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If your soul is pulling to the right or pulling (as a car may) to the left, take it to God’s soul-alignment shop right away – before it causes an accident. If you submit your soul to Him (give/re-give Him the “key”) & pay the price (obedience), He can fix your soul’s alignment & have you back on the highway of holiness in a jiffy.

– eab, 1/13/18




The damp dark bark down below

And the wind whipping through above,

Make me glad for a fireplace glow

About a hearth with ones I love.

– eab, 1/13/76


Fatherly Balance

It’s a wonderful thing to know

That God who reigns above.

Has a Fatherly balance

Between discipline and love.

– eab, 1/12/09


My grammar is still not impeccable but has improved. In my first year to teach (Hobe ’67) I was talking with Bro. Herron & said, “I seen….” He said, “I saw.” It was not long after that I again said, “I seen….” He again said, “I saw.” He was not unkind, scowling, or preachy, but I got the point. That was possibly the last time I misused that but as I remember it *was* the last time I used it in his presence. He was a great man!

– eab, 1/11/18


“…The church will succeed in proportion that she corrects the spirit of the age.”

– G. Campbell Morgan



You, lady, met this guy & like a lot about him – maybe 95%. What do you do about “that trying” 5%?

1st Recognize no living human is 100% perfect, including you. 2nd Accept the *fact* you can’t change him (please, for his sake & yours, don’t take this as a challenge & you both suffer for yrs). You decide if you can overlook the negative & love the rest. If you honestly can’t – stop & “shop” 😉 for another.

– eab, 1/13/18



Act 12.5

“Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him”


God, unlike cultish-minded men, doesn’t want to change your personality. He has absolutely no desire to make you a robot. (He could have made such if he’d wanted to.) You’re human, He made you such & enjoys seeing you enjoy humanity. It’s carnality He has made provision to free you from while leaving your humanity intact. Humanity in heaven? Yes. Carnality in heaven? Never!

– eab, 1/13/18



General Rules of the United Societies (Methodist History) – Wesley, 1739

avoiding evil…that which is most generally practiced…(as)

* The taking such diversions as cannot be used in the name of the Lord Jesus.*

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