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Heb 9.27 + + + +

Heb 9.27

“…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”


Who knows the “mind” of satan – no One but God. It would seem the more satan can attract our attention to the world’s sizzle & flash, spin, & bash the less we’ll think about Death. Judgment. Hell. Eternity. If this assumption is correct, please pastor, do not make your church another spot for entertainment. Make your church the one place sinners will hear truth & can stop long enough to have serious thought & prayer.

– eab, 2/28/18



“…When he [the sanctified man] consents to submerge his own personality in the generalities of social religious or denominational conduct he has consented to his own elimination as a factor in God’s hand for bringing things to pass.”

– H A Baldwin, /Holiness & the Human Element



Do you know that JESUS —

Left the place of spectacular worth

To come down, come way down to our earth.

(Though He once traveled through Egypt’s sand

He never sinned the sins of said land)

He not only lived, but Oh! He died.

(A death known as being crucified)

Christ rose from His tomb, rose from the dead

Just as He’d once prophetically said

Later appeared to the twelve, less one

Body glorified, yet the pierced Son,

After a lengthy, forty-day count

Returned to God from a special mount

Angel messengers told gazing men

Jesus will, in fact, so come again.

His return is the saint’s high, grand hope

As society slides down sin’s slope.

– eab, 2/27/18



Tit 1.4

“Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and

commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”


1.) HOW often do you talk to God? 2.) WHAT do you talk to Him about? 3.) WHEN do you talk with God?

4.) WHERE do you talk with Him? 5.) WHY do you talk to God? 6.) HOW easy is it for you to talk to God? [Questions posted to help – answer only to yourself.]

– eab, 2/27/18


“Preach damnation with the cross in the center.”

– Wm Booth, quoted by Andrew W Blackwood

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