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If pastors are similar to parents, shall we say evangelists are like grandparents? Parents daily mold the will, mind, & desires of their children & pastors have a great week-by-week influence on the flock. This evangelist is more indulgent; that more “severe” – similar to grandparents. The grandparent only pays an occasional visit, is popular while there, does things differently but has little long-range effect on the family. 12/28/17


December’s woods are cool woods.

Woods are never cold –

Cold is impersonal.

Woods have nature’s mold.

December’s woods are gray woods;

Gray – or are they brown?

Perhaps somewhere in between

The true hue can be found.

December’s woods are straight woods,

Bare and tall and straight.

Like the masts of sail boats,

Resting at harbor’s gate.

December’s woods are wet woods.

Whither snow or sleet or rain,

They paint the trees darker shades,

Until sun blesses them again.

December’s woods are quiet woods,

Calm, tranquil, serene.

Palmates & pinnates rustle no more.

The twigs are all clean.

– eab, 12/30/77



I have almost zero “faith” that Jesus was born December 25th.  If you’ve done much (open-minded) reading about several “christmas” customs & checked historical backgrounds you probably share this view or at least, tolerate it. Very possibly the calendar’s been changed & we’ve been fooled.  But, if I understand correctly some scholars lean toward a September (as moderns tag months) birth.  If so (idea not original with me) the gestation period for Jesus may’ve begun on/near this man-made “christmas.” Interesting?

– eab, 12/24/17




Man has become his own god.

He thinks he’s the greatest.

He worships all that’s new,

And can’t wait for the latest.

He’s hung up on science

And its braggadocios strut,

From space-age electronics

To discoveries of King Tut. – eab, Dec. ‘85

>> last day to publish double December poems <<


Are you opposed to divorce & remarriage? How /seriously/ are you opposed? Were you opposed to D&R a few yrs ago but when a son/daughter remarried (already had a living spouse) you *looked the other way.* “Well, I wanted them to be happy.”  In this world or the next?  The NT has no kind words for adultery & gives a definition as well (Mar 10.11). If you are “sold” on D&R my little post will make no difference – but – if you are seeking Truth with an open heart, I beg of you to read the NT about it. It is serious!



“Never has God’s plan been in jeopardy.”

– Larry Grile, IHC sermon, 2006


How conscious are we of Hell? Do you think you probably know someone who *is* there? Hell (much worse than the worst job you ever, & I mean _ever_ endured) has no “weekends,” Hell has no “holidays,” Hell has no 2 week vacation, Hell has no retirement. It would be difficult to live if we were constantly reminded of the torments & regrets (“I didn’t have to come here…”) of Hell but, having said that, most of us need to be more aware of it.

– eab, 12/30/17


Luk 16.18

“Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and

whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.”

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As a father enjoys his children

Enjoys them more knowing they are his

God made His children to enjoy

A real-live, talking, walking “toy”

God gave us the ability to choose

(Some sadly fail – they lose.)

We curse or bless Him with our voice.

He wants us in His heaven to rejoice

But going there is ours (not His) choice.

– eab, 12/28/16


Why do people wish to revert to living similar to the OT? (No one lives exactly like the Old Testament!) There has to be a reason. Our Lord’s human life began the New Testament. His teaching & that of His disciples permeates the entirety of the NT. His coming supreme victory & reign terminates the NT. Any reverting to the OT seems anti-Jesus. It is not good & has no grounding in the NT.

– eab, 12/28/17




The devil is a rebel and has been since he fell.

Ole split-hoof will be a rebel as long as there’s a hell;

And when death & hell are emptied into the lake of fire

He’ll go into the latter, still FULL of rebel ire.

– eab, 12/28/14


I am opposed to the coming (almost here) one world of false religion teamed with corrupting political unions. I love the fact that it will fail & fall. I fully favor the world of holy unity in which Christ will soon rule. His non-carnal union will last forever & ever. It comes saints! Hold on & climb higher.

