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God has allowed me to join the very best family; I have Brothers & Sisters on every continent & more yet already in heaven. Many of my earthly-spiritual-siblings I’ve not met, & millions of the eternally-safe-ones I don’t know, but I claim them as older Brothers & Sisters. There is no way I deserve to be in such an illustrious “clan” but I’m happy to be a little brother in God’s Great Family.

– eab, 2/6/18



Once upon a time, in story-book tales

Boy meets girl and love prevails,

Man finds fortune, woman finds fame

Heroes change – the story’s the same.

All MAY live happily ever-after

Happily ever-after is the only ever-after to have

Happily ever-after is what God has planned.

– eab, Feb. ’80



What you “do” may not be wrong for somebody else. (Maybe 100’s will be in heaven who did it.) And it might not be /as/ wrong for you but for an attitude. The “See, I can do x” which your pastor speaks against, & your parents wouldn’t allow you to do, shows a less then desirable mouth & mindset.

– eab, 2/5/18


“Are we adjusting to the Bible or to the darkness?”

– Ken Thompson, (uncertain date or locale)


The OT is like visiting a foreign country. You are allured by the “sights,” the tantalizing “sounds.” You are tempted &/or appalled by the “smells.” You touch with wonder & taste to agree or not-so-much. You are in a foreign place. It is nice, even wonderful, to visit. I’m very glad I don’t live there.

– eab, 2/6/18


Rev 16.10

“And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and

his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain.”



Once people came to USA for a better life. They cut most ties with the past. They wanted to learn English, wanted to dress like US, wanted to begin anew. Now we seen people who don’t want to alter their speech, don’t want to switch clothing styles, don’t want to change but want America to agree with them. But Wait. We have this problem in holiness churches: people who don’t want to drop slang (or worse), who don’t want to wear modest clothing, don’t want to change but want holiness churches to conform to them.

– eab, 2/6/18




Dad said, “You’ll never notice it on a galloping horse.” – Clyde D. Bryan

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