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Somber Tone

One good sign of adulthood is making yourself DO what you really don’t want to do. Do NOT marry until you have become fairly proficient at this.  And, no matter how “cute” or “handsome” do not marry any one who fails in this area!

– eab, 12/19/17


Somber Tone

There was only one way the wise men could see,

The most famous star the earth has known,

‘Twas for the sky to be partly dark,

Arrayed in night’s somber tone.

– eab, 12/11/10


When one’s deceived it may be hard to be “undeceived” (people who’re asleep, hate to be awakened). Part can be EGO – “I’m too smart to be deceived.” A part can be defense, “My folks wouldn’t have lied to me” or “Are you saying my school, my community lied to me?” Or it might be an unwillingness to agree that a acquaintance knew Truth before you did. Friend, OPEN your eyes. Please don’t allow ego, defense “mechanism” or jealousy keep you misinformed.

– eab, 12/19/17



The highest point for earthly man

Is reaching up to God’s big hand

Hand-holding with the most High God

While feet still touch earth’s sad sod.

– eab, 12/14/11


“…When thou hast shut thy door…”(Mat 6.6) i.e. prayer closet: 1.) Christ makes it our responsibility to do the shutting; He is not going to shut it for us. 2.) The door leaves you on the inside – – – alone? Yes, if we speak of humans; No, if we speak of God.  3.) That same door leaves the “world” outside. Both the alone-with-Godness & the world-outside-ness are huge blessings. Shut the door!

– eab, 12/19/17


“Success is the progressive fulfillment of the will of God for your life.”

– G R “Bob” French, sermon, 10/17/00


A man who opposes the sins of society won’t be well-liked. Pastors & professors seeking popularity avoid standing against current cultural sins. Do we all want to be liked?  The truth is yes. Then why point out societal wrongs?  Because some want God to “like” them (now & at the end of life) more than they want the “backslap” of wickedness.

– eab, 12/19/17
 “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.”

– Jesus Christ (Joh 15.18)

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Christ Came Down  

C Christ came down here from high Heaven above,

H Heaven’s Son, God’s own expression of love,

R Royal of royals became a small babe,

I Insight past Luther, more honest than Abe,

S Sent for all Hebrews and Gentiles, the same.

T Total transgressions forgive’n in His name.

– eab, 12/10/10


Married ministerial students should go to 3-4 weddings of causal friends. Married: so they’re not distracted thinking about their up-coming wedding & so they’re not distracted by pretty bridesmaids up front. Casual: so they’re not “second-guessing” what he/she should have done. They go (& take notes) for one primary reason. Watch what the main minister does. Watch the secondary minister (or third, if present). See what is right, note “mistakes” they don’t want to repeat. It’s a prime learning experience.

– eab, 12/18/17



He came to a village, to Bethlehem, small,

Squeezed into what moderns would label a stall,

He then took a Baby’s slight, fragile, short frame,

Flesh, Jewish by nature; Divine, all the same.

Accepted that near eastern race as His own,

Born into king David’s line – records have shown,

His mother a virgin, his step-dad the man

Who labored the mutual shame to withstand.

O, what a place, what a race, for God’s own Son.


Soon Christ will appear to this world once again,

Appear all victorious over all sin,

All rebels, all kingdoms of men will have crashed,

The tares be removed – head of satan be smashed,

He comes with a trumpet sound, breaking of spheres,

Rewards will He give to those who gave Him their fears,

No Baby? Triumphant. Of ALL things the End.

The Kingdom of heaven’s still open, my friend.

O, what great grace, what a Face. He will have won!

– eab, 12/10/10



Be careful what you love. “…Men loved darkness rather than light…” (Joh 3.19) – God will give such “…outer darkness…” By glorious contrast, saints walk in ALL THEIR LIGHT & then go forever where “…God is light…” Wonderful! I Like Light.

