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1Th 4.7 + + + +

1Th 4.7

“For God hath not called us unto uncleanness,

but unto holiness.”


Friend, we’re living in an age of “nominal holiness churches.” (Thank God for churches which DO NOT fit in this post.) Congregations have “holiness” in their paper work, in name, on a sign upfront or song book covers but heart purity is missing in pews & in too many pulpits. Once a holy man wept in that study. Once a holy man described the “putrid fruit” of carnality (warning) & the pure fruit of the Spirit (coaxing people to holiness) but he was voted out, died, or forced by age to retire. Oh, to see more Holiness churches.

– eab, 3/31/18


“I am a creature of a day…I drop into an unchanging eternity! I want to know one thing–the way to heaven…God Himself has condescended to teach the way…written in down in a book. Oh give me that Book!”

– J. Wesley



Hundreds, if not thousands, of churches tomorrow will hear, “He Is Risen!” And will respond, “He Is Risen Indeed!” Sadly, most of them won’t say it again till next spring. Saints, we’re missing something. We have a right, should I make it stronger? We have an obligation to remember, Every Lord’s Day is a commemoration of His Resurrection. Jesus gave us a New Day of worship: The Lord’s Day. Praise God!

– eab, 3/31/18




There once was a friend of Saint Paul,

Who forsook him at last, after all.

Demas loved this world, mean

‘Cause his heart was unclean.

Love not the world, or you’ll fall. 2Ti 4.10

– eab, 3/31/05




It’s no wonder that I love God,

Mere creature am I, of lowly sod.

The wonder is, Oh – that He loves me,

This Being who f – i – I – l – s  eternity!

– eab, 3/31/07


Gal 6.15

“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing,

nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.”


We think we know History because we read “it” in a History book. Who wrote that book? Where did he school? What were his sources? How broad & old & reliable were his sources? Who edited the book after he wrote it? What school(s) of thought influenced the editor? Who published that book? Who are they religiously? Politically? History is too easily re-written to suit the whims of those who are PC & RC (politically correct & religiously correct).

– eab, 3/31/18


“…Is it not reasonable to suppose that a Christian education should have no other end but to teach youth how to think and judge and act and live according to the strictest laws of Christianity?”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


An Awakening. Sinners do not get saved until they become Aware, of the wickedness of their heart. They can reform & many do; in our churches we’re having reformations instead of transformations (“…be ye transformed…” Rom 12.2). Would to God that He would help me (AND help some of you) to feel a holy urge to pray. Pray until a church near us begins to have an Awaking as the Methodists saw in England many decades ago. Lord help me.

– eab, 3/31/18

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Joh 16.13

“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth:”


  1. To
  2. Honestly
  3. Inquire;
  4. Needing
  5. Knowledge – eab, 3/30/18


“Revivals are born after midnight.”

– Glenn Griffith, quoted by Robert Wilson


Man sinned. God provided His son (Rev 13.8) to save from sin. Man killed His Son. Unless man repeats of rejecting God’s Son there is no hope for living right. – none-what-so-ever.

– eab, 3/26/18


There’s a big Home-coming Day,

Oh, it can’t be far away

And the Blood-washed of all ages will be there.

There’ll sons of Adam’s race,

There’ll be daughters full of grace

From the tribes of earth; the glorious and the fair.


Will you be there at that Great Homing Day?

Will you be there when the clouds have rolled away?

You can answer at that final high Roll Call;

You can be there if you’ve given Christ your all.

– eab, March 1993


Joh 20.1

“The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark,

unto the sepulcher, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulcher.”


Years ago two men showed up at IHC in dark suits upon the back of which were white letters with Scriptures or religious question/quotation. How peculiar is that? Who (in their right mind) would want to be a walking-bill-board? (I have no suits like this J). In that day, I saw little clothing used to “advertise.” Now, I see T-shirts, sweatshirts, & ball caps with a name or emblem of teams. I assume they paid-more-the-going-price for such. Who (in their right mind) would want to be a walking-bill-board?

– eab, 3/12/18


“…There never was found in any age of the world either religion or law

that did so highly exalt the public good as the Bible.”

– Francis Bacon


Christ Arose. Wonderful! That, with His previous Birth & subsequent Ascension, forms the center of history! Christ Arose on a Specific day, month, year. He didn’t arise “the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the vernal equinox” a fabricated day connecting the sun, not Son. “Easter” is a day that tries to combine “christianity” with heathen use of the bunny, chick, egg – these have nothing to do with Christ.

