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To the Friends of Friendsville, widespread

Joyous Holiday Greetings are said.

In the season of green, and gold, and red

Blessings, be on you all.


That Christ, Who was born near a donkey’s stall,

That came to cure Adam’s race from its fall,

Who, grown to a Man, faced Pilate’s drear hall

He’s the reason, for the season,.


The Creator became a virgin’s Son.

He dwelt among men, just like He was one,

Enduring their words, blasphemous “fun.”

The virgin’s Boy brought the world joy.


Christmas, to many, means new clothes, a toy

To some happiness, to others annoy.

The pessimist see only employ,

How benighted, when they could be Lighted.

– eab, Dec. 1975



If you’re not already there, make sure you soon “turn the corner” and become the man/woman who does not have to prove anything to anybody, except God. “Pride” has to prove itself, has to “show” it can. Humility is OK not “proving”- it will leave it to others to gain man’s little laurel leaves.

– eab, 2/14/17



This card is to say, “Thank You,”

For the gift you were able to give.

It will last a long time in my hand;

And in my heart, as long as I live.

The Bible is very nice – but, the cost

Kept me from owning one before.

Together you gave it and with the price split,

I hope it wasn’t a chore.


And I wish to thank you also,

For the thought behind the gift.

It’s those undeserving, selfless thoughts,

That the soul inspire, the spirit lift.

– eab,  Dec, 1975


We (man and maid) are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psa 139.14b) is one of the greatest statements ever made. It is a true statement. It is an incomprehensible statement. And it is an under-statement.

– eab, 4/6/17


“All that Calvary provided for us, judgment will require from us.”

– Millard Downing, sermon 6/18/99


You meet a school chum or friend from first job days. After the usual pleasantries you ask about their kids & the response goes like this. “They aren’t doing what I wish they were but they attend ‘X Fellowship’ – at least they’re in church.” You may think my words odd (I’m a retired pastor) but it could be better to not “salve their conscience” by attending some churches. If they’re hearing a false gospel they could “buy into it” & be damned. “At least they’re in church” may help a parent’s heart but actually hurt their offspring.

– eab, 5/11/17



Rom 1.32

“Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death,

not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”


Who you quote, you ARE approving of, more or less. Is he a mormon, under the roman system, or a moslem? “What he wrote/said was good regardless of his core beliefs.” Oh? Our Lord’s words were opposite that – will you listen & take heed? Christ said, “…A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” (Mat 7.18).

– eab,10/25/17


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