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Meek + + + +

You may have no interest in knowing about symbols but I urge you to learn. Millions can’t read English but can read symbols in films. Search for the meanings behind: 6 or 5 pointed star (“standing” on 2 or 1 point), pyramids, sun (circle, circle with central dot, or with rays), 1 eye (with other covered or not there), hand signals (“victory” index & middle fingers) or raised index & small finger with 2 middle folded down).

– eab, 2/14/18

Men have lied and killed, been so cruel

To have a few more miles to rule,

Thinking lands were the cruelties worth.

Poor souls. “The meek shall inherit the earth!”

– eab, Feb. 2008




The bush that was green and yet was red,

The bush that burned but was not dead,

The bush that in the desert flamed,

The bush where our God was “named.”

– eab, Feb. 2009


Home schooling Moms/Dads – some of the best educated parents in the world. You went through 12-17 yrs of schooling before staring to teach “Junior” & now you have constant renewal of ideas, definitions, concepts, dates, locations, etc. What better way to stay academically nimble? Pray for patience, remember your own school weak spots, & realize you’re doing the most important job in the county. Carry on! 2/13/18


“When men are opposed to holiness it is because holiness is opposed to them.”

– J A Wood, /PerfectLove/


You can’t be a Holiness preacher & not preach Holiness. Your denomination may have “Holiness” in its paperwork. Your pocket credential may have “Holiness” on it, but if you don’t preach often about the privilege of being Holy & necessity of being Holy you’re not a Holiness preacher. Come back to declaring “Be Ye Holy”(1Pe 1.15). Come back, brother, seek His face. We need more not fewer holiness preachers.




1Th 4.7

“For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness.”


Young lady – the guy with whom you’ve had a date or two, what’s he *really* like? “Well, I don’t know” (sigh). Allow a little list: What does he talk about? What does he read? How does he spend his day-off? (Oh, he doesn’t have a job?) How does he spend his money (or is he spending yours)? What do he & buddies do when they don’t realize you see? Does he have a savings? Does he put only $1 in the offering plate? Is he indebt? Is he on time for a date? Has he introduced you to his boss? [List in no order.]

– eab, 2/18/18

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Christians & thinking non-Christians were right to oppose “evolutionary biology.” The “missing link” is still missing (“scientists” were forced to find bones, couldn’t, & we made gains.) We were wrong to not oppose “evolutionary astronomy.” Whereas we expected paleontologists to show fossils we’ve let “evolutionary astronomers” get by showing drawings & CGIs (computer generated images) & we, by not opposing them, have shown our gullibility. The same Bible that verified God made man, says the moon is its /own/ light. Man theorized it a reflector & sadly, we accepted theory over God’s Word.

– eab,1/17/17



I need to be a learner

In the great school of the Lord.

To be absent or miss class

Are “cuts” I can’t afford.


What does He want to teach me?

What lesson I’ve not learned?

Oh, help me Teacher, to see

Points o’er which YOU yearned.

– eab, Feb. 2007


Sounds hard but may help them never consider a divorce – Dare we tell children/grandchildren these:

1) Remind you don’t attend weddings (if known) where one has a living mate – nor will you come to theirs.

2) Let them know their first mate will always be welcome in your home (unless they also commit adultery).

3) Let them know the wedding pic of their 1st marriage hang in your home (new “wedding” pic won’t).

4) Let them know they & their “new” wife/husband may visit but they aren’t to spend the night.

5) Let them know you’ll love them (yes, love “new” mate) but that you hate divorce because God does.

– eab, 1/22/17


“…One thing tht [sic] will mark Christian perfection…

will be a willingness and readiness to apologize…”

– L D Wilcox, /Profiles Wesleyan Theology/



Suggestions for souls who find themselves in left-leaning congregations. 1.) Start praying for the Lord’s Day AM service on Monday. 2.) Ask God to give patience with the preaching. Almost never or never condemn his sermon (to his face/behind his back) – instead listen so you can complement that one line of his preaching, that one good illustration. 3.) Be ready with a classic hymn number if the song leader asks.

– eab, 1/29/17



Gal 5.4

“Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law;

 ye are fallen from grace.”