– eab, 3/30/18

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Eph 4.29

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying…”


I admire people who are bi-lingual. They get along well in two worlds: their native tongue & an acquired tongue. NOTE: I do not admire “christians” who are “bi-lingual” i.e. they say “Amen” with the deacons & sway with the songs at church but sadly they say bad words “when things go bad” & tell an off-color joke to fit in at work. When God saves us He saves our tongue (& mind behind tongue) at the same time.

– eab, 3/29/18


“There is no fully life than the life given fully to God.”

– G R “Bob” French, sermon, 2/19/97


Some find it inconvenient to believe in God – if He really existed & His Bible were believed, it’d “cramp” their life. They call themselves “atheists.” (They ought to get a more original name – one that doesn’t include “Theist”.) They say they don’t believe in God but they’re believers – A starry sky, a rosy rose, the handy hand, have to have a Maker – so they believe in irrational evolution. Society no longer fears God. L

– eab, 3/29/18




The grass has taken a turn for the greener,

And the daffodils have turned up in form.

The crocus is its beautiful self,

And forsythias no longer mourn.

The air is warm with that kind of aire,

That promises a bright tomorrow,

While the frogs in the bogs croak up a tune,

They surely didn’t “borrow.”

Birds on wing, jubilantly sing. – – –

The advent of spring.

– eab, 3/29/80


Psa 14.1 & 53.1

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…”

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…”


God has evolved in some minds. They see Him as a dear “Grandfather” who’ll allow almost anyone into heaven. (They’d exclude Hitler or Stalin but would include sinners who sin the very sins they commonly commit.) Seems a lot of preachers are in this group – “preaching/pushing” nearly everybody right on through the Pearly Gates. Note: funeral preachers do NOT have this power! Society no longer fears God. L

– eab, 3/29/18


“If we are to follow Christ it must be in our common way of spending every day.”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


How big is your God? Can He keep You from committing sin? Does the church you attend teach you can live free from sin? Have you every felt God was seeing all the sins you did? Felt if you did not live till morning you’d go to hell? Were scared a hunting gun would misfire? A bridge would break? That’s called conviction. If you’ve felt this, Thank God – it’s so missing today. Society no longer fears God. L

– eab, 3/29/18

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Luk 1.75

“In holiness and righteousness before him, all the days of our life.”


Jesus did not say to the thief, “Today you get to see your sainted granddad.” Nor, “Today you’re going to walk on golden streets.” May God help us to seek Scriptural ideas about heaven. Christ DID say, “To day shalt thou be with me in paradise” (Luk 23.43). We need to stop emphasizing relatives (we hope are) in heaven or streets etc., & re-see the center of heaven is Christ.

– eab, 3/28/18


“The value of holiness:

Its presence is life – its absence is eternal death.”

– R S Foster, /Christian Perfection/


You can pray while you Work. You can pray while you Walk. You can pray while you Wait. If you’ve done this job “a 100 times” you can wipe away tears of burden for the lost or tears of joy as you Work. Modernity walks so often with something stuck in/to their ears – why not talk to Jesus as you walk? Waiting is a part of life – you can fret or you can frequent that time with petition &/or praise. WWW – Work & pray. Walk & pray. Wait & pray. Amen?

– eab, 3/26/18



I’ll go where You want me to go dear Lord!

But – I just can’t testify,

The other students know my life,

All the problems I cause and the strife,

It might sound to them like a lie.


I’ll go where You want me to go dear Lord!

But – please, Lord, not next door.

For the last time I was there,

I got mad and kicked a chair,

I don’t feel comfortable there anymore.


I’ll go where You want me to go dear Lord!

I’d just love to dress like that,

And make jungle trails and a hut.

But mowing the church lawn is a rut;

Let the preacher do it; he’s getting fat.

– eab, March  1976


Luk 10.2

“…Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,

that he would send forth laborers into his harvest.”


Pray for your pastor. Pray that he’ll have both salvation & full salvation. Pray that he’ll become more studious if he isn’t. Pray that his prayer life will deepen. Pray for God to anoint him as he preaches so he speaks with holy authority & don’t just give a little “devotional talk.” Oh, for holy fire in the pulpit!

