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Some things can be /in the Bible/ & yet not be Biblical, i.e. they do not fit the “tenor” of Scripture. “Pray tell, of what do you speak?” Allow three, for now: 1.) The words of satan (in Eden & since) 2.) The speeches of “Job’s comforters” 3.) The concept of celibacy (“allowable” not highly recommended).

– eab, 12/28/17




We spend our days

In a mice-like maze,

And think that its “great stuff,”

Failing to see,

Trite tinselry,

As it truly is ─ all fluff.

– eab, Jan. ‘05


New Year? according to man-made calendars? We have little idea of what the /true year/ or /true day/ is. _Reminder:_ 11 days were subtracted from US calendars in 1752. (They went to bed the night of 9/2/1752 & when they got up the next AM it was 9/14/1752.) What else was changed? When? By whom? Do not be too tied into time but rather become more aware of what lies beyond time.

– eab, 1/2/18


“How formal do we have to be to be formal?”

– Steve D Herron, unknown date


In the early 70’s I was in the court room when the late, great Levi W Whisner was on trial for his Christian sch (Darke Co, OH). Bro Whisner repeatedly told the judge, “The Bible says…” After several of these, the prosecuting attorney asked the judge to have Whisner give Book, chapter, & verse (words to have effect) & I saw that hurt our Brother’s cause. Since then, I’ve believed, the more, in not only knowing Scripture but as God helps us, know the reference. Are you memorizing Scripture? With reference? 1/2/18



Gen 2.7

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and

breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

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