Con’t.  4.) Think about the words when you get to sing a hymn – revel in it depth. 5.) Listen closely to an occasional testimony or prayer request which has a spark of spiritual life & express true appreciation for it. 6.) Be prayed up so if the pastor calls on you, you’re ready – make sure that prayer glorifies Christ & is not aimed at “hypocrites.” 7.) Find/read books which are holiness classic for your own soul food.

– eab, 1/29/17

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I hope you’re thinking. Are you? When you hear words similar to “fair-minded & unbiased” & you hear them again, & again they’re indoctrinating you – they want you to actually believe their “sales” line. (Please, if you’re a “news junky” go to 3,4,5 sources – don’t trust any one source – Except the Good News J).

– eab, 2/15/18



The under-shepherd of the sheep,

May need to pray while others sleep.

He prays about their personal needs,

And tries to reach each, where he feeds

Dangerously close to crevasse, deep.

– eab, Feb.  2007



Some (too many) are relying on a childhood or long-ago religious experience. It’s really an antique. I’ve bought, sold & been around some nice antiques – I’ll pick on chairs. You see this fancy old seat. It’s pretty but is it safe to recline on? It appears valuable but is it comfortable? If your religious experience is just to look at & feel nostalgic about, you’d better update it. It should be trusted to be set-on, to bear the weight of stress, and not just be a museum piece.

– eab, 2/15/18



“Christians begin to backslide when they feel it their duty and see it their privilege to seek holiness and refuse to do it.”

– J A Wood, /PerfectLove/


God approves of certain actions & shows He does by His hallowed presence. This presence is recognized by those who have His presence dwelling in them “the witness of the Spirit.” God can’t be fooled so this approval is only on those who’re genuine. Man’s approval is shallow because man can be fooled.

– eab, 2/16/18



1Jo 4.18

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:

because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”



Some of God’s better men who’d His call to Bible school were poor. They arrived with little money. They prayed in soap, stamps, shoes & left school out of debt. When they took a poor-paying-pastorate they knew how to pray & believe God. Did you see “prayed in”? God hasn’t changed but with off campu$ work & government loan$ less is heard about praying in needs, Students are graduated with $1000’s of debt AND no history of depending on God. P.S. Do your kids/grandkids know about YOUR answers to past prayers?

– eab, 2/16/18

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What Is This + + + +

Is it possible as believers in the freedom of the will, that we have looked at backsliding too lightly? Is it normal for a marriage to fall apart? We should no more accept backsliding as normal than we should accept an occasional adulterous act in a marriage. Neither is normal. We’ve accepted going back on God more than we accept going back on a wife. It’s possible for a marriage to survive adultery but it will strain it; one partner will have a huge heart – God is that One. What a shame!

– eab, 1/8/17




It can be measured (often is),

Though it’s never been seen.

It has no color of its own,

Not blue, nor white, nor green.


It can’t be successfully weighed,

On balance or on a scale,

Yet it’s always up for “grabs,”

Daily this object’s for sale.


It has no height from which to fall,

Cannot be rolled into a ball,

Is “long” or “short” by attitude,

Is loathed or loved with gratitude.


What’s this thing o’er land and sea,

Ruling the dry and maritime?

Give up? Don’t know it by now?

It’s that commodity man calls TIME.

– eab, Feb. ’05



Become more, not less, attached to your New Testament (NT). Read it more. Memorize it more. Live it more. On the opposite side, do not follow any one or any teaching which leads you back to the OT. As time is separate from Eternity, so the OT ended & the NT began – they are two separate worlds. The cross of Christ “joins” the Testaments & yet it divides the Testaments.

– eab, 1/8/17


“He [man] is free to choose how he will act but he is not free to choose the results of this action.”

– L D Wilcox, /Profiles Wesleyan Theology/


Is there any pride worse than a woman being proud of her looks or a man proud of his strength? Yes – Probably – when a “christian” is proud of an acquired “spirituality” which is not found in the New Testament.  His superior feeling toward true Believers must grieve the heart of Jesus Christ.  If your newly modified position does not agree with Christ, Paul, and other NT writers, please drop it friend, before it takes your soul to the realm of eternal horrors. And – – – you take others with you.

