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Many new Christians have been lead away from worldly entertainment; it starting dropping off as he/she saw its corruption. Sadly, many a cooling off “christians” have moved the opposite direction. They started with what they considered “clean” entertainment (& probably had some “reservation” about that) but as is the nature of carnality, it got worse.

– eab, 1/4/18




Thank you Lord for shoes and sox.

Thank you for my house – a live-in box

Thank you pheasants, ‘specially colorful cocks

Thank you the wildness of regal fox

Thank you for accuracy in fine clocks

Thank you for the ability to de-tox.

Thank you for door and keyed, complicated locks

Thank you missionaries – Ted and Nola Haux *

Thank you for bricks; man-made building blocks

Thank you I’m over childhood chicken-pox

Thank you for contents in dairy-farm crocks.

– eab, 1/6/11    * drove ‘53 Plymouth to AK 20+ summers


On several happy occasions I taught Hermeneutics (preferred title, Biblical Interpretation). (10 yrs ago I was teaching #1 of 3 short-term classes at PVBI.) I used to place an object on the desk where all could see & ask them, on paper, to describe it. They seriously looked at it (a time or two it was a brick). Later I pointed out that those on one side of the room saw an altered angle from those on the other. It’s so wonderful Friend, that God knows who is honest with their own heart & Him. And, He understands the angle from which we see things.

– eab, 1/3/18



“Love is without hate, faith is without doubt,

humility is without pride, meekness is without anger.”

– Wm. McDonald, from his /The Double Cure/



“Bryan, you post about the Bible, the KJV, the Scriptures – what if I don’t believe the Bible?” That’s a fair question. You, of course, can believe what you want to believe, but belief should be rational. 1.) Consider the l-o-n-g history of the Bible. 2.) Consider the many positive effects of Biblical living. (France had revolution, England had revival – France had no Wesleys/Whitfield, England did.) 3.) _And_ consider, you very likely are not a Bible student. If you’ll read It, & heed It, you may soon see reason to *Belief* It. 1/6/18



Gal 2.18

“For if I build again the things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor.”



A young man might wish that young ladies came with a Truth-in-Packaging-Label: “Pretty but lazy” or “nice face, naughty heart.” A girl might wish boys came with the same: “Strong but proud of muscles,” or “Will love you but will love car as much.” If you, young man or lady, walk with God & ask Him, He can help you discern the “label” which you can’t see but He can. Prayers now can save much heartache later.

– eab, 1/6/18

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