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Mar 10. 19

“Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honor thy father and mother.”

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H A Baldwin quote

“A man can judge his spiritual standing by the moral standard of the things his heart ponders with pleasure.”

– H A Baldwin, from his HOLINESS & the HUMAN ELEMENT


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Only God could have made the human race;

Two eyes, two ears, nose, mouth on every face,

Yet it’s easy to know

John, James, from Joe.

What variety in shade, shape and size

(John doesn’t duplicate James or Joe’s eyes).

Only God works thus!

He made ALL of us.

– eab, 11/5/17

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Jesus #3 #4

Jesus #3: All humans (since Adam/Eve) are composed from two individuals – both human. Jesus Christ, in a small way, is similar but His Father is God and His mother was a peasant girl – a huge study in contrasts.

Jesus #4: This God/Man invites us to believe in Him – With. All. Our. Hearts! Belief is so simple a child or one with mental limitations can do it. Belief can “be made” difficult if you see yourself as an intellectual. “…the world by wisdom knew not God… (1Co 1.21). Don’t let your brain damn you.

– eab, 11/5/17

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Jesus #1 #2

Jesus #1: “A little bit of Man and a whole lot of God”? Sort-a-sounds-cute but it is not correct. Jesus was God from eternity. He came to earth and ever since has been ALL MAN and ALL GOD.

Jesus #2: He was the world’s most Unique Individual. Unique of all centuries and civilizations. Unique of all continents and cultures. His LIKE was “dreamed of” (in a feeble way by mythology) but never done. Modern “science fiction” may try to duplicate His dualness but never will


– eab, 11/5/17

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Luther quote

“…The whole firmament moves swiftly round, ever moment 1000s of leagues… ‘Tis wonderful so great a vault should go about in so short a time.”

Table Talk p. 341

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