– eab, 12/27/17


“God is looking for somebody that’s looking for God.”

– Glenn Griffith, from his booklet /I Sought for a Man/


*Pastoring* should have “Danger” sign on it. Your people can be blessed (forever) by your faithfulness or, /or/ be cursed because you do not name sin – dangerous for them. But pastoring can be also be dangerous to you. You can see Mr Moneybags has “x” carnal trait & refuse to expose it. You can get soft on the sin of an influential board member & change in your own soul. There are scores, I fear, of men who do not oppose sins they once opposed.

– eab, 12/27/17


Psa 25. 5

“Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation;

on thee do I wait all the day.”


Sinners emphasis living in this world; ignoring both the /coming/ Upper & lower ones. (Saints/sinners lives are a “study-in-contrasts.”) Saints live in two worlds, the first of birth necessity; the second by New Birth possibility.

– eab, 12/27/17

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The lamb chops were finished, the skillet wiped clean,

With bits of our biscuits left over from lunch,

Each shepherd then had his own apple to munch,

Zeb’s not a bad cook (if you know what I mean);

His work is cut out though, to feed such a bunch.


Some sat with their feet tucked up next to the fire,

While others stretched out on their backs looking up,

Though one stood-by mulling the sips of his cup.

The young shepherd sat by the main one, his sire,

And near them lay sheep dog and her trusted pup.


Another long evening all quite and nice,

The sheep lay contented out there on the hill,

Contentment’s it own dear reward to fulfill,

A glance up showed stars, sky was full – make that twice.

Poor city folk don’t know these moments of still.


Ah – “still” did I say? What’s this blast that I hear?

You’d think there was wind but the limbs do not swing.

Noise, yes! Then bright light – never saw such a thing!

My eyes were a-blinking; what’s this in my ear?

Some beings are speaking or do they not sing?


Behold, mere men, shepherds, hear heaven’s high voice.

We understand clearly its message to men,

God’s Son comes to save us from Adam’s old sin.

Our God sends Him to earth – A Sovereign Choice.

We shepherds believed – we’re so happy we’re “in.”


The Son – He’ll also – be a Shepherd “of sorts”?

Did we? Do we rightly perceive this new thought?

How great; our God comes, Whom we always have sought.

He’s going to be like us, mere shepherds (less warts).

At what a high price is salvation thus bought!


And, would you believe us (for scholars we’re not),

This Son born in Bethlehem, some how’s a LAMB

And part of the God-Head, the ancient “I Am.”

In our way of thinking sheep are their own lot,

But He’ll be both Shepherd and Sheep. It’s no scam!


The next times we shepherds had mutton to eat,

We’d think of our night out near Bethlehem-town,

Oh, glorious night when the angels came down.

Chops always remained our own favorite meat,

But “LAMB” to our thinking is now a new Noun!

– eab, Dec 2011



Paul is one of the most highly honored men in the NT. Have you noticed what follow? “…When I became a man, I put away childish things” (1Co 13.11) AND “…I have learned…” (Php 4.11b). On one hand don’t let the devil hound you about where you are in maturity – Paul was not always mature. On the other hand be willing to be like Paul, i.e. put out of your life the childish & learn. Learn up to the day you die.

-eab, 12/24/17




Evil brothers misunderstood;

Even hated his brotherhood.

Sold him into Egypt, a slave,

By God’s grace, He forgave.

They meant bad, God used it for good. Gen 37

– eab, 12/26/06


EXPLANATION: If there’s a way to use italics on social media, I’ve not discovered it. (Is there?) So when I want to EMPHASIS words I write it in ALL CAPS. Some may say this is like yelling/screaming – I use to not to raise my voice but to catch your attention. OK? Hope we understand each other.

– eab, 12/26/17


“Success is more toxic than failure.”

