. Some people, thinking they know something, have piped up with “The Bible is not a science Book” – It is accurate in every, make that EVERY field of science to which it speaks. It is equally accurate in geography & history (& other fields), and is the most lovely collection of literary genre available in any language. All this, of course, is chaff compared to the wheat of It’s Map to heaven, shown in one form or another, in Book after Book.

– eab, 10/30/17


PATRIARCH    Written after f-n-law funeral (died 10/30/97)

And they gathered in from the Midwest and north,

Some of the poorer sort and some of some worth,

And they bowed their heads at all the right times,

And all showed respect as the organ played chimes,

A patriarch of the family had died.


They marched out in their blues and grays,

And nodded to each other in vaguely, familiar ways,

Stood silently by and slowly walked and then stood ‘round,

As the casket slipped into the ground.

A patriarch of the family had died.


They ate the meal that the neighbors brought,

And talked to each other how they really ought

To get together in some other places,

Then they got in their cars and drove out,

Each of them knowing without a doubt,

The next time they’d see each on this earth,

Would be when another had died of equal worth,

Another patriarch of the family would have died.

– eab, Oct. ’97


Joh 16. 33

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”


LEARN from the Lord #5 – and love it.

N ow (Never Ending). God has students as a young as the age of accountability. He has senior scholars (about to “graduate”) whose knowledge of God’s Word & God’s Ways exceeds PhDs you know. God’s “school” is open every hour, of every day, of every year, for every human on earth. He knows how to vary lessons from stage to stage. Graduation date is known only to God or should I say “commencement” because after death (“graduation”) we get to commence new LEARNING above.

– eab, 10/30/17

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