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How difficult it was I cannot say,

But let me put it in this way,

Christ folded and pressed Divinity,

Into the perfect body, of a Baby.


How gigantic the step, who knows?

Glorious robes to swaddling clothes,

Left the heavenly Father, Creator,

For an earthly guardian, a carpenter.


How great the supreme sacrifice!

A warm, warm God – men of ice.

A Baby came. Why? Tell me why?

That a gracious Man might live and die.


He became sin for sinful me.

That I like Him, might sinless be.

He became sin, He became sin,

That I, might sinless be.

– eab, Dec. 1969


Christians should be the most authentic people we know. Without Question! God is real (satan lies) therefore realness appeals to the saint – fakery is abhorrent. I speak of the ideal but, of course, we live in a world where satan (& his ilk) are spreading their lies, their fakes, their tinselry, their imitations, & pretensions everywhere they can find someone fool enough to listen. Hear God. Ignore satan.

– eab, 11/28/17



It really doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter at all,

I’m in my Father’s care.

He rules this footstool here below,

From His great big heavenly chair.

He’s in charge of my little life,

My fame and fortune, children and wife,

So it really doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter at all,

I’m in my Father’s care.

– eab, Dec, ’69



To be a true messenger for the Almighty is not a position to be sought after. It is NOT a position for which one can be “trained.” It is open only to the man who’s schooled by the Holy Spirit, & is to be accepted with utmost solemnity. We’ve known many preachers – probably few Messengers.

– eab, 11/28/17



“Perfection is what God says about Himself, attributes are what man says about God; God is not obligated to live up to these.”

– John F Dorsey, sermon 7/23/98



God loves variety. This love is seen across the face of the earth & in the high heaven above. It is seen among plants & animals. Why would it not be seen in His saints? Dictators, whether they wear a military or a ministerial uniform want uniformity – in order that they can “order” people. God neither needs nor wants such because, unlike the strongest earthly despot, God sees the heart. “O God, help us see this.” 11/25/17



Joh 8. 31

“…If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;”


Every disciple of Christ is on the road of disciple. Many are barely started, some are doing “middling well,” others are greatly advanced. The soul who willingly refuses to be disciplined, will soon backslide. Disciplined = Disciple. Undisciplined = un-disciple.

– eab, 11/18/17

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