– Jeremy Fuller, IHC message, 2/16/2015


Returned a bit ago from a brief trip to Cincy. Got to spend a few hours in one daughter’s home with her husband-for-life & the six kiddos with which God’s blessed them. Then a few hours (& overnight) in the other daughter’s home with her “Friend” (term from when they started to date) & the four seeds of their family. Enjoyed tasting good food, seeing home improvements, & best of all interacting with the adults & the GRAND children they’ve brought into our lives. We are blessed.

– eab, 12/26/17


Mat 1.18

“Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.”



I hope you enjoyed Yesterday. Because it was a holiday? Yes, in part. Because you spent some/all of it with family or friends? Yes, in part. But a part of the “hope” for you is that you’ve learned/are learning to ENJOY every day, day-by-day-by-day. Develop a thankful spirit. Thank the Lord for little blessings of the AM, the small benefits of the afternoon, the minor “miracles” of the PM. Everyday holds nice events, if we’ll look for them & enjoy them. Try it – – – you’ll like it.

– eab, 12/26/17

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Bro S D Herron said something like, “I’ll do my confessing; you do yours.” Here’s mine – I’ve not changed basic beliefs on some issues for decades. But the “christian world” has moved left. As I witness shifts there’s a danger that I’ll become Bitter. I don’t want that. If my warning posts sound Bitter, I apologize (not for my position) but for any perceived harshness.  I want no Bitterness – not toward anyone.  “Lord, help me to warn with nothing but love in my heart. Amen.”

– eab, 12/23/17



Clear, blue skies over school house roofs,

Literary names and geometric proofs,

The notes of teachers and the student’s goofs,

All and more to remember, from inspiring September.


Corn, brown, tall with tasseled bloom at top,

Apples, ruby red, cider, cream of that crop,

Hickory, butter, walnuts suspended to drop,

These blessings I remember, from joyous October.


Chilly, gray days, bare structured, gray trees,

Sketched by Jack, dewy light panes freeze,

Thank God for bounty, and eat all you please.

Happiness to remember, from great November.


The previous three months spell the word SON.

I’m so glad God had and gave us One.

And when gifts and visiting are all done,

Him I would remember, December till December.

– eab, Dec. 1970   WP 12/23/17


Why would you rent a horror movie to see at home? Or go to a horror movie in town? It won’t prepare you for heaven. I don’t want one reader to go to the Bad Place but if you do, it’ll far exceed the worst ideas hollywood conjures up. If a horror movie gets to be too much you now, can take your popcorn, & walk out. Friend there’s no exit door in hell.

– eab, 12/22/17



The thoughts of the sacred sage

The thesis of the ascending age

The truest right and wrong gage

Are all found on His printed page.

– eab, 12/23/10

A younger lady recently showed a pic with a shorter-than-ever haircut. I suppose she’s pleased with her pic but I was saddened; made me feel sorry for her parents, Bro/Sis _ _ _ _ _ _ .  Ladies, once you remove an inch from God’s length, it must get easier to cut off more “glory” – witness the many with a mannish heads.

– eab, 12/9/17


“If the Scriptures are not reliable in details how shall we reach general conclusions.”

– Eldon Fuhrman, PhD, WBS chapel, 5/3/88


FREE. We didn’t send out Bible Reading Charts this year. If you need 1-2, private message me for my address. When I receive your self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope, God willing, I’ll send 1-2 to you free. Blessings in 2018.


Rev 1. 3

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and

keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

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Shepherds + + + +


Afar we now stand, from that blest band,

Of shepherds in the fields.

Men that had sheep, were given a peek,

Yea, the plan was revealed;

It was not new, not even then,

And it is not old – never has been.


Now see them start, with a joyous heart,

Start where? to see the King.

Lives once so sad, at once, made glad,

Joining the angels to “sing.”

The heavenly beings announced the gift,

Then back to heaven, their wings did lift.

