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“I’m too young to have gray hair!” Oh. Really? God didn’t think so. 1/8/18


This morning I was able again to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. After I had done my variety of stretches & drunk two glasses of water (making observations out our kitchen window as I did), I was able to sit down in my favorite chair (with a glass of OJ beside me), put my favorite Book in my lap & look out our front room twin windows before I started to read. Across from us is a stretch of fenceless field & a stand of mainly deciduous woods upon which I never tire of feasting my eyes. Thank You, Jesus.

– eab, 1/8/18



Virgin Born

It was by a woman, sin entered the earth

(“Humanly speaking” – for what that is worth)

And it was by a woman our Redeemer came

A lowly, single, peasant dame.

Man can be saved, because a virgin gave birth.

– eab, Jan. 2016  


Literature is my BA major. Lit’s main divisions are Poetry & Prose. Prose is separated into Fiction & Non-fiction. The last was once “cut-&-dried.” The entertainment industry (it’s a multi-billion $ industry, spewing out pollution) has blurred the line between Fact & Fiction. I could wish this blurring were only in the world & “formal churches” – it’s not. Awake, Friend, the best of us have too many “innocent” (Not!) images floating in our heads. Flee hollywood. Seek Truth in the Greatest Non-fiction Book.

– eab, 1/8/18



“Going on unto perfection is the only safeguard against backsliding.”

– Wm. McDonald, from his /The Double Cure/



To read the Bible is to walk up a ridge – wonderful, familiar trail – & view vistas from there. You can look one way & connect with scenery. You can gaze another & enjoy Bible-scapes there. Let me encourage you to daily hike through a portion, long or short, of the greatest Book you can carry as you travel life. Trek on.

– eab, 1/8/18



Heb 6.1

“Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection…”



There are various scenes in the Bible which would’ve been great to witness: you possibly have a list (long list J) of them. Was just thinking about Christ’s calling Matthew to follow Him. When He invited the two sets of fishing brothers they left, post hast, & there appears to be someone still to help dad. But Matthew, did he have an assistant to take his stool while it’s still warm? To whom did he leave his business? That’s one of the scenes I’d like to see.

– eab, 1/8/18



General Rules of the United Societies (Methodist History) – Wesley, 1739

avoiding evil…that which is most generally practiced…List included:

* The buying or selling goods that have not paid the duty. *

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