– eab, 3/28/18


“…It is as reasonable to suppose it is the desire of all Christians to arrive at Christian Perfection,

as to suppose that all sick men desire to be restored to perfect health.”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


It’d be interesting who YOU heard say, “It’s unknown what one man could do for his country, if he didn’t care who got the glory.” For me (c. 1967) the greatest man alive in the holiness church, H Robb French, said it & he attributed it to Dwight D Eisenhower. Whoever said it first, there’s truth in it. And greater Truth, when applied to God’s Kingdom “Unknown what one man could for Christ, if he didn’t care who got the glory.” Amen? – eab, 3/23/18

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Rom 12.2

“…Be not conformed to this world: but

be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”


“This world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through

My treasures are laid up, Somewhere beyond the blue.

The angels beckon me, From heaven’s open door

And I can’t feel at home, In this world anymore.” – Jim Reeves (song we used to sing)

*Whether you are for Trump or against him please, PLEASE remember the above words!*


“Faith…that mysterious hand by which the holy soul clings to God amid temptation

and so is kept from sin.”

– R S Foster, /Christian Perfection/


Church is a bit like a restaurant. The Pastor is the “cook” & serves up well prayed/well prepared meals or opens a “canned sermon.” The people create the “setting/atmosphere.” Folks will travel miles to eat with a view: mountain scene, beach, etc. though the meal may be so-so. Or people will drive a distance to taste the creations of a “cook” though the atmosphere is not great. The best is a combination of great “cooking” & friendly, praying people. Hope you have a good “restaurant.”

– eab, 3/27/18



Greatest Builder vs G C

Men will trust a fellow-man

To build a “dream home” to his plan;

So wide; so long; made of such.

Provided “turn key” for $o much.

They discuss, then walk away

To return some pleasant, future day

Fully expecting their house to be

Created, completed, specifically!

Oh, how much more to trust the Son

Who’s gone away to prepare us one.

One. Fine. Home. Beyond that star

It’ll exceed expectations so very far

Unlike a mortal building “G. C.”

Christ will add details up to the “T.”

Personal tastes? He knows how to please

Sparing nothing – and – done without fee$.

Enjoy your home here with your kin,

But live so clean and holy within,

That you’ll be able soon to own a

Mansion by the Greatest Builder ever known.

– eab, 3/27/17



Joh 3.36

“He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life…”


  1. Awakened – we have to be Awakened to our sinful condition before we can be
  2. Born again – only way into Christ’s Kingdom is to be Born into it; then we’re in position to
  3. Consecrate – and let Him fill us with His Holy Spirit.

– eab, 3/26/18


“…The world by professing Christianity is so far from being a less dangerous enemy than it was before, that it has by its favors destroyed more Christians than ever it did by the most violent persecution.”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


There was a past day when many of us heard, “Act your age.” Why is it that many now do not what to look their age? Medical attention is given to remove a wrinkle or two, color is placed on hair (beard/stash?) to look less aged, some may even try dressing like their kids? These do NOT stop aging!

– eab, 3/27/18

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1Th 5.17 + + + +

1Th 5.17

“Pray without ceasing.”


Our farmer/ranger forefathers could pray as they did farm chores (morning & night), as they worked the horses or JD, as they repaired equipment & fence. Pigs, plants, posts didn’t mind that he talked to his Master & theirs. Have we lost our sense of praying through-out the day? You may not be a farmer/prayer but try praying as you do what you DO. Live where you have instant access (by grace) to the Father.



“Perfect love does not imply perfect knowledge; but perfect humility

and perfect readiness to receive instruction.”

– John Fletcher, /Works 2/


If you’re heading to a marriage altar, Please have honest discussions about D&R (divorce & remarriage). It’s unfair of you – I mean this strongly – to have a secret belief that D&R is OK & your husband/wife-to-be, has no idea you’re soft here. Let them know that “given the right (wrong?) circumstances” you’ll feel free to leave (divorce) them & marry another. They may not believe in D&R. They’ll not only be heart-broken that you left, but will see themselves “imprisoned” for life in celebrity. The only fair thing to do is discuss this NOW. I’m praying for 6-7 young men who are trying to live celibate after “she” took off. Be fair!

– eab, 3/26/18




“A call to preach is a call to prepare.”

Is used by a college to get you to come there.

Preparation must involve the Big Book

(It may include a classroom nook)

But a greater part is in the closet of prayer.

– eab, 2/28/18



Mar 10.9

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”


Good parents want to protect their child in the womb. They strive to protect in the innocency of childhood. A good dad, a good mom endeavors to protect daughters (& sons) virginity. All stages are super important. Don’t allow sinful peers, putrid society, or “sinning” pastors weaken your walls of protection! “Times have changed” but the sanctity of sex ONLY after marriage is still Biblical. Protect their future home.