– eab, 12/6/68



Dad # 1 His signature was Clyde D. Bryan in large “circular” flowing letters. I saw Dad last, 41 yrs ago (he died of severe burns the morning of Christmas Eve). He stuttered but was not bashful. He was 5’5” could’ve been taller but had bowed legs (3 broken legs before I was born & 2 later). His hair was brown & when the sun was right had a reddish tint. When younger he combed it straight back (called a pompadour) but as he aged he had one of those ever-widening-parts.J Aged? He turned 39 six days before I was born.

– eab, 12/22/17




I can’t believe, when snow is made to fall,

That’s its simply frozen ice – and that’s all.

Natural occurrence, each had its lesson

If we can but read or properly listen.

– eab, Dec ‘73



Dad # 2 Dad & christmas: Sometime near my birth Dad learned to weld. He welded years at Anchor Hocking & Timken Roller Bearings before his eyes went bad. While at Anchor he made me (about age 5) a tractor with a universal joint so as I pedaled it along & turned the steering wheel I also turned the front wheel. He painted it red (sorry, J D lovers, it wasn’t “spring-grass green & yellow”). You talk about one pleased little boy when I saw it Christmas morning! Loved my dad.

– eab, 12/22/17


“Every child has a right to a Christian heritage.”

– H Robb French, 4/10/85


Dad # 3 Dad & cars: I’ve liked cars & have memory of his ’37 medium blue Chevy, his ’41 dark blue Pontiac, his ’50 (again blue J) 2-door Chevy & (as far as I know) his first new car, a’52, green 4 door Chevy Deluxe, bought as the ‘53’s were coming out. I wish I’d written down a list of the cars Dad had in order. I didn’t. Now’s the time for YOU to visit your dad. Ask him about his memories of “x” or “y” or “z.” If your dad’s alive, spend some time with him this season.



Rom 5. 8

“…God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”


You attend a center-to-right-of-center evangelical church where the New Birth is preached – have you been born again? Why not?

You attend a holiness church where full salvation is taught & lived – have you allowed the Spirit full right-of-way? Why not?

– eab, 12/21/17

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No Season + + +

Every person carries about him an atmosphere, an aura, a mist/fog. Some may be sweet, some more like sweat; some attractive, some repulsive. And with some your spirit seems to quickly mingle.

– eab, 12/22/16


No Season

Every day many are born

Every calendar day, the year ‘round

Christ was among earth’s forlorn

Yet His birthday is not found.

Nor is the month known

When He, a Babe, came

If recorded, that record has flown

But He was born all the same.

Even the year seems in doubt

There must have been a reason

The year, the month, the day’s left out

God doesn’t even give us the “season.”

– eab, Dec 2015


Friend, please do not hide from Truth now for if you do Truth may be hidden from you later and later is when Truth will be supremely important. Embrace Truth today.

-eab, 12/8/16



Ah, tomorrow, liberation!

Good bye books, work and mates.

Hello home, sweet destination;

Inner-springs and china plates.


So long, sand flies and mosquitoes.

See you later, palms and pines.

Adios, muchos amigos.

Hello, big cities and coal mines.


Glad to leave the Sunshine State?

Its vacation time? I see.

Look for you in sixty – eight,

Back at good ole H. S. B. C.


Make this your vacation reason;

To make this a Sacred Season.

– eab, Dec. 1967

A wonderful/terrible perpendicular cross divides all history into two Testaments and divides all humans into two groups: those who whole-heartedly follow Christ and those who reject or half-heartedly follow (which equals not following-at-all).

– eab, 12/8/16


“We get in trouble when we do not take the Bible [for] what it says.”

– G R “Bob” French, sermon, 6/3/01


No baby is “poor” the moment before birth. No man is “rich” the moment after death.

– eab, 11/29/16


1Jo 3. 8b

“…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

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Him – – – Not Some Date                        * 2017 “Bryan Card” *

Why did no ancient with quill record?

Why did no “church father” remember?

