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Suicide – you need to decide about suicide. If you are willing to say (while you’re young & healthy) that this sin MAY be OK, I predict you’ll come nearer accepting it as FULLY OK when you’re old and sick. It is a SIN. God doesn’t smile on you “taking” His place. God, & God alone, has the right to end life. It is not in your bailiwick. Decide that now & never, Never, NEVER agree that suicide is OK – not for you, your kin, not your neighbor, your “enemy.”

– eab, 11/26/17

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Joh 4.18

1Jo 4. 18

“And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world.”

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Why does he work

The pastor who labors full time at secular work – Does he do this to please God? Or is he thus busy to satisfy the “wishes” of a hard-to-please wife? Or is he lacking in self-discipline to cut back his own desires? Or is he paying off old debts? There may be times that a pastor HAS to work a 40 hr. secular week but there aren’t has many as some suppose. Examine yourselves.

– eab, 11/26/17

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“Fretting springs from a determination to get our own way…[it] is wicked…Deliberately tell God…you will not fret about that thing.”

– Oswald Chambers, from My Utmost for His Highest

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Myth blended

Society has accepted a holiday of “shallow Christianity” blended with myth.* Plastic nativity scenes are placed in the same park/yard with a plastic, red-suited fat-man. This is sad (if not sacrilegious) dualism. Harken! This dualism has invaded the church/home. Pastors/parents can carelessly give lip-service to “baby Jesus” but use emblems/words invoking the mythological “side” of the present holiday. “Love not the world” applies at Christmas time. – eab, 11/26/17 * I hear you, if you insist a character existed centuries ago who did good deeds – but he can’t compare with the Savior who died for your sins.

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I heard a little rustling,

A noisy sort of bustling,

On a cold November morning,

Outside my window light.


Then I looked into the street,

The leaves were on their feet,

Marching, marching onward, no retreat;

The wind had called the fight.


They’d been called on that day,

With others brown and gray,

And the mother tree that nourished them

Now couldn’t bid them nay,

As they scurried and hurried with their might.

– eab, Nov.  1970

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No “santa”

For decades I’ve opposed the falseness of “santa clause.” (We never taught our kids this lie.) In the last 2+ yrs I’ve gotten a new awareness of how The Counterfeit has warped the world. Please – if you profess the name of Christ – I beg of you do NOT have your child’s pic made with “santa clause.” Do not use his face in any of your house decorations (in or out). The possibility is awfully real that Christ will Judge those who allowed this guy’s image to corrupt their lives.

– eab, 11/26/17

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Luther said

Luther Quote

“To do so no more, is the truest repentance.”

– (uncertain of source)

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