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12/171903 @ 10:35 a Thursday

the Wright “wing”

did the right thing –

it flew. 🙂

  • eab, 12/17/17

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God Gallantly Gave  

It is a little like God to give.

He gave the greatest Gift of all,

(Knowing when taxation would fall)

Allowed birth in crude stall –

What a place to start to live.


God gallantly gave – showing all,

How to humanly rise and share,

To extend hands that confirm care,

Sometimes, the gift of “being there.”

Giving is much more “fun” than ball.


Some, when pantry is nearly bare,

Find a gift within their large heart,

Service is gift’s most costly part.

They find more, once they really start

Giving, giving all that they dare.


God’s where all giving has its start.

He gives and gives, gave and He gave,

Life to sovereign, life to the slave.

His Gift should cause a greater rave.

Giving is a bit like God’s heart

– eab, Dec. 2008


Love the world? Fascinated by the walk/talk/balk (balk against God) of all things worldly? You won’t love it long – probably less than 100 yrs. Either you will willingly let go of it, to grasp a far, Far, FAR greater love, Jesus Christ & BTW His love is forever. Or the world will be pulled from your dying fingers; & you’ll forever hate the world in a hot eternity.

– eab, 12/16/17



America should be in the shaming,

For its fixation with (gambling) “gaming,”

Sinning is so selfish in its play aiming.

Only God can do the needed taming

To call it gambling is not blaming,

Nor is it some “knee-jerk” mis-naming

Gaming? To the word “play,” how defaming!

– eab, Dec.  2006


Our Lord, Christ Jesus, never ended one statement with “jk” or “lol.”

– eab, 11/16/15


“Mankind are prone to run to extremes. The world is full of men who always overdo or underdo.”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 2


Today’s my day to pray for grandchildren; to pray “the Lord of the harvest” to send THEM forth into His harvest. I pray He’ll send some-to-all of the males as Proclaimers (full-time or “laymen”). Send the females as Prayers, also praying “the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into His harvest” (Luk 10.2); making them all productive in His Kingdom. Grandchildren – Please pray till you have God’s plan for life. When you reach your “sunset years” you’ll be so glad you did.

– eab, 12/16/17


Jos 1. 7

“Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law, which Moses my servant commanded thee: turn not from it to the right hand or to the left…”


The hypocrite takes one of two stands about “separation” from the world.

1.) He can act like what the Bible says doesn’t matter. or

2.) he can interpret the Bible so that it actually “approves” of his shift to the left.

– eab, 11/6/17

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We might not have been impressed

When the shepherds came;

One tall and young and strong

One older, shorter, lame.

But they came, all the same.

– eab, Dec. 2006


Thank God for the positives of Plain People (& for many of these seeking to be or have become holy). Being plain saves no one. Thank God for the many new converts who (walking in the light they have) still appear gaudy. Being gaudy saves no one. Thank God, He sees beyond the “plainness” & below “gaudiness” to the level of obedience/joy in every soul. And Thank God we can, regardless of roots, become present saints & therefore future citizens of heaven.

– eab, 12/15/17



Twas the darkest of nights,

Far from village lights,

In a stable, lonely, forlorn;

That the Kings of kings,

The Brightest of “brights,”

Descended to be born.

– eab, Dec. 2006


Being fearfully & wonderfully made, includes of course, our bone, sinew & muscles structures, & skin. It includes the intricate forms & functions of other body organs. And, it includes our God-planned mind, operating along the “impossibly” detailed “highways” “roads” “lanes” “paths” etc. of the brain. Is this all?  No. There’s our “fearfully & wonderfully made” SOUL. It’s convictions & contents almost hidden but thankfully shown by our Creator as we open-up to the Spirit’s leadership made possible by the Lord Jesus.

– eab, 12/15/17


Will #1 “Often a wicked man if he will is changed into a good man, and a good man through sloth falls away, and becomes wicked because God has endued us with free agency.”

– Chrysostom, as quoted by John Fletcher, Works vol 2


Some of you/US are nearly flippant about “clothing,” verbal “expressions,” & “santa” paraphernalia which permeates our bi – valued society. Few times of the year more deeply show how secularized we Christians are than “christmas.” I fear the seriousness of playing “santa,” wearing red/white fringed caps, joking about “rudolph” & what I’ve been guilty of, saying, “Merry Christmas to all & to all…” do NOT honor Christ. “O Bryan, you’re getting old.” Admittedly. But maybe getting older is thinking in a more heavenly way?