– eab, 12/18/17


“Love is modest: it rather inclines to bashfuness & silence than to talkative forwardness.”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 2


Ministerial students should go to 3-4 funerals of non-family members. Preferably, not someone they knew well. Divide them between funerals of people younger & older. If possible attend the viewing/wake as well. They should, without it being obvious, take notes (don’t think you will remember all the details). Watch the main minister’s actions (secondary minister as well). Note where they stand & note facial expressions. Listen to their words. See what’s right & see “mistakes.” It is a great time to learn.

– eab, 12/18/17


Joh 1. 11

“He came unto his own, and his own received him not.”


Every generation needs its own freshly Spirit-filled men of God. Thank the Lord for every past, honest, evangelical & every old preacher of holiness. I am surely not opposed to quoting the best of them, but a new generation needs new flesh & blood to retell the Gospel story.

– eab, 12/18/17

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Time #1: When is the last time you SAW “time”? Does “time” become unreal because you & I can’t see it?  We see “time” aging individuals, institutions, implements etc.  Dare you say, “I don’t believe in time” because you can’t see it?

– eab, 12/17/17


Deception, in disguise

The King came – in sheep-manger hay.

But Jews entirely missed His day.

Unlettered shepherds in the night,

And star-wise guys from far away,

Both became acutely aware,

A Most Unusual King was there.


Why did religionists who look,

Who “knew” the contents of the Book,

Miss earth’s Première Day of all might?

Had they some Scripture oft mistook?

Bold interpretation’s appeal

May have misguided their slow zeal.


Evangelicals all proclaim,

(Of various stripe, odd-church-name)

“Christ comes again” a second “flight,”

Verses they point out are the same,

But how they “see” a verse or word,

Brings union here – there, sows discord.


Imagine being satan’s man,

Your hope – deceive all that you can.

You had planned the Bible to fight

But God hid It with His strong hand.

Dilute It then – a devilish thing;

Misinterpret It – the worst sting.


Let an imp on radio stress

Plant your man in pulpit and press,

Let satan’s fool speak with his fright loud and long

(Lies often told, too oft impress.)

Mark thirteen has the words “deceive”

Deception’s possible. Believe!


“The right” was wrong, caught in their net,

Their minds were made up, they were set.

Re-seek Revelation’s pure light

(It promises a blessing yet.)

So-n-So’s chart and the Great Book

May not fit – take another look.


“I’m the antichrist” he won’t say,

(Thought from the late, great Heron’s day)

The antichrist scheme is in sight

It’s been showing its false “light-ray”

“It’s all future” – you should question!

Read Word – not “novel” suggestion.


Christ IS coming again, that’s sure.

His Kingdom will ever endure.

Trust only His Word – It IS right

The Bible’s prophetically pure!

Deception near lies, in disguise.

“God, make us wise, un-blind our eyes.”

– eab, Dec. 2009


Time #2: Have you touched “time”? You nor I have touched “time” but we all agree “time” has touched us. “Time” has caused some hair to turn gray, other to turn loose. Would you say “I can’t accept ‘time’ since I can’t touch it”?

– eab, 12/17/17



King born in barn  

A King born in a barn? Surely you jest.

There’s more to your story? I might have guessed.

A miracle conception? Yes indeed!

After, He developed with normal speed.

– eab, Dec. 2009


Time #3: When you hear the tick-tock of the clock are you hearing “time?” Can time be heard scurrying along a road? Can you listen to “time” dragging by in a hospital room? “Time” passes everyday for every man on every mountain & every isle.

– eab, 12/17/17


“Ye are the living temples of the trinity: The Father is your life, The Son your light, The Spirit your love.”

– John Fletcher, Works vol 2


Time #4: Has it been your privilege to smell “time”? What’s its odor? Or does “time” have a taste?  We experienced tasting things fresh (home-made bread) & things old (spoiled milk) but we’ve neither smelled nor tasted “time.” 12/17/17


1Jo 4. 12

“No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.”


Time #5 “Bryan, what are you trying say?” Two things but the one (the huge, mysterious, baffling subject of What Is Time) will have to wait.  A conversation today brought to light a comparison between “time” & God. No earth-bound man sees God. No yet-alive woman has touched God. We’ve not heard God (except in spiritual ways) nor have we smelled or tasted Him. But none of this PROVES God doesn’t exist – He exists as much, yea, much more than “time.”