Why does no antique scroll once afford

The date a Baby came down as Lord – – –

It’s not that hard to write “September.”

– eab, 12/14/17 >> Stanza #1 of 5. #2 coming 12/21/17, Lord willing <<


Christ offers freedom for the body: You can be free from the foreign substances you’re putting into your body AND free from the illicit sexual sins which have violated your body. Christ offers freedom for the mind: You can break loose from mental bondages: past & present. And your soul (the real you) can have complete freedom in Christ Jesus. He is the Great Liberator! Be free, oh, be free!

– eab, 12/13/17


fullness of the time  

In “fullness of the time,” Paul’s pen

(Whither bird quill, or “whittled” reed)

Accurately scratched on the sheepskin;

God sent His Son for mankind’s need.

Sent Him, Who had agreed to come,

Arriving without trump or drum.


His timing was right, have no doubt,

Though four millennia had fled,

Since Adam and wife were cast out,

(To provide coats, animals bled.)

God made time, so knows its order;

(Though owns time, He is no hoarder.)


The Greeks had spread their language ‘round

The Mediterranean “lake.”

The Romans had made roads abound;

These provisions were no mistake.

His Son’s coming, and His Good News

Could be spread to Gentiles and Jews.


This same Jesus is coming back.

That is truth, the true church has known.

(The world knows “something” big’s on track.)

“Harvest” is coming for sin sown.

Cheating, inflation, wrongs, and war:

For all these, judgment is in store.


A false Christ will also appear.

“He’ll not say, ‘I’m the antichrist.’” [1]

Deception – Christ warned us to fear.

The devil will many souls heist.

False “christians,” he’ll fool by the ton.

(They had rejected the true Son.)


Christ’s coming’s as sure as the first.

He’s coming as King of the world.

Does this truth make you hunger/thirst?

His Victor Flag will be unfurled.

His birth, death, rising, coming reign,

Are welcome in a world – insane.


“Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” [2]

This time also, exactly right.

(Let “prophecy charts” burn, be diced)

Read the Book. See the warning light.

Christ, antichrist, both come apace.

Make sure you KNOW Christ’s Voice and Face. – eab, 12/12/12



Most men who are not married, are single by choice. They are scared of the responsibility, or scared of losing the “freedom” to do as they please, or they’re enjoying getting the attention of all the “eligible women.” Or, the last I’ll mention now, is they’re “picky.” They’re probably more picking than they were a while back – AND this will get worse. 12/13/17


“We never give to God, we invest.”

– H Robb French – the greatest man eab ever knew.


Christ said, “…I will build my church…” (Mat 16.18). He’s looking for laborers. “But I want to be a Foreman, a Supervisor!” If you’re willing to be a laborer, to love laboring for Him, to not care who “gets the credit,” you may someday be promoted by the G. C. (General Contractor, said with utmost respect, in this context) to a position of leadership. If you want to jump in at the top, be very leery, satan may offer you a position in his false church.

– eab, 12/20/17


Luk 13.34

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!”


“Enter Here” was seen today at a store. If you’re hungry enough for God, thirsty enough for His righteousness you MAY find His sign “Enter Here” showing the start toward heaven. May? Yes. “Many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able” are the words of Christ (Luk 13.24). Those, Friend, are serious words. God help us all to Strive to “Enter” in.

– eab, 12/20/17

[1] Words (or nearly so) of Steve D Herron from the late 60’s.

[2] Best NT expression about His coming – found four times in Paul and once in Peter.

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Somber Tone

One good sign of adulthood is making yourself DO what you really don’t want to do. Do NOT marry until you have become fairly proficient at this.  And, no matter how “cute” or “handsome” do not marry any one who fails in this area!

– eab, 12/19/17


Somber Tone

There was only one way the wise men could see,

The most famous star the earth has known,

‘Twas for the sky to be partly dark,

Arrayed in night’s somber tone.

