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Born the twenty-fifth of December?

No, one can’t prove that date.

But born He was, whatever the day,

On an hour that’s now many decades away.

And twenty-five is what we remember.

Was it twenty-two or twenty-eight?


The fact remains – He was born!

The very year is a present proof.

Nineteen Seventy-Five, seventy-five what?


Stop! Give that a second, serious thought

The very year is reckoned from that morn,

When He came forth, beyond the inn roof.


He was born! Though date and year be wrong,

And skeptics are still around.

He became Man, to live as men would,

That man may improve and live as he should.

The Christ-like ones make a huge throng.

He was born, or they wouldn’t abound.

– eab, Dec ‘75


There are big differences between the Testaments, starting with the Inaugural Address of our Savior:

Mat 5.21 Ye have heard… 22 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.27 Ye have heard… 28 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.31 It hath been said… 32 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.33 Again ye have heard… 34 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.38 Ye have heard… 39 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.43 Ye have heard… 44 But I say unto you…    HARKEN!




The mortal mind just cannot grasp the idea of “for aye.”

We’re used to things that didn’t exist

A week before yesterday.

And we’re used to things, so poorly made,

That they wear out before the bill is paid.

– eab, Dec ‘76



The “officials” want “common folks” to believe their official story. Period. (True in church, school, court house, WDC, at work, etc.) The “official story” gets repeated over & over to assure that we believe it. Officials do NOT want us to think on our own. We might examine their “official story,” find it doesn’t “hold water” & discredit them i.e. find them liars. Allow me, as an older friend, to Encourage thought, to Encourage discernment, & to Encourage doubt where it fits, & Faith where it perfectly fits.

– eab, 12/7/17


“…not “even baptism is ‘necessary to salvation’…If it were every Quaker must be damned which I can in no wise believe.”

– Wesley, quoted by Ray Dunning, PhD, GRACE, FAITH, & HOLINESS



“Why, Bryan, do you post?” Fair question. This is my electronic pulpit. As all pulpits should, it’s attempting to give Truth. If you’re a Truth seeker you’re welcome in “the congregation.” I appreciate a “like” = to “amen” or comment = to a word with a pastor in a vestibule (this idea was expressed by eab, 5/13/16, before seeing it any other place). To some Truth you may never agree. Other Truth you may not be ready for –Yet. But your media “neighbor” (50, 500, miles away) may need that point in his struggle with the world’s falseness. Kindly let him “hear” a line of Truth you’re neglecting or (heaven forbid) rejecting.

– eab, 12/6/17


Mat 6. 24

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”


We need preachers fresh from Pentecost. Men who’re God sent, Christ trained, & Spirit lead. We’ve depended too much on Bible colleges. They’ve produced some “good” men but a man can graduate from X & still be carnal. The non-grad, redeemed & thoroughly sanctified, will do many communities more good than full-headed, empty-hearted men. (I’m Reading Stevens’ HISTORY OF METHODISM, what men!!!)

– eab, 12/5/17


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