– eab, 2/6/17


Gal 5.22 – 23a

“…The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

“Meekness, temperance…”


The man who “has a hankering” to be called “Doctor” without doing the work, is not to be admired, nor called by his false title. He has picked up this desire from being around other shallowly “doctored” guys.

The man who has a desire to be filled with the Holy Ghost has perhaps also been around men who were filled with the Spirit & identified with that hunger.

– eab, 2/24/17

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A huge number of heaven’s population (who died as adults) had “agricultural roots.” Explain? Until recent history almost everyone raised their food. Saints have come from farms, ranches, truck patches, back-yard gardens. They learned to depend on God for sunshine & rain – – – & by extension they grew to want Him to be their life & in their After-Life. Relatively few atheists are men/women who work the soil.

– eab, 12/20/17


How SHould you spend today?  

If tomorrow were the last of days,

The entrance of the eternal phase,

The beginning of condemnation or praise.

How would you spend today?


If tomorrow saw the flight of health,

Or by dusk’s light the loss of all wealth.

Coming quite aware, or all by stealth.

How would you spend today?


If tomorrow your goals were lost to sight,

Your plans so great, plunged into night,

Never again to have hope or light.

How would you spend today?


Or – if tomorrow you were blind or lame,

And you were not ever to be the same,

Or – if tomorrow morning never came.

How would you spend today?

– eab,  Feb.  2005


Many of us are aware that we have friends to our left on “x” position. We may also have friends to our right. Which ones are easier for us to acknowledge as “full” brothers? Do we tend to accept the leftist guys more easily? Or the boys to the right of our “perfect” (J) position? You may say, “This is a silly question.” It may not be as silly as you’re tempted to think.

– eab, 12/23/17



“Temperance is the management of the allowed.”

– Donald               Winter, 3/9/1998


There are men who’ve learned from books, The Book, & directly from God (“…Holy Ghost…shall teach you all things…”Joh 14.26b). We speak of them as “self-made.” Others have studied under “scholars” who taught them to think (like the scholar thought). Therefore they’re “scholar-made.” Which is best? Possibly a mixture, leaving the percentages up to the Father for each man: some 10% – 90%, some 25% -75%, some 50 -50. Maybe they’re like piano players: the best have the “natural ear” & can sight-read also.

– eab, 12/28/17



1Co 9.25

“And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things…”


Creator. It seems too short, too simple a word. Before we knew anything about Him, God in His majesty spoke much into existence: 1.) The 3 worlds of heaven, earth, & sea. 2.) The 3 high-heaven-entities of sun, moon & stars 3.) The 3 lower-heaven items of clouds, moisture, & wind. 4.) The 3 sea complexities: tides, waves cleansing it, & the great deeps (Gen 7.11) 4.) 5.) The 3 “worlds” on earth: non-living (minerals, stone, soil), flora, & fauna.

– eab, 12/2917

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“Our Father” – I share Father with the greatest people on the face of the earth. Not because of When they were born, or Where they were born, but because they came to realize (through God’s grace) that they needed Re-born, & they allowed the Lord to do just that.

– eab, 2/5/18




While on a walk down a deserted track,

Pursuing so far and about to turn back,

My eyes beheld in the midst of a field,

A scene, that to my mind did yield,

Visions of days long passed, of yore,

Imagination supplied the details of before.


Gone are the boys who slid the stair rail,

The man who returned with the ivory-brimmed pail.

Gone are the boys who read by the fire,

Pumping answers from their reading sire.

Gone is the fair miss, whose smile was near heaven,

The mother whose bread was fluffy with leaven.


And gone is the bride from this portal, to her own,

Light heartily laughing, a lady full grown.

Gone are the moments of sorrow and pain,

As are the blissful hours of lawful gain.

Gone are the moments of twinkle and mirth,

Shared by mortals who’ve passed from this earth.


The candle lights the study nevermore.

The flickering flames dance not on the floor.

The wood is decayed – the wall is rent,

The windows are gone, the roof is bent.

The shell of a house lies cold in the sun,

Its usefulness over, its story all run.


And only the mind sees the scenes of the past,

Realizing that memories alone will last.

– eab, Feb. ‘79


You send your child to state school – what’re you doing to counter-act those 30 hrs of influence? Don’t imagine that 5 hrs of church does it. Let me encourage you to pray, this spring, about home schooling your most precious possession (besides the souls of you/your mate). If you feel, after seriously praying, you can’t home school, then seek what God would have you do to count-act a strong state school influence.