– eab, 12/11/10


When one’s deceived it may be hard to be “undeceived” (people who’re asleep, hate to be awakened). Part can be EGO – “I’m too smart to be deceived.” A part can be defense, “My folks wouldn’t have lied to me” or “Are you saying my school, my community lied to me?” Or it might be an unwillingness to agree that a acquaintance knew Truth before you did. Friend, OPEN your eyes. Please don’t allow ego, defense “mechanism” or jealousy keep you misinformed.

– eab, 12/19/17



The highest point for earthly man

Is reaching up to God’s big hand

Hand-holding with the most High God

While feet still touch earth’s sad sod.

– eab, 12/14/11


“…When thou hast shut thy door…”(Mat 6.6) i.e. prayer closet: 1.) Christ makes it our responsibility to do the shutting; He is not going to shut it for us. 2.) The door leaves you on the inside – – – alone? Yes, if we speak of humans; No, if we speak of God.  3.) That same door leaves the “world” outside. Both the alone-with-Godness & the world-outside-ness are huge blessings. Shut the door!

– eab, 12/19/17


“Success is the progressive fulfillment of the will of God for your life.”

– G R “Bob” French, sermon, 10/17/00


A man who opposes the sins of society won’t be well-liked. Pastors & professors seeking popularity avoid standing against current cultural sins. Do we all want to be liked?  The truth is yes. Then why point out societal wrongs?  Because some want God to “like” them (now & at the end of life) more than they want the “backslap” of wickedness.

– eab, 12/19/17
 “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.”

– Jesus Christ (Joh 15.18)

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Christ Came Down  

C Christ came down here from high Heaven above,

H Heaven’s Son, God’s own expression of love,

R Royal of royals became a small babe,

I Insight past Luther, more honest than Abe,

S Sent for all Hebrews and Gentiles, the same.

T Total transgressions forgive’n in His name.

– eab, 12/10/10


Married ministerial students should go to 3-4 weddings of causal friends. Married: so they’re not distracted thinking about their up-coming wedding & so they’re not distracted by pretty bridesmaids up front. Casual: so they’re not “second-guessing” what he/she should have done. They go (& take notes) for one primary reason. Watch what the main minister does. Watch the secondary minister (or third, if present). See what is right, note “mistakes” they don’t want to repeat. It’s a prime learning experience.

– eab, 12/18/17



He came to a village, to Bethlehem, small,

Squeezed into what moderns would label a stall,

He then took a Baby’s slight, fragile, short frame,

Flesh, Jewish by nature; Divine, all the same.

Accepted that near eastern race as His own,

Born into king David’s line – records have shown,

His mother a virgin, his step-dad the man

Who labored the mutual shame to withstand.

O, what a place, what a race, for God’s own Son.


Soon Christ will appear to this world once again,

Appear all victorious over all sin,

All rebels, all kingdoms of men will have crashed,

The tares be removed – head of satan be smashed,

He comes with a trumpet sound, breaking of spheres,

Rewards will He give to those who gave Him their fears,

No Baby? Triumphant. Of ALL things the End.

The Kingdom of heaven’s still open, my friend.

O, what great grace, what a Face. He will have won!

– eab, 12/10/10



Be careful what you love. “…Men loved darkness rather than light…” (Joh 3.19) – God will give such “…outer darkness…” By glorious contrast, saints walk in ALL THEIR LIGHT & then go forever where “…God is light…” Wonderful! I Like Light.

– eab, 12/18/17


“Love is modest: it rather inclines to bashfuness & silence than to talkative forwardness.”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 2


Ministerial students should go to 3-4 funerals of non-family members. Preferably, not someone they knew well. Divide them between funerals of people younger & older. If possible attend the viewing/wake as well. They should, without it being obvious, take notes (don’t think you will remember all the details). Watch the main minister’s actions (secondary minister as well). Note where they stand & note facial expressions. Listen to their words. See what’s right & see “mistakes.” It is a great time to learn.