– eab, 12/15/17


Will #2 “Man, a reasonable being and in that respect like God, is made FREE in his will…”

– Irenaeus, as quoted by John Fletcher, Works vol 2


It shouldn’t surprise (though it seems to, too often) satan provides a substitute for God’s gift. (Basically all satan can do is imitate God, Whom he hates but can’t get away from & Who will confine him forever.) There’s a true filling by the Holy Spirit for every walking-in-the light Believer.  If we’re not willing to be empted of self & receive His filling, satan offers us his imitation. This fake spirit can have “emotion” “dedication” even “separation” (from certain sins) but is unholy & will damn “…Try the spirits…” (1Jo 4.1).  – eab,12/15/17


Will #3 “No reward can be justly bestowed, no punishment justly inflicted upon him who is good or bad by necessity and not by his own choice.”

– Tertullian, as quoted by John Fletcher, Works vol 2

Rejoice with me. Every year since ‘64 (two exceptions) God’s helped me pen a christmas poem. The one for 2017 was written yesterday.  Lord willing, I’ll post “Him – Not Some Date” in a few days. Some friends don’t have fb/email or send a snail-mail card to which we try to respond-in-kind. (Have mailed as high as 350-400 in the past but electronic is easier & much cheaper.) Feel free to print a copy of this year’s poem.

– eab, 12/15/17

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Reception? Hardly.  

Was it barn, cave, outdoor stable?

It had no bed, stool, no table.

What a beginning, what a place;

Such a poor reception to “grace”

Yet God loved, as only He’s able!

– eab, Dec. 2006



Numerous times I heard the announcement, “Put your own oxygen mask on first, then help the child next to you.” Makes Perfect Sense. If you pass out helping them, you both suffer. You nor I can truly help anyone to go to heaven until WE have stopped purposely doing what we know is wrong. Sinners can be kind to others, can be honest with others, can even love others, but only a genuine follower of Christ can show others how to follow Him. Makes Perfect Sense.




They did not seek for wisdom –

They were then called wise.


They did not seek for mean wealth –

They already had that prize.


They did not seek for His wonders –

Wonders had not yet begun.


They came to Him to worship Him –

For that, they made their long “run.”

– eab, Dec. 2006



Do you love your wife? Love her “ to the moon & back” – – – Ah, make that “to heaven” & not back but to stay, someday? She’s your “BEST” earthly friend. If someone is a friend you want what’s Best for them – how much more for Her. What’re you doing that shows THIS LOVE? Or what little words (you call them “little”) what little actions (you deem them small) hinder her walk with God. [ I “preach” to eab, as well.]   – eab, 12/14/17


“…Before the Supreme Being, nothing can appear more detestable than the pride

of a degenerate & ungrateful creature.”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 3


WHO are you? Someone told you your name. WHAT are you? Someone told you you’re American, etc.

WHERE were you born? Someone told you a city. WHEN did you get here? Someone told you a date. .

WHY ARE YOU HERE? Has anyone told you? You’re here to prepare for heaven. Seriously!

Start by reading the New Testament & Praying to Jesus Christ – – – Earnestly!!!

– eab, 12/14/17


Pro 16. 18

“PRIDE goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”


Some men are married to sports. Some men are married to a business. Some men are married to politics. Some men are married to books. Some men are married to money power. Some men are married to music. Some men are married to their “image” of themselves. Some men should NOT get married to a lady until they grow beyond the above “drives” or can at least balance them, in all fairness, to the fairer sex.

– eab, 12/14/17

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You will change your church or your church will change you. This is true if the church is left of center or right of center. This is true if YOU are left of center or right of center.

– eab, 3/26/17



Kings of kings and Lord of lords

And Lover of all lovers

Prince of Peace in West or East

Surpassing all the others.

– eab, Dec 2005


Once men sailed to new locations to live a better life. Now men sail as a sport.  Once men walked miles to work and back.  Now men walk as a sport.  Once men fished to supply food for their tables.  Now men fish as a sport. Once men hunted to have meat to eat.  Now men hunt as a sport. Several of our natural “sports” have their roots in man’s real-life history.