– eab, 12/17/17

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12/171903 @ 10:35 a Thursday

the Wright “wing”

did the right thing –

it flew. 🙂

  • eab, 12/17/17

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God Gallantly Gave  

It is a little like God to give.

He gave the greatest Gift of all,

(Knowing when taxation would fall)

Allowed birth in crude stall –

What a place to start to live.


God gallantly gave – showing all,

How to humanly rise and share,

To extend hands that confirm care,

Sometimes, the gift of “being there.”

Giving is much more “fun” than ball.


Some, when pantry is nearly bare,

Find a gift within their large heart,

Service is gift’s most costly part.

They find more, once they really start

Giving, giving all that they dare.


God’s where all giving has its start.

He gives and gives, gave and He gave,

Life to sovereign, life to the slave.

His Gift should cause a greater rave.

Giving is a bit like God’s heart

– eab, Dec. 2008


Love the world? Fascinated by the walk/talk/balk (balk against God) of all things worldly? You won’t love it long – probably less than 100 yrs. Either you will willingly let go of it, to grasp a far, Far, FAR greater love, Jesus Christ & BTW His love is forever. Or the world will be pulled from your dying fingers; & you’ll forever hate the world in a hot eternity.

– eab, 12/16/17



America should be in the shaming,

For its fixation with (gambling) “gaming,”

Sinning is so selfish in its play aiming.

Only God can do the needed taming

To call it gambling is not blaming,

Nor is it some “knee-jerk” mis-naming

Gaming? To the word “play,” how defaming!

– eab, Dec.  2006


Our Lord, Christ Jesus, never ended one statement with “jk” or “lol.”

– eab, 11/16/15


“Mankind are prone to run to extremes. The world is full of men who always overdo or underdo.”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 2


Today’s my day to pray for grandchildren; to pray “the Lord of the harvest” to send THEM forth into His harvest. I pray He’ll send some-to-all of the males as Proclaimers (full-time or “laymen”). Send the females as Prayers, also praying “the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into His harvest” (Luk 10.2); making them all productive in His Kingdom. Grandchildren – Please pray till you have God’s plan for life. When you reach your “sunset years” you’ll be so glad you did.

– eab, 12/16/17


Jos 1. 7

“Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law, which Moses my servant commanded thee: turn not from it to the right hand or to the left…”


The hypocrite takes one of two stands about “separation” from the world.

1.) He can act like what the Bible says doesn’t matter. or

2.) he can interpret the Bible so that it actually “approves” of his shift to the left.

– eab, 11/6/17

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We might not have been impressed

When the shepherds came;

One tall and young and strong

One older, shorter, lame.

But they came, all the same.

– eab, Dec. 2006


Thank God for the positives of Plain People (& for many of these seeking to be or have become holy). Being plain saves no one. Thank God for the many new converts who (walking in the light they have) still appear gaudy. Being gaudy saves no one. Thank God, He sees beyond the “plainness” & below “gaudiness” to the level of obedience/joy in every soul. And Thank God we can, regardless of roots, become present saints & therefore future citizens of heaven.

– eab, 12/15/17



Twas the darkest of nights,

Far from village lights,

In a stable, lonely, forlorn;

That the Kings of kings,

The Brightest of “brights,”

Descended to be born.

– eab, Dec. 2006


Being fearfully & wonderfully made, includes of course, our bone, sinew & muscles structures, & skin. It includes the intricate forms & functions of other body organs. And, it includes our God-planned mind, operating along the “impossibly” detailed “highways” “roads” “lanes” “paths” etc. of the brain. Is this all?  No. There’s our “fearfully & wonderfully made” SOUL. It’s convictions & contents almost hidden but thankfully shown by our Creator as we open-up to the Spirit’s leadership made possible by the Lord Jesus.

– eab, 12/15/17


Will #1 “Often a wicked man if he will is changed into a good man, and a good man through sloth falls away, and becomes wicked because God has endued us with free agency.”

