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Luther quote

“…The holy Ghost cannot be received without Christ…”

Commentary on Galatians p. 525


Every 24 hours, every man on earth, is given a tiny preview of Eternity: Night with its dark, similar to the darkness of hell and Day with its light, a small similarity to Heaven, where no sun is needed.

– eab, 11/10/17


Good Ground

Some sower’s seed fell on the road

Or in bad land briefly abode

Among thorns other was found

But thankfully some found ground

And multiplied – a wagon load. Mat 13

– eab, Nov 2005




Sinners in trouble call on God,

Whether on rough sea or hot sod.

It seems a natural reaction;

Their soul’s only satisfaction,

Though last week prayer would’ve seemed odd.

– eab, Nov. 2007


It would be/should be alarming if we knew what % of “God’s work” is being attempted by human strength, carnal minds, and suave personalities. Have we forgotten that Christ sent the blessed Holy Spirit?

– eab, 11/11/17


“Time does not, and cannot regenerate.”

– Beverly Carradine, fr his Church Entertainments


If you wife (husband) is not your very best earthly friend, I urge you to stop and get back on track. Ask God to rekindle that Friendship / Love you once felt. Do not tell me it is impossible – it is not, IF you really want it to happen.

– eab, 11/11/17


Eph 5. 25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;”


Is Heaven on your mind? Is preparing to go there part of your immediate plans? Today, tomorrow, one day in the next decade, you could awaken in Heaven – – – or awaken in _ _ _ _.

– eab, 11/11/17

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