– eab, 3/28/17



Many a man with a callused “paw”

Has chiseled away at stone.

Workmen have made lighter gods of wood,

Inlaid here and there with bone.

Some have a hank’ring for gold,

Gold dug from beneath the sod.

Clothing so fine (or bright pearls to entwine)

Also “serve time” as a god.

Gold as a god? Or mere Pearls?

Or thin lumber so easily grown?

“Surely you jest; making god?

“You – – – you didn’t make your own?”

– eab, Dec. 1997


A farmer an atheist? What?  Deny your greatest, highest, most “experienced,” wisest, Eldest Partner?  Turn down the most easily “hired” counsel?  Walk away from the Banker who owns rain and sunshine?  Most farmers aren’t that dumb.

– eab, 4/23/17


“The glory of God seldom interests us so much as when our own glory appears to be mingled with his.”

– John Fletcher, Works vol 1


A glimpse into eab’s 12/13/17. God helped today! The Subaru ran fine into Westfield were I left it with Joel (Esler’s Auto Repair) about 7:20 AM. Joel offered a ride but I walked over, had biscuits & gravy, & walked to the library. As I was almost there (temps @ 20-21 F.) I thought of stepping into the middle sch. to keep warm. (I hadn’t entered the doors of a public sch. for yrs – all were locked. A student showed me a bell to push & when I asked about entering until the library opened a receptionist allowed that. After finding a seat, taking off my coat & vest I opened Stevens History of Methodism & started to read. In a few minuets a security man approached & told me I couldn’t stay – against policy. (He was sorry to tell me & even offered to drive me back to Joel’s, which I declined.)


Pro 21. 24

“Proud and haughty scorner is his name, who dealeth in proud wrath”


12/13/17 (con’t) As I retraced my steps into Asa Park I saw a fox squirrel sitting all fluffed out (to keep warm) on a low branch just off the walk. He remained there will I talked to him, made clicking sounds with my mouth & talked some more. When I moved to walk on he moved but not until. A few steps further south I saw a beautiful red bird & at the bridge a 2nd fox squirrel who also listened as I talked to him then moved down to drink from the creek while I watched.


“Every man must think for himself, since every man must give an account for himself to God.”

– John Wesley, quoted by Able Stevens, History of Methodism


12/13/17 (concl.) After spending an hour + in Subway, again reading Stevens, I returned to the library. Upon going south this time I saw a more distant fox s. but closer a blue jay flew fussing at me. His “alarm” (& my approach) cause large blue herron to lift from the creek & fly north. So, though I had some 4 miles of walking today, the Lord allowed me to see some of His lovely creations. After a lunch in “downtown” Westfield I walked back for the car. Was so happy I had the timing belt replaced before it “blew.” Joel had done it at 103,600(something) & now again at 209,500(something) & did it for a price very comparable to the 1st time. Nice to feel like my “flivver” has a new lease on life. Praise the Lord.

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Inn Keeper’s Soul

It was late when the rap came at the door;

“Was there room for two, maybe three, more?”

A man with honest face and callused hands,

(But did I see a touch of distant lands?)

And his lovely, young wife, lovely but tired;

Whose time for childbearing had all but expired,

Stood waiting for an affirmative nod.


I wish I could have let them in my inn,

(To not do so seemed almost like a sin.)

But every room had been sold out that night

Long before the sun had slipped out of sight

And I had no corner, I had no room.

(I was sleeping between the mop and the broom.)

Briefly I too waited, praying to God.


Then like a flash I remembered the cave.

My eyes rolled upward – Thanksgiving I gave.

Then lead them through the most silent of nights

And left them there with two candles for lights.

I was, I thought, the best thing I had,

But though best, it was unspeakable sad

That a Baby should be born under sod.


Later, I could see them in my mind’s eye;

Though I never formally said Good-bye.

And much later I learned a Son was born

Between the time I left and the morn.

A Son for whom Religion had no room;

A Son Who will be the church’s Bridegroom –

Every worthy of Praise, Glory and Laud!   – eab, Dec 1993

The devil has convinced some that he does not exist. But he has another lie

Others (nearly as deceived) think they do NOT have a Will. The Almighty gave you a will.