– eab, 3/26/18


“The Shunammite woman didn’t say, ‘I perceive that this is a famous man of God

or popular or brilliant or successful man of God.’ She said a ‘holy’ man of God.”

– Vance Havner, /On This Rock/


The devils (& those in league with him) have impressed sinners with big numbers. (Sadly some saints were also impressed.) God made “…heaven…earth…sea…” (Exo 20.11) in six days – He didn’t “need” the millions of years Darwin & ilk did. Nor did God need the billions of miles Copernicus, Galileo & Newton did – He made “…the greater light…lesser light…stars also” (Gen 1.16) on Day Four. Big numbers bolster pseudo science NOT God.

– eab, 3/25/18

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Gen 6.7 + + + +

Gen 6.7

“…The LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth…”


If you had a wicked desire to aggravate a man, all you have to do is mistreat his son. God sent His Son to the world. Sinful man: 1.) Did not believe He was God’s Son, 2.) Resented His teachings preferred their tradition of Sabbath to His healings of the sick, 3.) Refused His call for the New Birth, 4.) Rewarded His disciple to betray Him. 5.) Collaborated with heathendom to “try” Him, (con’t)

– eab, 3/24/18


“The most perfect and holy men are always subject…to imperfections…false conclusions…unfaithful memory…incorrect and even absurd opinions.”

– R S Foster, /Christian Perfection/


(see #1-5 elsewhere) 6.) Spit upon Him, 7.) Struck Him with the open & closed hand,  8.) Mocked His Kinghood,  9.) Made fun of Him saving His fellow-human-beings, 10.) Saw to it that He was condemned to be crucified, 11.) Required that His blood be on them & their children, 12.) Gave payola to heathen soldiers. Is it any wonder God require mankind to repent?

– eab, 3/24/18




The state cannot say it was there, the first week

The church can’t say it was there – already meek

The school was a “Johnny come late.”

The home was first – standing mate by mate.

– eab, 3/25/09



Mat 24.31

“…He shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather

 together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”


The Bible does not expect us to believe one(1) picture. Pseudo science expects us to believe picture after picture. In fact, pics are given as proof. Every picture before photography (1826-27) was drawn or painted – the work of a man’s interpretation, or the imagination of what he envisioned. With the development of photography, then, moving picture frames, then, cartoons, pics seem to have no limit. But, remember, it’s just a pic & may not be real!

– eab, 3/25/18


“When small men cast long shadows, the sun is about to set.”

– Paul Harvey


Like to travel? Good. Hate to travel? Sorry. We’re all traveling. We have no choice but to go toward eternity. Life’s a bit like a stream; carrying us along, some days over broad ripples, some hours down rapids, many weeks quietly, as deep waters, but all the while heading to finality. Though we can’t slow life down, we can ask God to forgive our sins, so that the end becomes a blessed goal, not an awful dread.

– eab, 3/23/18

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Luk 23.42-43

“…Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom…”

“…To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.”



Christ is the “middle” of the Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Christ’s life is the “middle” of world history – B.C., His life, A.D.

Christ was on the middle cross – Thief #1, Christ, Thief #2

– eab, 3/24/18


“If you have at anytime thought, spoke, or acted wrongly, be not backward to acknowledge it.

Never dream that this will hurt the cause of God; no. it will farther it.”

– John Wesley



Young “Joe” had a dream – make that two.

They seemed to come “out of the blue.”

Though often “let down”

He eventually found

His leadership dreams all came true. Gen 37.9

– eab, March 2005



Jer 3.15

“And I will give you pastors according to mine heart,

which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”


God created man with masculine characteristics. He in His marvelous wisdom gave him a female helpmeet. He didn’t make them to compete with each other – He made them to complete each other. Not one heathen (Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, Roman) nor one “modern christian” has improved on God’s male/female balanced structure. The devil & his sin-slaves dislike it because God made it!

– eab, 3/24/18


“They tell us now that Isaac Watts did not speak the idiom of today.

Well, neither did Shakespeare but they’re still studying him.”

– Vance Havner, /On This Rock/


The best pastor loves God to-the-extreme. The best pastor enjoys talking with God (“morning, noon, night”). The best pastor praises God as well as petitions Him. The best pastor is a constant student of the Bible. The best pastor disciplines himself to read so much but disciplines himself to not read all the time.     The best pastor learns to listen: to his wife, children, his people, children of his people. The best pastor takes a day off & doesn’t “pastor” that day (except in emergency). Strive to be that best pastor OR help your pastor be one. – eab, 3/24/18

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Gal 1.14

[Paul] “…profited in the Jews’ religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers.”