– eab, 2/13/18


“…God is ready to share His holiness with men…”

– L D Wilcox, /Profiles Wesleyan Theology/


Christ is anti-cult. Cults are anti-Christ. Many a false claim is made by various religions (from “soup-to-nuts”) but to-a-cult they do not accept the whole NT. They may toot their horn loudly about this bit of Christ’s teachings, or made loud noises about that idea from Peter or Paul, but they do not believe nor practice the fullness of the New Testament.

– eab, 2/6/18


Rev 1.10

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet”

>> Lord’s Day is the Biblical term – consider using it. <<


To put a Scripture verse in memory today & another tomorrow (or every 3-7 days) is important. You’re placing the Classic of all classics in your mind. You’ll be able (using adequate review) to pull it at will. Super! Is there anything better? Two things: 1.) Use it, i.e. live-out the verse daily 2.) Learn its address, i.e. what are chapter/verse numbers? Knowing the verse + living it + having its reference = A.  Wonderful!

– eab, 2/13/18

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Yesterday + + + +

Don’t be offended when your pastor “preaches against” x (or you see a post on social media). Your pastor hopefully spends extended time with his Bible & hours per week in prayer & meditation. He may see a danger in a modern trend, see it as a total time-waster, or see it as immoral. Try to see (whether you presently agree or not) that he feels he should warn you. He loves you & wants you to go to heaven.

– eab, 2/5/18


Yesterday I was blessed to arrive

At the milestone of seventy-five.

The Lord mentioned a “potential”

A decade on top of years: three score

And so far He’s allow five me more

Thank God for what’s been Providential.

– eab, 2/12/18



The Old Testament (OT) is like the Old Country (OC). There’s no denying we came from the OC. “Came from” means we’re no longer there! The Cross separates the Testaments like the ocean separates the OC from the New. We reference both the OT & OC, we’ve reasons to reflect on the OT or OC but, emphatically, we’re NOT in either OT or OC. I was born in the NT & the NC & I’m grateful for both. – eab, 2/6/18


“The only authority we have in life is this Book.”

– John Whiteman, 2/9/1992


Watch what you collect. You can’t collect everything; one collection will cause you to neglect another. Earthly collections stay on earth. Eternal “items” go into eternity with you – if you go Up. J

– eab, 2/12/18



Rev 22:19

“…if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…”


Sadly too many “christians” confuse humor with Joy. You can have deep Joy without a great sense of humor. Or you can be funny (making others laugh) with no real joy. “…Woe unto you that laugh now!…” (Luk 6.25) “…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” (Psa 30.5b).

– eab, 2/12/18

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Give + + + +

Hollywood has purposely supplied an escape from reality. Until you *awaken* you think they’re innocently entertaining you. (Few things – if any – coming out of hollywood are innocent!) Behind the film be it Sci-Fi, war, western adventure, or supposed biography, there’s an agenda. They are programming you to accept “bad, as not so bad” & to doubt the good of better people.

– eab, 2/2/18




To our God who had no beginning,

To our God who knew no start,

Give your talents much or meager,

Give your prose, poetry, or art

Give your mind, with all that’s in it,

Give your body – every part,

Give your soul, eternal ‘pendage

Give your sole & solemn heart.

– eab, 2/11/09


Earthly family reunions can get out-of-hand, be saddened by disagreements, or have too much ado on a Lord’s Day. They’re pulled together by the bloodlines from Ma’s side or Pa’s side. Go when possible if its “civilized,” & you can honor Christ. The Greatest of all Family Reunions is scheduled (God’s time-not ours) for heaven. It won’t be boisterous nor have a disagreement. It’ll be pulled together by the Precious Blood of God’s Only Son. And, unlike earth’s reunions you won’t have to prepare food – you *will* have to prepare your life.

– eab, 2/6/18


“God has nothing to cover up but in every case has used languages to enlighten

and liberate the world of mankind.”