Do not deny it. It’s a precious GIFT, more precious than any talent/ability that you have!

– eab, 1/25/17



Remembering our Lord’s birth,

Human form, made man on earth,

Recalling He was killed–

Roman hands doing as Jews willed,

Reading of an empty grave;

To death, His was not a slave!

Reaching first and last,

Into days important but all past,

These to some are

All the heights of religion’s devotions.


Thank God He was born,

Into a world so forlorn

And thank God He died one day–

Paid sin’s ransom, paid our way

And rose the Victor o’er all hell;

We’ve that story to tell

We need all of these, need all they cost,

Without them we’re lost

Bear with me as I go on,

Don’t give me hot emotions.


Christ lived, He died, He rose,

Is that as far as it all goes?

Has the pure Biblical,

Fallen prey to mere cyclical?

Earthy religions galore,

Have their cycles–nothing more

One day they honor This,

Another day its That they kiss

Honoring, paying homage,

Visiting; shallow motions. – eab, Dec 1997



In case you hadn’t figured out, I’m a “country boy” (south-central Ohio). There as a kid or somewhere along life’s trail, I picked-up an expression “Hit dog hollers” (HDH). If you throw a rock into a pack of canines the one hit, is the one who yelps. Sometimes a post receives more attention than it ought because HDH. Friends wouldn’t know you were sensitive about “x” if you simply scrolled past. (You’re allowed to do that. J I do it many times.) When you jump in & defend a practice (even sin) it may show “HDH.”

– eab, 2/16/17


“…Be not moved from your steadfastness either by names or numbers.

To judge of truth by popularity is absurd.”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 1


Some insist “sports build team-work” & some church (even holiness) people have accepted that “being a team player” is good. By contrast God speaks of “2 or 3” being gathered in His name. There’ve been a number of 2-3 man “teams” (preacher-singer) (senior-junior missionary) the Lord HAS blessed. The Bible has many a solitary man who was yoked with God & God alone. I fear the modern idea of “team-work” is borrowed from the world & reflects our connection with sports, more than with Spiritual renewal.

– eab, 2/22/17


Pro 11.2

“When PRIDE cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.”


In a past we said, “I like Ike” speaking of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. However many forgot (or never knew) he alerted us on 1/17/1961. Ike warned of the “Industrial-Military-Complex” (his term) & he was so right. Too many of our industries make “machinery” (very broad word) for military “usage” & – – – (ready for this?) the military “has to use them” so the industry can make more, so American workers have jobs. Then the military uses the new patch. It’s a vicious cycle.

– eab, 12/12/17

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Christ Is + + + +


Christ is!

What more is to be said?

False teachers SAID they were,

But now false teachers are dead.

Christ is!

– eab, Dec 1985


#1 The myth supposedly “knows if you’ve been bad” – Jesus knows that for a fact!

The myth has a white beard – Greatest Being in history had a younger, manly beard.

The myth is connected with a green tree – the Savior hung on a bare, crude “tree.”

The myth is pictured as an old man – Jesus was dead (in the human, of course) at about 33.

If you love Jesus, drop all pics/words/jokes of “santa claus,” who’s trying to replace Christ! -eab, 12/10/17




Some hours ago the message came,

The solemn message of the dead.

(These are always given,

Given and received, with dread.)

Sad the duty to deliver,

Sadder yet to stand and take;

Someone else has gone in sleep;

We are still awake.

– eab, Dec. 1984



#2 The myth “smokes a pipe” – Christ had no such filthy habits

The myth sneaks into your house – Christ only comes in the door, by-your-invitation.

The myth only “comes” once a year – Jesus wants to live with you all year.

The myth wears red – the enemy of Christ (antichrist) is associated with scarlet (Rev 17.4)

If you love Jesus, drop all pics/words/jokes of “santa claus,” who’s trying to replace Christ! -eab, 12/10/17


“If man is not a free agent…God is as much the author of our actions, good or bad, as a show-man is the author of the actions of his puppets…”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 1


#3 The myth supposedly brings presents (does not) – Christ offers the greatest Present: His Presence.

The myth (at store) is 1 of 1000’s “playing” a role – Christ is One & yet is in every store, every home.

The myth is allowed to visit schools, libraries, sadly even some churches – Christ is not allowed.

