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Is it possible as believers in the freedom of the will, that we have looked at backsliding too lightly? Is it normal for a marriage to fall apart? We should no more accept backsliding as normal than we should accept an occasional adulterous act in a marriage. Neither is normal. We’ve accepted going back on God more than we accept going back on a wife. It’s possible for a marriage to survive adultery but it will strain it; one partner will have a huge heart – God is that One. What a shame!

– eab, 1/8/17




It can be measured (often is),

Though it’s never been seen.

It has no color of its own,

Not blue, nor white, nor green.


It can’t be successfully weighed,

On balance or on a scale,

Yet it’s always up for “grabs,”

Daily this object’s for sale.


It has no height from which to fall,

Cannot be rolled into a ball,

Is “long” or “short” by attitude,

Is loathed or loved with gratitude.


What’s this thing o’er land and sea,

Ruling the dry and maritime?

Give up? Don’t know it by now?

It’s that commodity man calls TIME.

– eab, Feb. ’05



Become more, not less, attached to your New Testament (NT). Read it more. Memorize it more. Live it more. On the opposite side, do not follow any one or any teaching which leads you back to the OT. As time is separate from Eternity, so the OT ended & the NT began – they are two separate worlds. The cross of Christ “joins” the Testaments & yet it divides the Testaments.

– eab, 1/8/17


“He [man] is free to choose how he will act but he is not free to choose the results of this action.”

– L D Wilcox, /Profiles Wesleyan Theology/


Is there any pride worse than a woman being proud of her looks or a man proud of his strength? Yes – Probably – when a “christian” is proud of an acquired “spirituality” which is not found in the New Testament.  His superior feeling toward true Believers must grieve the heart of Jesus Christ.  If your newly modified position does not agree with Christ, Paul, and other NT writers, please drop it friend, before it takes your soul to the realm of eternal horrors. And – – – you take others with you.

– eab, 2/6/17


Gal 5.22 – 23a

“…The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

“Meekness, temperance…”


The man who “has a hankering” to be called “Doctor” without doing the work, is not to be admired, nor called by his false title. He has picked up this desire from being around other shallowly “doctored” guys.

The man who has a desire to be filled with the Holy Ghost has perhaps also been around men who were filled with the Spirit & identified with that hunger.

– eab, 2/24/17

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