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Luther quote

“…Where the Holy Ghost dwelleth, he will not suffer a man to be idle.”

Commentary on Galatians p. 133


To be Christ-like is to NOT be world-like. To fellowship with the world is to not fellowship with Christ. The world is young; many of us think approx. 6000 yrs. Christ is from eternity (wherever-however that takes you). The world will someday be history (“…the world passeth away…” 1Jo 2.17). Christ abides forever.

– eab, 4/4/17




There are catholics better than their religion

And evangelicals worse than theirs.

Of course, neither religion

Will get you up the golden stairs.

To follow Christ is not cult-able

He is the ONLY way to the Above

Heaven’s road is not multiple

Jesus has the only way – Love.

– eab, 11/23/12



“Sabbath” is not the Lord’s Day (see Rev 1.10). To meet with fellow Christians on the First Day (good Quaker term) straight from New Testament (1Co 16.2), is to recognize the FACT that the Lord came back to life on the first day of the week. To not thus honor this day, seems to dis-honor Jesus. Please do not be fooled by the backsliding toward Hebrewism. 9/3/16


“By sin God’s image in man is defaced but not erased.”

– Samuel Chadwick, from his HUMANITY & GOD


Sinners. Be: Friendly to them, Fellowship with them, Fervently pray, REPEAT, fervently pray for them,

but do not become so close that you follow their “pernicious ways” (2Pe 2.2).

– eab, 9/26/16



Psa 100.4

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him…bless his name.”



Think about Heaven. This AM, this “tardes,” This evening, During the night. It will be “unbelievably” w*o*n*d*e*r*f*u*l. And, yes, think about Hell. Once or more a day. It will be “unbelievably” Horribly!!! Earth only lasts so long – eternity lasts forever and Ever, and EVER – – – to infinity.

– eab, 11/19/17

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