The myth “rides” – Christ walked or rode in a boat until His last time into Jerusalem

If you love Jesus, drop all pics/words/jokes of “santa claus,” who’s trying to replace Christ! -eab, 12/10/17


Ps 96. 5

“For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.”


#4 The myth is cyclical, as false religions are – Christ came, left, & will come again: linear.

The myth is popular in sinful homes/secular business parties/etc – Jesus is only in humble hearts.

The myth “has a twinkle” in his eye – Jesus was the Man acquainted with grief.

The myth is a creation of man – Jesus Christ created man.

If you love Jesus, drop all pics/words/jokes of “santa claus,” who’s trying to replace Christ! -eab, 12/10/17


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And what about the day after

And the weeks that follow on?

After the tinsel has been swept away

And the relatives have gone?


What about the real Christ

Who lives and loves and lights,

A hundred thousand soul hearth’s

In spite of dark nights?

– eab, Dec. 1981


In an age of purposeful confusion between true male or female roles, few actions make a more simple yet firm “statement,” as the lady who always dresses in modest skirt & blouse or dress. I thank you personally and I thank you also for all God’s careful people – you are Soooo right!

– eab, 12/8/17



For thousands of years it had been thus;

Day – then dusk – and the dark.

Light to night. It seemed absurd,

That the negative would be the last to be heard,

And positive leave without a remark.


As it had done, now it came again,

Beauty – then border – and then black.

Light to night, brilliant to dull;

Beautiful landscapes and pastels now null,

By the absence of sunlight, Oh, the lack.

– eab, Dec. 1979


All marriages come to an end. And – – – they all end with a word starting with “D.” For some “D” stands for death: early, mid-life, or in old age. For others, sadly, “D” stands for divorce. Do what the two of you may, you can’t stop that first “D.” But the two of you WORKING together have full control over divorce – you can stop it!

– eab, 12/6/17


“You can as soon meet with a man that never felt the wind or heard the sound thereof, as with one that never felt the Divine breathing or heard the still small voice which we call the grace of God.”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 1


Addicted to sports? (So many who suffer from addiction want to deny it.) Addictions are not natural; they are acquired. Your addiction to “____ ball” may be due to a parent, school, TV, etc. making the sport look “exciting.” Please STOP. Ask yourself: what difference will that score make in a year? In a decade? ON YOUR DEATH BED?

– eab, 12/5/17


Eph 2. 8

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:”


Truth unites lovers of Truth. But Truth causes separation from those who tell lies (knowing they are lies) AND from those who’ve become comfortable with lies. Lies also unite people. But the union of liars will fail soon while the union of Truth will last forever. Run from a unity of falseness. Run to Christ, His Word, & those united to Him in Truth. (see Luk 12.51)

– eab, 12/9/17

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My Father formed it all,

From the meadows,

Where the deer, restful graze,

To the highest mountain

Lit by morning’s first blaze.

He formed the rivers that wander

From the peaks to the sea,

And praise God, Oh thank God, He formed me.


My Father formed it all,

From the first crystal

Snowflake that fell.

To the last, dewy drop

That descended in the dell.

He formed the fog and the clouds

In their fleecy finery,

And praise God, Oh thank God, He formed me.


My Father formed it all,

From the eagle that

Cavorts in the sky.

To the tiniest insect

That’s seen to fly by.

He formed the whole creation

From the whale to the flea

And praise God, Oh thank God, He formed me.

– eab, Dec. 1976



Praise the Lord. My wife & I returned safely Wed. afternoon (before dark) to “Bryan bungalow.” Someone else was to come & take Moma Stel (m-i-l) back to TN. Do to circumstances, we had to return her. It’s time for our ‘09 Subaru to get another timing-belt, so the journey had an unusual amount of prayer. (I didn’t visit the Smokies – as I am wont to do – because of the needed maintenance; repairs are scheduled for next week.) I am very grateful for the uneventful trip. Thank You, Jesus!

– eab, 12/8/17




What color is gray? Its the color of today;

Gray bark, gray mist, gray deer the hunter missed.

Gray is also the sign of the wise,

Though nature uses it for disguise.

