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*The Highway of Holiness*

It Exists. It has an Entrance.  It requires Endurance.

It is Enjoyable. It reaches on Eternally.

And (sadly) It has Exits. c. 1970’s




Thank you Lord for snatches of poetry

And a bit of song,

And prose sprinkled between

It helps my life along.

– eab, Jan. 2006


Alms? – not in heaven.

Prayers? – not in heaven.

Fasting? – not in heaven. (Here is our place to do these.)

– eab, 11/28/02


“…John Calvin who justifies Christians getting angry, is historically known for his disposition and exhibition of anger.”

– Warren McIntire, /Righteous Indignation/


We, Christian churches, have been robbed at “pen-point.” Too often shallow “music” scribblers have written UNrhymed ditties and equally shallow “worship leaders” have foisted such tripe onto UNwilling congregations.

– eab, 4/24/16


1Jo 4:18

“…Perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”


Allow me to suggest you make a list of Who taught you What. One taught this, other showed how to do that, a third revealed the trick of so-n-so. My list has a last name beginning with “A” (Amstrup-taught me how to calk in 1985) & “Z” (Zehr-taught me how to “fan” a stack of paper so each sheet shows a tiny edge c. 1959) with several between. It’s a way to be thankful, to be reminded to pray for them, & a review of personal history – yours J.

– eab, 1/8/18


General Rules of the United Societies (Methodist History) – Wesley, 1739

avoiding evil…that which is most generally practiced…List included:

* The giving or taking things on usury—i.e., unlawful interest. *

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