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You may have no interest in knowing about symbols but I urge you to learn. Millions can’t read English but can read symbols in films. Search for the meanings behind: 6 or 5 pointed star (“standing” on 2 or 1 point), pyramids, sun (circle, circle with central dot, or with rays), 1 eye (with other covered or not there), hand signals (“victory” index & middle fingers) or raised index & small finger with 2 middle folded down).

– eab, 2/14/18

Men have lied and killed, been so cruel

To have a few more miles to rule,

Thinking lands were the cruelties worth.

Poor souls. “The meek shall inherit the earth!”

– eab, Feb. 2008




The bush that was green and yet was red,

The bush that burned but was not dead,

The bush that in the desert flamed,

The bush where our God was “named.”

– eab, Feb. 2009


Home schooling Moms/Dads – some of the best educated parents in the world. You went through 12-17 yrs of schooling before staring to teach “Junior” & now you have constant renewal of ideas, definitions, concepts, dates, locations, etc. What better way to stay academically nimble? Pray for patience, remember your own school weak spots, & realize you’re doing the most important job in the county. Carry on! 2/13/18


“When men are opposed to holiness it is because holiness is opposed to them.”

– J A Wood, /PerfectLove/


You can’t be a Holiness preacher & not preach Holiness. Your denomination may have “Holiness” in its paperwork. Your pocket credential may have “Holiness” on it, but if you don’t preach often about the privilege of being Holy & necessity of being Holy you’re not a Holiness preacher. Come back to declaring “Be Ye Holy”(1Pe 1.15). Come back, brother, seek His face. We need more not fewer holiness preachers.




1Th 4.7

“For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness.”


Young lady – the guy with whom you’ve had a date or two, what’s he *really* like? “Well, I don’t know” (sigh). Allow a little list: What does he talk about? What does he read? How does he spend his day-off? (Oh, he doesn’t have a job?) How does he spend his money (or is he spending yours)? What do he & buddies do when they don’t realize you see? Does he have a savings? Does he put only $1 in the offering plate? Is he indebt? Is he on time for a date? Has he introduced you to his boss? [List in no order.]

– eab, 2/18/18

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