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You can have a perfect vacation spot: Alpine peak, Pacific beach, etc., & on a quiet afternoon fall asleep. The simple act of closing your eyes blocks all the beauty (which you paid dearly to see). God has provided, “heights” of holiness, “oceans” of sacred spiritual truths (for which His Son paid dearly) but, by simply closing your spiritual eyes to these, for you they might-as-well not be there. Awaken, Friend, pursue Truth.

– eab, 1/3/18



If you feel at home in Egypt’s “clime,”

Happy to give it your energy and time,

Not minding its sin, yes, and slime;

Then you’re a poor, lost sinner, My Friend.


If you’re out of sin but wand’ring wild,

Out of sin, but very much a child

Wanting religion – Please “keep it mild.”

Then you’re a carnal Christian, My Friend.


If you’ve approached Jordan at high tide,

Have, by faith, crossed its waters, floody and wide

And know now the Spirit doth abide,

You’re a holy believer, My Friend.


Is there more to this Egypt-toward-Canaan walk?

Yes, circle Jericho, circle without talk

And by all means, avoid Achan’s balk

There is growth in Canaan land, My Friend.

– eab, Jan.  2007


Do not believe in the sovereignty of God to the point of denying that man has his all-important will.

Nor believe in man’s will to the point that you deny the sovereignty of God. God has given these two in just-the-right-balance & thankfully we can trust Him in this area, as much as in all others.- eab, 1/3/18


“When we put the Word to the test of our experience, we’ve gone modern.”

– Steve D Herron, sermon, 2/21/1975


God wants you to be Holy. The devil does not. But, hear it, satan doesn’t mind you academically studying about Holiness, he doesn’t mind you testifying to being Holy (as long as it’s not true), he doesn’t even mind someone calling you “Holy.” What satan can’t stand is for you to die out to all personal ambitions, give God the “lock, stock, & barrel” of life & be, everyday, perfect in heart. Be. Ye. Holy.

– eab, 1/3/18


Joh 1.9

“That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”



I like light. I do not worship the sun as many have (some still do, undercover) but I like the light this servant of earth provides. Nor do I worship the moon or its light but I like its almost mysterious glow. I *do* worship Jesus, the *Son* of God & love His Light. His Light preceded the two above & outlasts them.

– eab, 1/3/18

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