– Chrysostom, as quoted by John Fletcher, Works vol 2


Some of you/US are nearly flippant about “clothing,” verbal “expressions,” & “santa” paraphernalia which permeates our bi – valued society. Few times of the year more deeply show how secularized we Christians are than “christmas.” I fear the seriousness of playing “santa,” wearing red/white fringed caps, joking about “rudolph” & what I’ve been guilty of, saying, “Merry Christmas to all & to all…” do NOT honor Christ. “O Bryan, you’re getting old.” Admittedly. But maybe getting older is thinking in a more heavenly way?

– eab, 12/15/17


Will #2 “Man, a reasonable being and in that respect like God, is made FREE in his will…”

– Irenaeus, as quoted by John Fletcher, Works vol 2


It shouldn’t surprise (though it seems to, too often) satan provides a substitute for God’s gift. (Basically all satan can do is imitate God, Whom he hates but can’t get away from & Who will confine him forever.) There’s a true filling by the Holy Spirit for every walking-in-the light Believer.  If we’re not willing to be empted of self & receive His filling, satan offers us his imitation. This fake spirit can have “emotion” “dedication” even “separation” (from certain sins) but is unholy & will damn “…Try the spirits…” (1Jo 4.1).  – eab,12/15/17


Will #3 “No reward can be justly bestowed, no punishment justly inflicted upon him who is good or bad by necessity and not by his own choice.”

– Tertullian, as quoted by John Fletcher, Works vol 2

Rejoice with me. Every year since ‘64 (two exceptions) God’s helped me pen a christmas poem. The one for 2017 was written yesterday.  Lord willing, I’ll post “Him – Not Some Date” in a few days. Some friends don’t have fb/email or send a snail-mail card to which we try to respond-in-kind. (Have mailed as high as 350-400 in the past but electronic is easier & much cheaper.) Feel free to print a copy of this year’s poem.

– eab, 12/15/17

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Reception? Hardly.  

Was it barn, cave, outdoor stable?

It had no bed, stool, no table.

What a beginning, what a place;

Such a poor reception to “grace”

Yet God loved, as only He’s able!

– eab, Dec. 2006



Numerous times I heard the announcement, “Put your own oxygen mask on first, then help the child next to you.” Makes Perfect Sense. If you pass out helping them, you both suffer. You nor I can truly help anyone to go to heaven until WE have stopped purposely doing what we know is wrong. Sinners can be kind to others, can be honest with others, can even love others, but only a genuine follower of Christ can show others how to follow Him. Makes Perfect Sense.




They did not seek for wisdom –

They were then called wise.


They did not seek for mean wealth –

They already had that prize.


They did not seek for His wonders –

Wonders had not yet begun.


They came to Him to worship Him –

For that, they made their long “run.”

– eab, Dec. 2006



Do you love your wife? Love her “ to the moon & back” – – – Ah, make that “to heaven” & not back but to stay, someday? She’s your “BEST” earthly friend. If someone is a friend you want what’s Best for them – how much more for Her. What’re you doing that shows THIS LOVE? Or what little words (you call them “little”) what little actions (you deem them small) hinder her walk with God. [ I “preach” to eab, as well.]   – eab, 12/14/17


“…Before the Supreme Being, nothing can appear more detestable than the pride

of a degenerate & ungrateful creature.”

– John Fletcher, Works, vol 3


WHO are you? Someone told you your name. WHAT are you? Someone told you you’re American, etc.

WHERE were you born? Someone told you a city. WHEN did you get here? Someone told you a date. .

WHY ARE YOU HERE? Has anyone told you? You’re here to prepare for heaven. Seriously!

Start by reading the New Testament & Praying to Jesus Christ – – – Earnestly!!!

– eab, 12/14/17


Pro 16. 18

“PRIDE goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”


Some men are married to sports. Some men are married to a business. Some men are married to politics. Some men are married to books. Some men are married to money power. Some men are married to music. Some men are married to their “image” of themselves. Some men should NOT get married to a lady until they grow beyond the above “drives” or can at least balance them, in all fairness, to the fairer sex.

– eab, 12/14/17

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