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500 yrs ago TODAY (10/31/1517) his brave action changed the world!

Luther #1

M Margarethe/Hans, Luther was born to them, 11/10/1483, at Eisleben, Germany, southwest of Berlin

A “Anne (St.) mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus says Christian

& Islamic tradition,” promised her he’d be a monk

R Romanism had his allegiance for decades but a visit to Rome

shocked him with its worldliness & wealth – eab


Luther #2

T Translator – made his 1st attempt to translate with the 7 Psalms, said

to have had “a very detailed, in depth knowledge of “ German

I In the fullness of time” in Germany/Europe – God allowed politics

to ripen til ready to it too was cast off Rome

N Nailed his 95 thesis on Wittenberg church door, – eab



How long is the floor, ceiling, or lengthy steps?

Length is for East to West and nor for massive depths

The dimension called “long,” Is used by every throng.


From “A” over yonder to “B” near at hand

Is the width of mammoth hall or room where we stand

From side to side, Is the measurement we call “wide.”


There’s the space from top to the bottom of a wall

By inches, yards, or feet, we know it is so “tall.”

Need I now mention, Height is the third dimension.


Why take three stages, listing what’s known by all

Because three dimensions make up each famous hall

And God is three in One: Father, Spirit, and Son.


Man is also triune, image of those Three,

There’s spirit, soul, and body in you, and you, and me,

The body’s buried in sod, Spirit returns to God.


But, ah, the third part, eternal, living soul,

Satan tries to snatch it from its long-destined goal,

But Christ bled and died, That the soul be sanctified.


Time also seems to come in units of three,

Present, future-coming, and time that used to be.

Even children learn so soon, That time is triune


Water, oh, so common upon God’s footstool, earth,

(It’s found to cover seven seas with its damp girth)

Is also a trinity, Whether fresh or brimy from the sea.


Cold, it comes in pellets or ice is well known.

Steam is hot, hot “water” in a state all-its-own.

The third realm is water-wet, Three stages but-one-yet.

– eab, Oct. ‘99


Luther #3

L “Love of his life,” Katherine Von Bora (a nun he helped escape)

She seems to have proposed – happy marriage: 3 sons, 3 daughters

U Unafraid of the strongest religio/political system in the world

T Teacher * – He’d never been the man he was, if he had not been a

teacher.  Teaching brought him to “The just shall live by faith”  – eab


Luther #4

H Hymns “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” & other hymns of his have

blessed the world

E Entered new life (more than his head) Britannica Encyclopedia

quotes him saying “At this I felt myself to have been born again

R Reading – Luther was reading to prepare himself for the classes he

was teaching and he got reading their German Bibles – eab


“Definite preaching should cause definite seeking and

definite seeking should produce definite results.”

– H A Baldwin, from his HOLINESS & the HUMAN ELEMENT


Hopefully you don’t celebrate “halloween.” It’s little wonder though that formal religions and the secular world capitalized on “halloween,” for it distracts from the purifying act and bravery of Luther and the men and women who followed his example. – eab, 10/28/17



1Co 3. 19

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.”


Moses – most educated man in OT – got that before the Burning Bush

Paul – most educated man in NT – got that before the road to Damascus

Luther – most educated (perhaps) in reformation – ed. before Wittenberg

Wesley – one of best educated men in Holiness – ed. before Aldersgate – eab, uncertain date



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