You can’t return to the OT. Any attempt to do so is Role Playing. Such make-believe rites “select” what part of the OT they’ll act out. It’s impossible to again be in the OT. Peter, a Jew who became the leading Christian of his hour, flatly stated that Jews hadn’t been “…able to bear…” their yoke (Act 15.10). The OT is over (except for some prophetic passages). Friend, don’t be miss-led by “Hebrew Roots” or its kin.

– eab 3/22/18



“On the principal of absolute predestination, there can be no future judgment…”

– John Wesley


Some have hardly left home county/province. Others have had to, or depending on your personality, been privileged to see lands & seas far away. Even if you’ve visited every continent, I can safely tell you, your greatest trip (& mine) lies ahead. If travel has been “your thing” you’ve known departure dates & locations. You’ve known dates & locations for returns. This greatest trip has no, repeat NO, departure date/locale. What’s more astounding, it has no return. When we leave we’re not coming back. Are. You. Ready? 3/23/18




Boy meet girl, thinks he loves her.

And finds her so very sweet.

Girls meets this boy, sees great traits,

Finds him impossible to beat.


They walk, they sing, they talk, and things ring

In their ears, like a wedding bell.

One day he finally asks, “Will you marry me?”

She says, “My answer’s ‘Yes,’ could you tell?”


Then on to life, living together,

Each for the other, and for the Lord.

Raising a family for His glory

Disciplined by His great Word.


Ah, God’s plan has again

Been fulfilled on the earth.

Man has a good wife and

Together there’s more worth.

– eab, March  1995


Jam 4.17

“…To him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”


It is one thing to have a deep desire to see God move, & to want to be a part of that advancement. It is entirely another thing to have a desire to be KNOWN as a “mover & shaker.” God can (very well may) use the first type. Carnality lies at the heart of the second. He may /say/ things “moved,” may imagine he felt things “shake.” but unless he gets rid of carnality, he’ll not see God in peace (Heb 12.14).

– eab, 3/23/18


“If God calls you to be a preacher, don’t stoop to be a king.”

– William Gladstone (said this to his son)

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Mat 12.36

“…every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”


If satan can make a “pastime” look innocent. If he can convince you it’s OK to “kill time.” If the devil can “whitewash” black evil, until you see it as gray he is winning – – – & you are losing. So much time, so many twentie$, and so much talent is wasted by “christians” on so-called innocent, time-killing, “pastimes.”

– eab, 3/17/18


“A true Christian was never known to be a persecutor.”

– John Fletcher, vol 3



If we could have been there “Creation Morn”

When God (I speak reverently) played in dirt,

And glimpsed His pleasure in making man,

(And seen His grimace at thoughts of hurt).


If we could’ve watched Him lattice the heavens

With a trillion stars at a splash,

And felt Him harness ‘lectric lightning,

Giving it, its sizzle and flash,


If we could have stood by in wonder,

As He “finished” the peacock’s tail,

And sensed His majestic power

When He first “invented” hail.


If we could have seen – from freckled feather,

To the smallest azure lagoon,

We’d have seen Him “step back” with pleasure,

Gently signing it all, “Triune!”

– eab, March  1995


Joh 3.20

“For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light,

lest his deeds should be reproved.”


Ministerial student or man with yrs of experience, let me encourage you, start a Bible Index (or name of your choosing). Q&A [Q.] “Why, I have Strongs or on-line concordance.” [A.] Some words aren’t in concordance, as: Abortion, Education, Gambling, Homosexual, Incest, Millennium, Omnipresence, Suicide, Tattoos, Trinity, Worry. Additional words are used for Biblical concepts for example: Carnality, Hell, Pride. – eab, 3/21/18


“No man can become a saint in his sleep…”

– Henry Drummond, /The Greatest Thing in the World/


Every person faced with the death of neighbor/relative wants to believe they went to heaven. (Few sinners seriously want the person in hell & no saint does.) Death is a hard time to expect us to not be emotional – it’s so final. So sometime between funerals, we need to consider; did all who were “preached into heaven” go there? The sad answer is no. “…Ye must be born again” (Joh 3.7). Those are not idle words – Christ meant every word He said. Those who reject the New Birth or who put-it-off, do not go to heaven.

– eab, 3/22/18

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