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114 yrs ago today a boy was born in Murray City, OH to Charles Edgar “Ed” Bryan & Bertha Powers Bryan. They called their second/last son Clyde – I called him Dad. He graduated from Rutland High School in ‘23, & wed Mom, the 1st time, in ’27. They had Helen, Virginia, & Keith. (Sadly, Dad divorced Mom, married Kate & later considered suicide. God thankfully re-saved him, & Mom – bless her heart – remarried him.) They wed the 2nd time in ‘41. Yours truly, full blood to his siblings was born in ‘43. I Loved Dad. Have thought about him many times since his death (40+ yrs ago) & quote him every now-and-then. You know what it sounds like, “Dad used to say…”

– eab 2/5/18




We worship not river, stone, or historical sight,

Any more than we do sun, moon, or stars at night,

Not earthquake, stormy wind, or pleasant breeze

We worship not any of these.

We Adore their Maker, who dwells in Light.

– eab, 12/4/17



Some obsessed by man-made sports don’t like to hear how silly their fantasies are & try to place hunting & fishing in the same category. No. When a successful hunter/fisher returns he has meat. An unsuccessful huntsman/fisherman returns with memories of quiet time with nature, scenes of God’s beauty, & sounds of the woods/lake in his mind. These are so much better than the loud memories of *mere* man-made games!

– eab, 2/2/18



“Never was there a man so entirely of one work as Whitefield.”

– Able Stevens, /History of Methodism, vI/


Deception is sad when you’re deceived & don’t know it. It’s worse when you know you’re being deceived & you (in a socially accepted “stupor”) are enjoying the “lie.” It seems worse yet, to be “lied” to, enjoy being lied to, AND pay big dollars to see/hear wild deceptions. Is there anything worse? Yeeees. When the deception you’ve watched becomes “reality,” & the real world becomes, to you, non-reality. Sad! Sad! Sad!  – eab, 2/2/18



Ecc 9.10

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might…”



God, as far as I know, never made a clock. But He created & flawlessly maintains the most beautiful “time piece” & we live under its face. Our sun whirls by in constant, rhythmical precision. Our moon arrives on schedule whither midnight or high noon showing a different “time.” And, beyond the sun & its lesser-light-twin, a myriad stars who, if/when we understand them, reveal a third “time” in God’s perfect clock. Enjoy!

– eab, 1/31/18



Dad said, “A bargain’s not a bargain, if you don’t need it.” – Clyde D Bryan

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