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A huge number of heaven’s population (who died as adults) had “agricultural roots.” Explain? Until recent history almost everyone raised their food. Saints have come from farms, ranches, truck patches, back-yard gardens. They learned to depend on God for sunshine & rain – – – & by extension they grew to want Him to be their life & in their After-Life. Relatively few atheists are men/women who work the soil.

– eab, 12/20/17


How SHould you spend today?  

If tomorrow were the last of days,

The entrance of the eternal phase,

The beginning of condemnation or praise.

How would you spend today?


If tomorrow saw the flight of health,

Or by dusk’s light the loss of all wealth.

Coming quite aware, or all by stealth.

How would you spend today?


If tomorrow your goals were lost to sight,

Your plans so great, plunged into night,

Never again to have hope or light.

How would you spend today?


Or – if tomorrow you were blind or lame,

And you were not ever to be the same,

Or – if tomorrow morning never came.

How would you spend today?

– eab,  Feb.  2005


Many of us are aware that we have friends to our left on “x” position. We may also have friends to our right. Which ones are easier for us to acknowledge as “full” brothers? Do we tend to accept the leftist guys more easily? Or the boys to the right of our “perfect” (J) position? You may say, “This is a silly question.” It may not be as silly as you’re tempted to think.

– eab, 12/23/17



“Temperance is the management of the allowed.”

– Donald               Winter, 3/9/1998


There are men who’ve learned from books, The Book, & directly from God (“…Holy Ghost…shall teach you all things…”Joh 14.26b). We speak of them as “self-made.” Others have studied under “scholars” who taught them to think (like the scholar thought). Therefore they’re “scholar-made.” Which is best? Possibly a mixture, leaving the percentages up to the Father for each man: some 10% – 90%, some 25% -75%, some 50 -50. Maybe they’re like piano players: the best have the “natural ear” & can sight-read also.

– eab, 12/28/17



1Co 9.25

“And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things…”


Creator. It seems too short, too simple a word. Before we knew anything about Him, God in His majesty spoke much into existence: 1.) The 3 worlds of heaven, earth, & sea. 2.) The 3 high-heaven-entities of sun, moon & stars 3.) The 3 lower-heaven items of clouds, moisture, & wind. 4.) The 3 sea complexities: tides, waves cleansing it, & the great deeps (Gen 7.11) 4.) 5.) The 3 “worlds” on earth: non-living (minerals, stone, soil), flora, & fauna.

– eab, 12/2917

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