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Some have a love for the world as evidenced by pics, posts, & positions, but they want to claim a love for God too. Turn this around; a true lover of God never try’s to convince you that he loves the world. No, he is fleeing the wrath to come (Mat 3.7& Luk 3.7). Godliness & worldliness mix no more than oil & water.

– eab, 1/13/18



“Your peer, So-n-So, is dead”

Is now, much too often said,

‘Bout the pals & gals of yesteryear.

But were we to see his present mode

In his new happy, high-up abode

He’s more alive than he ever was down here.


Happy are they who die in the Lord,

Whether rich, or slim of “room & board.”

They’ve gone to be with God for aye!

Oh, may you & may I, dear Friend

Land safe in heaven’s port, at our end,

When “he’s dead,” they mistakenly say.

– eab, 1/15/18


God has allowed into heaven a huge variety of personalities, of peculiarities, of persons of preference, all cleansed from sins & purified from Adam’s sin. The Lord is more tolerant of eccentricities than most of us are, but He’s not the least tolerant of carnality. It’s seems too easy for us to be lenient on inbred sin.

– eab, 1/13/18


“Partial obedience is really no obedience.”

– Paul Pierpoint, sermon, 6/24/01


If you were satan, wouldn’t you consider putting out a “false Bible”? Wouldn’t you think it “wicked fun” to gain the assistance of some “christian” scholars to give your “bad book” credence? Wouldn’t you find “delight” in bringing out a 2nd, 10th, 100th new version so people are so confused they give up on the true Bible. Eh? Can you see this?




1Sa 15.22b & 23

“…to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.”



Do not stumble over the concept or word Trinity. It is impossible to understand “Trinity” but God has placed hints & micro-examples around us. Matter of fact, He made man a little trinity himself. The Body is you but, wait, the Soul is you, and, hold-on, life (the spirit from God) is also you. You are all three & if/when one is missing you will no longer be you.

– eab, 1/15/18



General Rules of the United Societies (Methodist History) – Wesley, 1739

avoiding evil…that which is most generally practiced…(as)

* Softness and needless self-indulgence.*

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