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Luther quote

“In God we may acknowledge the unchangeable and certain motion of the stars of heaven;

the sun each day rises and sets in his place; as certain as time we have winter and summer…”

Table Talk p. 346


“Smoking or non-smoking,” was once asked as you entered a restaurant. Someone, rather crudely, suggested it could be asked about eternity. Allow a similar question about eternity, “Sorrowing or non-sorrowing”? It’s highly unlikely there’ll be anything to smoke in hell but we know hell is full of sorrow. Please, Friend leave that road that leads to eternal sorrow.

– eab, 10/20/17



He knows what is best for me;

Father always knows best.

Maybe activity – when I thought rest.

I can’t see, as well, as He.

And I may cry because of pain,

But help me, Lord, to never complain.

He knows what I will face;

What I could – What I should

He knows. Why worry!

– eab, Nov. ‘73


You can love “your idea” of what God is – it may suit you just fine. That “idea” costs you nothing now – it may cost you everything at death’s door. But to see God as the biggest possible Being of correction, love, and perfection, comes much neared to Who He really is.

– eab, 10/17/17


“You are in danger…if you depart ever so little from Scripture…from the plain literal mean­ing of any text taken in connection with the context.”

– Wesley, quoted by Samuel Brengle


I’m glad God knows (does not have to figure out, KNOWS) the difference between a needy personality and a naughty carnality. God created and loves personalities. God CAN remove all carnality. Now.

– eab, 10/16/17


Gen 8. 22

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”


“Popular Christianity”? What is that? Truthfully, it’s close to, if not in fact, an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. If it is “popular” it can’t be truly Christian. And – – – if it’s Christian it is not popular. They killed Christ. He promised that His followers would be mistreated, so if/when you hear of some “christianity” being popular, mark it down; it is NOT Christ’s christianity!

– eab, 10/12/17

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