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Luther quote

“So preach that those who do not fall out with their sins may fall out with thee.”

Quoted by John Fletcher



There is something worse than not finding a mate in life. That is finding “Mr Perfect” or “Miss Perfect” – only to find out they’re NOT perfect. And find out that they love themselves more than God & more than you. And find out that they’ll leave you to raise one or more children. Let God be FIRST in your life & let Him bring into your life who He wants to be Second-only-to-Him.

– eab, 11/23/17




Give me the plain, the natural, the free;

The natural nature of earth, sky, and sea.

Give me the true, the honest, the pure;

In this age that trusts in imitation’s “secure.”


Relieve me of pretense and falseness and such,

As I see causing hustle, and bustle, and rush.

It is flash, and fancy, and funny faces,

That lack the grace, of the ageless graces.


I see the hollow objects of plastic and tin,

And the hollow lives showing ever so thin,

That fail to ring true to the stroke of time.

A base metal, perhaps(?) in these “chaps of chime.”


I hear flicker, and snap, zing, and click.

Rescue me sure and rescue me quick.

And give me in one last line I implore,

The real, unostentatious, now, and evermore!

– eab, 11/25/68



We live in a world where things go wrong. Tires go flat, appliances break, it rains on picnic day, etc. Heaven is a place where nothing, make that NOTHING goes wrong. Hell is a place where everything is wrong. Here people try to escape undesirable results by drinking or doing drugs. Hell will have no escape.

– eab, 11/24/17



“Let – the key word in Christianity.”

– Ray Chamberlain, from a sermon



If any male should feel obligated (purposeful word) to be Manly, it is a minister of Jesus Christ! His clothing should be Manly in colors & cut from his foot gear to his head gear. (His haircut shouldn’t be hollywood’s latest style.) His speech should be Manly in content & tone. And his “hobby/recreation” should also reflect the strong Masculinity of our Savior. Jesus was ALL Man (as well as ALL God).

– eab, 11/25/17


1Jo 4. 5

“They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.”



It is never recorded that Jesus attended a “state dinner” with a Herod, a Pilate, or a Caesar. (It seems the nearest He came to political characters was to eat with some despised tax collectors.) Why is it then that in modernity we’re pleased when our ministers are invited to “party” events? I fear there’s something wrong. Christianity SHOULD be like its Founder. Eh?

– eab, 11/25/17

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