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BiRTH of CHRIST Poetry

Above, a warm star paused in space;

Below, a cool earth, inhabiting race,

Outside, shepherds the wind in their face,

Inside, Immanuel abundant in grace!

The birth of a King.

– eab, Dec 1966


If you want your son to be a Man you must make that happen. Show him how by your example & your wise consul (both positive & negative) to move from boyhood to young manhood to a confident all-male adult. TV, hollywood, too many schools (state & “christian”) do not encourage the rugged masculinity our grandfathers knew. Teach him how to work hard yet be soft toward mother/sisters. Teach him how to be tight with his money yet to give to a worthy cause. We need more MEN.

– eab, 12/1/17




The space between Eternity is spread,

And measured into units that are known.

In inches, feet, and yards the length is shown;

And pounds and tons are used to weigh up lead.

Minutes of time the baker knows for bread;

Degrees show how increased the heat is grown.

Full buckets hold the product of what is sown,

So all are gauged, from start till death.


However, in that Land of endless light,

Where lambs and lions both are to be tame,

And where there comes no darkness of the night

Dimensions as these are not the same.

To waste the gift of heaven’s perfect sight,

And clutter up the realm of boundless fame.

– eab, Dec 1966



You should run from yoga. Some have an idea that yoga is mostly-if-not-all physical. As I understand, that is definitely not the case but yoga involves the mind & the soul. (BTW you can relax without going into “yoga” positions.) Please don’t use yoga (or related practices) or attend a “church” where such mind-bending actions are encouraged. Let Christ be the center of your physical/mental/spirit world. He made you (not some eastern mystic) & He knows exactly what is the best REST for you.

– eab, 12/1/17



“When the soul is wed to obedience the child is faith.”

– H E Darnell, sermon (uncertain place/date)



The Holiness Message is proclaimed by men who have found or are seriously seeking The Holy Heart. Holiness is “preached against” by men who’ve lost their holy heart & resent God’s standard of separation. Holiness is ignored by men who are ignorant of the wonderful reality of being cleansed from all the nature of Adam. What is happening at your house of worship? Eh? 12/2/17



Heb 12. 14

“Follow peace with all men, and

holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:”


The majority is right? How many were in the Ark as opposed to those outside it? What was the ratio of bad people vs good people in Sodom? How many favored the crucifixion of Christ as opposed to those who did not favor it. As far as I can see, “majority rule” is man’s invention and without Scriptural warrant.

– eab, 11/30/17

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DAILY December Poetry

Bright and bold

Tidings it told

Shinning in silver;

Daring to deliver.

That Star.


Lustrous light,

Nulling the night,

Giving of glory,

Salvation’s story.

Seen afar.

– eab, Dec. 1966


If you think Hell will be a cool place – you’re lacking in a Biblical understanding. If you think you’ll team up with sinful “buddies” in hell – you’ve probably missed the idea of torment. As I read Scripture there may be solitary confinement). If you think it lasts only a 1000 yrs, 1,000,000 yrs – you’re missing the words “quenched” (Mar 9.43-46) & “everlasting” (Mat 18.8, 2Th 1.9). Turn away from sin. Turn toward the Savior. You DO NOT HAVE to go to hell, & friend believe me – – – you don’t want to.

– eab, 12/1/17



Little perfect balls on a large scaly tree,

You make me wonder if you have a message for me.

I am curious why, you are suspended there,

Between earth and sky. Just for seed?


Do you bear a report? Do you have a word,

From another world that should be heard?

Maybe another time, in another place,

That message I can find. It will be freed.

– eab, Dec  ’65


If you expect your daughter to exit her teens as “a lady” you have to work on her; this is not automatic. Teach her by words & daily example how to sit as a lady, how to walk/stand like one, & how to converse like one. You should want her to be feminine, sweetly, fully feminine without the least hint of being “sexy.” You should desire her to confidently function in a wicked society without any carnal boldness or brashness. Heaven knows we need more young Christian women to be ladies. Will yours be one?

  • eab, 12/1/17


“We count those things perfect which want nothing

for the end where unto they were instituted.”

– Richard Hooker, quoted by Thomas Cook, NEW TESTAMENT HOLINESS


THINK. Today’s structure of Entertainment (it’s rampant even in “christian” circles) doesn’t encourage you to think. Thinking, at least along the right lines, can make you uncomfortable about 1.) how you were raised, 2.) how you were educated/indoctrinated, 3.) how you weren’t taught to think on your own. When doing a repeatable daily task, when driving, when sitting in a deer stand, THINK. And start to record your thoughts – – – they’ll probably lead to more thoughts. Have a wonderful voyage.

– eab, 12/1/17


Isa 28. 10

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept;

line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”

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