– eab, Dec. 1977



Does your talk, appearance, walk, & attitude, draw attention to Your “bright” mind, Your “spiritual” attainments, Your “outstanding” talents or does your talk etc. draw attention to the Christ? Don’t think this a petty question. Everyman, everywoman on the face of the earth either has the Lord or himself at the center of his life. O God, help us all!

– eab, 12/8/17


“He’s the final destination of my soul.”

– Darwin Edwards, speaking of Christ (uncertain date)


The devil is very experienced at tempting youth (been at it since Cain). He “shows” youth how silly his parents are for doing “A” or “B.” The youth thinks he’s smarter & follows satan’s “logical” suggestions. After years he matures. Now at least some (if not all) of a parent’s views make sense. But – – – by now the easy road is a sad habit. Or he/she has married someone with no interest in being separate from the world. Plus, it’d be embarrassing to change & admit he’s been wrong for X yrs. He is caught in satan’s trap.

– eab, 12/8/17



Mat 6. 21

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

The proverbial ½ glass test supposedly separates the pessimists from the optimists. If you tend toward pessimism – allow some observations. 1.) You do HAVE a glass (some people do not). 2.) If you like what is in the glass, you have HALF of it left to enjoy. 3.) If you do not like what’s in the glass, it’s half gone already – rejoice!

– eab, 12/8/17

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Born the twenty-fifth of December?

No, one can’t prove that date.

But born He was, whatever the day,

On an hour that’s now many decades away.

And twenty-five is what we remember.

Was it twenty-two or twenty-eight?


The fact remains – He was born!

The very year is a present proof.

Nineteen Seventy-Five, seventy-five what?


Stop! Give that a second, serious thought

The very year is reckoned from that morn,

When He came forth, beyond the inn roof.


He was born! Though date and year be wrong,

And skeptics are still around.

He became Man, to live as men would,

That man may improve and live as he should.

The Christ-like ones make a huge throng.

He was born, or they wouldn’t abound.

– eab, Dec ‘75


There are big differences between the Testaments, starting with the Inaugural Address of our Savior:

Mat 5.21 Ye have heard… 22 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.27 Ye have heard… 28 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.31 It hath been said… 32 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.33 Again ye have heard… 34 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.38 Ye have heard… 39 But I say unto you…

Mat 5.43 Ye have heard… 44 But I say unto you…    HARKEN!




The mortal mind just cannot grasp the idea of “for aye.”

We’re used to things that didn’t exist

A week before yesterday.

And we’re used to things, so poorly made,

That they wear out before the bill is paid.

– eab, Dec ‘76



The “officials” want “common folks” to believe their official story. Period. (True in church, school, court house, WDC, at work, etc.) The “official story” gets repeated over & over to assure that we believe it. Officials do NOT want us to think on our own. We might examine their “official story,” find it doesn’t “hold water” & discredit them i.e. find them liars. Allow me, as an older friend, to Encourage thought, to Encourage discernment, & to Encourage doubt where it fits, & Faith where it perfectly fits.

– eab, 12/7/17


“…not “even baptism is ‘necessary to salvation’…If it were every Quaker must be damned which I can in no wise believe.”

– Wesley, quoted by Ray Dunning, PhD, GRACE, FAITH, & HOLINESS



“Why, Bryan, do you post?” Fair question. This is my electronic pulpit. As all pulpits should, it’s attempting to give Truth. If you’re a Truth seeker you’re welcome in “the congregation.” I appreciate a “like” = to “amen” or comment = to a word with a pastor in a vestibule (this idea was expressed by eab, 5/13/16, before seeing it any other place). To some Truth you may never agree. Other Truth you may not be ready for –Yet. But your media “neighbor” (50, 500, miles away) may need that point in his struggle with the world’s falseness. Kindly let him “hear” a line of Truth you’re neglecting or (heaven forbid) rejecting.

– eab, 12/6/17


Mat 6. 24

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”


We need preachers fresh from Pentecost. Men who’re God sent, Christ trained, & Spirit lead. We’ve depended too much on Bible colleges. They’ve produced some “good” men but a man can graduate from X & still be carnal. The non-grad, redeemed & thoroughly sanctified, will do many communities more good than full-headed, empty-hearted men. (I’m Reading Stevens’ HISTORY OF METHODISM, what men!!!)

– eab, 12/5/17

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