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Luther Quote ++++

Luther Quote

“…To believe in the stars or trust thereon or to be affrightened thereat is idolatry and against the first commandment.”

Table Talk, p.344


They COULD have. They SHOULD have. And, truth-be-known, they WOULD have – but for their peers. They gave their peers too much respect and sadly – – – gave God too little.

– eab, 11/6/17




There’s little doubt that as a lad

Jesus helped His earthly step-dad;

Knew an old form of carpentry,

Worked with wood from many a tree.

And died on one – STORY sooo sad!

– eab, 11/5/17



God is created life, ALL life. He therefore appreciates how valuable life is. The devil (who “created” nothing but havoc, sin, and death) has no respect for life, in fact, he pushes for death in abortion, war, suicide, anyway he can see men die. God = Life; satan = death.

– eab, 11/6/17


“Joy can and should be cultivated, just as faith or any other fruit of the Spirit is cultivated.”

– Samuel Logan Brengle (eab is uncertain of source)


God is a Being of Words. God created Words. His were the first recorded Words. God communicated with Adam/Eve by Words. His Words warned them; He kept His Word 1.) they died spiritually that very day, 2.) they began to die physically that very day, 3.) all their descendants died, are dying, or will die (unless alive when Christ comes). He Was a God of His Word – He Is a God of His Word – He Will Be a God of His Word! Believe It !!!

– eab, 11/6/17



Joh 1. 1

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”


The devil used “vision” in the Garden of Eden; she “…saw that the tree was good…” (This was AFTER satan got Eve to doubt God’s Word.) God warned in the Bible about images i.e. that which they could “see.” In our day satan is using images as never before, repeat, AS NEVER BEFORE. I beg of you, stop identifying with images: sports figures, TV “personalities,” idols on the “silver screen,” news images.

– eab, 11/6/17

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