– A L Vess, /Bible on Tongues/


Several OT writers had their “noses pressed against the glass” looking forward to Christ. They predicted the coming Christ time & again. He came & sadly He was rejected. The Jews wanted their sabbath more than they wanted the Lord “…of the Sabbath” (Mat 12.8). There are groups today who’re rejecting the full teachings of Jesus & are again clambering for a 7th day sabbath.

– eab, 2/6/18


Php 2.9

“…God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name.”


Do you want to go to heaven? Seriously?  Start before you get married. If you love God with all your heart & your mate loves Him likewise there’s no reason you cannot have a marriage “made in heaven.” If you marry a sinner, you may wish you’d never heard their name, let alone met him/her.

– eab, 2/8/18

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Peel of Chime + + + +

God, unlike cultish-minded men, doesn’t want to change your personality. He has absolutely no desire in making you a robot. (He could have made such if He’d wanted to.) You’re human; He made you such & enjoys seeing you enjoy humanity. It’s carnality He’s made provision from which to free you while leaving your humanity intact. Humanity in heaven? Yes. Carnality in heaven? Never!

– eab, 1/13/18



What is the mystery called time?

Where was its place of birth?

Who invited its peel to chime

O’er everyman and wife of earth?

– eab, 2/10/05



Our view of death, even for doctors, caregivers, & undertakers, is so limited. It’s one-sided – all we see is this-life-side of death’s door; we do not see the death-side of this mysterious portal. So can we ever “see” the other side? – the best place is in Holy Scriptures. Read them to know more about the Great Beyond. – eab, 1/17/18


“Always look at your need in the light of your God.”

– James N Ward, sermon, 9/29/1996


The devil doesn’t want you to get serious. (Witness all the comedians, “canned laughter,” silly shows on TV to keep you in a childish mood.) The serious person may become a thinker. Thinking people do not become pawns for the devil.

– eab, 1/18/18


Php 4.19

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


False Jews (Jesus foretold them: Rev 2.9 & 3.9) don’t want you to know that there /are/ false Jews. There’re probably more false Jews than true ones. They’re probably more vocal. Don’t let a professor or preacher, TV or hollywood, tell you WHO the false ones are. Read the Bible, pray, & keep both eyes *w-i-d-e* open. And – – – perhaps the hardest, be willing to /change/ your mind!

– eab, 1/18/18



Dad heard, liked & repeated, “Nice to be among friends, even if they’re not your own.” – Clyde D. Bryan

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Oft God + + + +

Do you have a desire to be holy? (I speak not of this stripe of “holiness” nor that cultish variety over there.) When confronted (the Bible, a tract, an electronic track, a minister) with Biblical Holiness – the only real kind – there’s an attraction to it or there is not. Which is you?

– eab, 2/8/18




God bless every man

Who’s been faithful and true

Since the moment of his first call.

And God bless the woman

Who’s done all t’was due

To the blest Savoir of us all.

And, yet, yet, oft God,

Your mercy and your grace,

Has succored us who’ve had a fall.

– eab, 2/9/06



Are you reading? I encourage you to read 3 books “at the same time.” The first One is good One. You may want to read in 2 or more locations. (My late, intelligent, & very likable friend, Sam Lindahl, read in 6 different places per day.) The second book should challenge mentally/spiritually. Use a marker – you can read a lot of theology a-few-pages-at-a-time. Consider making the third a holiness biography.



“God never performs a miracle to satisfy curiosity…”

– A L Vess, /Bible on Tongues/


Why is that new item marked ½ price? They made too many. Or they’re imitations. Or they’re defective. Or they won’t do what the maker thought they’d do. God didn’t make too “much” Salvation. Imitations abound (for less than ½ price but God didn’t make them). His holy Salvation is not defective (people are human but you can be both holy & human). Salvation will do what the Maker intended – it can get a mere mortal to heaven! Salvation does not “go on sale”!



Isa 55.1

“Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and

he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat…”


If your roots are strongly evangelical or holiness please don’t have even one date with a Buddhist, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, Moslem, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic etc. (“Don’t take 1st drink, won’t be a drunk” = don’t have 1st date, won’t marry.) If you marry such & you die first, your husband/wife may have a funeral/burial that suits their beliefs & there’s little your family can do but endure. *Food *For *Thought!  2/9/18


Dad said, “Let the saw do the work” (advice yrs ago about using a handsaw). – Clyde D. Bryan

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