– eab, 12/18/17


Joh 1. 11

“He came unto his own, and his own received him not.”


Every generation needs its own freshly Spirit-filled men of God. Thank the Lord for every past, honest, evangelical & every old preacher of holiness. I am surely not opposed to quoting the best of them, but a new generation needs new flesh & blood to retell the Gospel story.

– eab, 12/18/17

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Time #1: When is the last time you SAW “time”? Does “time” become unreal because you & I can’t see it?  We see “time” aging individuals, institutions, implements etc.  Dare you say, “I don’t believe in time” because you can’t see it?

– eab, 12/17/17


Deception, in disguise

The King came – in sheep-manger hay.

But Jews entirely missed His day.

Unlettered shepherds in the night,

And star-wise guys from far away,

Both became acutely aware,

A Most Unusual King was there.


Why did religionists who look,

Who “knew” the contents of the Book,

Miss earth’s Première Day of all might?

Had they some Scripture oft mistook?

Bold interpretation’s appeal

May have misguided their slow zeal.


Evangelicals all proclaim,

(Of various stripe, odd-church-name)

“Christ comes again” a second “flight,”

Verses they point out are the same,

But how they “see” a verse or word,

Brings union here – there, sows discord.


Imagine being satan’s man,

Your hope – deceive all that you can.

You had planned the Bible to fight

But God hid It with His strong hand.

Dilute It then – a devilish thing;

Misinterpret It – the worst sting.


Let an imp on radio stress

Plant your man in pulpit and press,

Let satan’s fool speak with his fright loud and long

(Lies often told, too oft impress.)

Mark thirteen has the words “deceive”

Deception’s possible. Believe!


“The right” was wrong, caught in their net,

Their minds were made up, they were set.

Re-seek Revelation’s pure light

(It promises a blessing yet.)

So-n-So’s chart and the Great Book

May not fit – take another look.


“I’m the antichrist” he won’t say,

(Thought from the late, great Heron’s day)

The antichrist scheme is in sight

It’s been showing its false “light-ray”

“It’s all future” – you should question!

Read Word – not “novel” suggestion.


Christ IS coming again, that’s sure.

His Kingdom will ever endure.

Trust only His Word – It IS right

The Bible’s prophetically pure!

Deception near lies, in disguise.

“God, make us wise, un-blind our eyes.”

– eab, Dec. 2009


Time #2: Have you touched “time”? You nor I have touched “time” but we all agree “time” has touched us. “Time” has caused some hair to turn gray, other to turn loose. Would you say “I can’t accept ‘time’ since I can’t touch it”?

– eab, 12/17/17



King born in barn  

A King born in a barn? Surely you jest.

There’s more to your story? I might have guessed.

A miracle conception? Yes indeed!

After, He developed with normal speed.

– eab, Dec. 2009


Time #3: When you hear the tick-tock of the clock are you hearing “time?” Can time be heard scurrying along a road? Can you listen to “time” dragging by in a hospital room? “Time” passes everyday for every man on every mountain & every isle.

– eab, 12/17/17


“Ye are the living temples of the trinity: The Father is your life, The Son your light, The Spirit your love.”

– John Fletcher, Works vol 2


Time #4: Has it been your privilege to smell “time”? What’s its odor? Or does “time” have a taste?  We experienced tasting things fresh (home-made bread) & things old (spoiled milk) but we’ve neither smelled nor tasted “time.” 12/17/17


1Jo 4. 12

“No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.”


Time #5 “Bryan, what are you trying say?” Two things but the one (the huge, mysterious, baffling subject of What Is Time) will have to wait.  A conversation today brought to light a comparison between “time” & God. No earth-bound man sees God. No yet-alive woman has touched God. We’ve not heard God (except in spiritual ways) nor have we smelled or tasted Him. But none of this PROVES God doesn’t exist – He exists as much, yea, much more than “time.”

– eab, 12/17/17

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